20 Pics Of Bradley Cooper And Female Celebs (That Lady Gaga Won't Like)

Bradley Cooper is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He's handsome, he's talented beyond belief, and he makes family a priority. After years of growing into adulthood in Hollywood, Brad seems to have finally found a good place to be in.

Now, while Bradley Cooper has always been wanted by fans, his celebrity escalated when he starred alongside Lady Gaga in A Star is Born. Not only was he one of the main characters but he also wrote, produced, and directed the movie! This made every award the movie won that much more special to Bradley Cooper and his family. However, after the film came out, assumptions were being made about his involvement with singer/actress Lady Gaga. The real problem was he was engaged to model Irina Shayk at the time, which many feel is what led to the couple's demise.

Now that Bradley is on the mend, let's take a look back at former romances, flings, and meetups that Lady Gaga would be jealous of.

20 Their Eyes Say It All


From 2013 to 2015, Bradley Cooper dated model Suki Waterhouse. Unlike some of his other relationships, these two seemed so playful and fun. It's hard not to find a photo of these two canoodling at an event or in the park. Although Gaga and Cooper aren't dating, it's never fun seeing pictures of your crush pop up with their beautiful ex-girlfriend.

19 Bradley And Renee Got Handsy After Her Divorce

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Right after Renée Zellweger got divorced from country singer Kenny Chesney, she started dating Bradley Cooper back in 2009. The two met while filming Case 39 and seemed to really connect as two actors who understand the business. However, the distance and crazy schedules didn't help them much because they called it quits when Cooper started filming Limitless.

18 Bradley Even Got Wild With Olivia Wilde


It's not known if Bradley Cooper and actress Olivia Wilde ever dated or spent alone time together but these pictures of them at an after-party sure do make them seem close. Nowadays, we know that Olivia is happily married to her acting husband Jason Sudeikis, but was there ever a shot between her and Bradley!?

17 He Looks In Heaven Lounging On The Beach With His Baby Mama

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No one is sure what drove Irina and Bradley apart (was it really Lady Gaga?) but their relationship with one another seemed pure. After having a daughter together, the two seemed in it for the long haul. Seeing them relaxing on the beach as their daughter plays in the sand is just adding salt in the wound for Gaga if the rumors were true.

16 He Sure Did Look Locked Up With Isabella Brewster


Isabella Brewster is most known for being the kid sister to Jordana Brewster, who's known for her work in Fast & Furious, but she's also known for these adorable PDA moments with Bradley Cooper at what appears to be a sporting event. It doesn't look like these two were too serious but we can't help but think what it's like to see your entire dating history on Google.

15 You Can Cut The Tension Between These Two With A Knife


While no one's sure if these two actually dated or just hung out a few times after Jlo's divorce to Marc Anthony, the thought of these two together would be too much to handle. Who could possibly compare to the iconic Jlo!? Just look at the way they're looking at one another! What's even more adorable is right before Cooper went on stage to sing with Gaga at an award's show, she gave him some wise advice to make it through.

14 Lady Gaga, Look Away!


Has Bradley Cooper ever been with one woman for longer than three years? After meeting Zoe Saldana while filming The Words, these two became inseparable. They were constantly seen strolling through New York City, arm in arm. However, after about a year, the relationship fizzled out. And not even a year later, Zoe went on to marry Marco Perego.

13 Step Aside, Gaga


Bradley Cooper and Lada Gaga did a lot of press when promoting A Star is Born. The two co-stars had nothing but sweet and admirable things to say about each other. They were also very handsy, but whenever Bradley brought (then) fiance, Irina, with him, all fun and games were put to an end between the two co-workers.

12 Caught In The Club With Non-Celebs


Bradley Cooper has made it known that he doesn't dabble in any illegal activity and has been clean for years. That's why it's a little troubling to see him so out of it with random women at bars. Granted, this image was taken years ago and the Bradley Cooper we know and love today wouldn't be in this position but it's one of those photos that could hurt his or his next girlfriend's feelings.

