20 Pics Of Celebs Next To Their Stunt Doubles

It's remarkable how similar some stunt doubles look like their stars. It's not always the case, of course, as we'll see from some of the entries in this article. But most of the time they're the spitting image of their famous counterpart. Of course, that's kind of the point. Still, it's worth paying attention to because it's just so darn cool. Additionally, these doubles are worthy of a bit more attention. After all, they make famous people look cool while keeping them out of harm's way. Yeah, these stunt doubles often put their lives on the line just so we can spend $25 on tickets and over-buttered popcorn. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of celebs next to their stunt doubles.

20 We're Not Sure If We're Swooning Over Zac Or His Double...

Just Jared, The Things

Zac Efron is one of the hottest celebrities around. He sort of has to be. He's literally paid to stay in such great shape. But his stunt double is too as we can see from the behind-the-scenes photos from his film with Robert De Niro, Dirty Grandpa. Both Efron and his stunt double clearly work on their pecs and abs... and we thank them for it.

19 John Travolta Can't Tell Which One He Is

Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer

This is just hilarious. Nobody remembers the film Life on the Line, but we'll definitely remember this photo of John Travolta with his stunt double. Both of whom were required to wear ridiculous beards for the role. Honestly, Travolta seems a tad uncomfortable in it. But we don't blame him... This is some seriously weird stuff.

18 The Very Peculiar Secret Of JLO's Stunt Double...

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He's a man. That's the secret. JLO has probably had an assortment of stunt doubles over her film career, but this one happened to be a dude. He helped JLO film the action-packed sequences for her "Follow the Leader" music video a few years ago in Acapulco, Mexico. If you've seen the video, it's virtually impossible to tell. Therefore, he's good at his job!

17 We Wonder If Keanu Will Have The Same Identical Twin In The Matrix 4

Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer

Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves is notorious for doing the vast majority of his own stunt work, as are most of the cast of The Matrix including Carrie-Anne Moss. Both of whom are back for the 4th installment of the groundbreaking series currently in the works. So, it's possible that Keanu's double from John Wick 3 could be in for another job. After all, the beloved actor can't do every crazy action scene himself.

16 There's A Very Personal Reason Why The Rock's Double Looks Just Like Him

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Is it just us or does The Rock's stunt double, Tanoai Reed, look suspiciously like the Fast and the Furious star? Nope, it's not just us. The two are actually related. They're cousins. Luckily for Reed, The