11 Even Jennifer Aniston Was Swept Off Her Feet!


It appears that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston have been friends for years. They may even be closer than friends... After a few too many pictures of the two looking close over the years, rumors swirled between them. Some even thought Jen would be the girl Bradley would turn to after his breakup from Irina (sorry, Gaga), but so far nothing has come to light.

10 Vogue Guru Herself Was Even Taken By Bradley's Charms!


Who knew that Vogue guru Anna Wintour and Bradley Cooper were so close? It appears the two became closer after Bradley started dating Irina but now that the two are no longer together, it appears his relationship with Anna still stands. The two have been seen at fashion events and even grabbing dinner. And although there's nothing romantic going on between these two, Bradley sure does have a lot of female friends.

9 Is There Anything More Painful Than Your Crush's Holiday Photo With His Beautiful Family?


If Gaga and Bradley were seriously dating or flirting, there's nothing that hurts that crush more than seeing a gorgeous holiday picture of him and his family. With his supermodel ex-girlfriend by his side and his beautiful baby girl, this is one picture that could warm even the coldest of hearts.

8 Bradley And Suki Acting As If No One Knew Who They Were...


Again, Bradley and Suki seemed like they didn't have a care in the world when they were dating. Just look at them sitting in a park pretending that no one recognizes them! They were seen reading and canoodling on a beautiful day, happily ignoring everyone else around them.

7 Everyone's Smitten By Miss Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of those actresses that's so humble and friendly that she becomes BFFs with every co-star she's working with. This lands her in a ton of rumor columns online, but it is what it is. With Cooper, the two worked together on four different movies, spanning from 2012 to 2015. If anything were going to happen between them, it would have happened by now.

6 These Two Didn't Need To Be Filming To Have Chemistry

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Bradley Cooper worked with Notebook star Rachel McAdams on two separate occasions: Wedding Crashers and Aloha. And while these two don't appear to have ever dated, the pictures of them goofing around on set make fans wish differently. Well, except Lady Gaga.

5 Bradley Boating With His Super Model Ex-Fiance


One of the things that drew so many people to Irina and Bradley was how smitten they were with one another. The two seemed to value each other's work and vacationed hard when it was time to. They love hitting the beach or sunbathing on a boat. Just look at them here giggling over something we're dying to know about!

4 Wait A Second, Were Bradley And Mary-Kate Olsen A Thing?!


Mary-Kate Olsen has been married since 2015, but before her nuptials, was there anything ever between her and Bradley Cooper? Although there aren't many photos together, these pictures look like they're trying to keep is casual and a very non-casual setting. Knowing how private Bradley and Mary-Kate are, this could have been an amazing couple! Ah, what could have been,,.

3 It Has To Hurt Seeing Him With His First Wife


Although Bradley Cooper has been linked to many talented and stunning women, he was only married once. His ex-wife is actress, Jennifer Esposito. The two were only married for a year and they seem to have zero contact in 2019. However, after news came out about a potential relationship between Cooper and Gaga, Esposito made some very popular remarks...

2 Sienna Miller Sure Had Heart-Shaped Eyes For Him

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Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller had so much chemistry, they starred in back-to-back films together from 2014 to 2015! With her gorgeous, natural good looks and his boyish charm, they seemed like a perfect match! Just look at the way she stares at him. The fact that Sienna also got divorced around the time she started working with Bradley is also interesting to note...

1 This Image Is Every Jennifer Garner Fan's Dream


Could Bradley Cooper be the man for Jennifer Garner? Now that Cooper has a daughter, maybe she's made him more of a family man — the perfect guy for Jennifer Garner! They even worked together once upon a time on an episode of Alias. However, according to ET, there's nothing but friendship between these two, as Garner has noted a few times that she cares for Cooper like a friend.

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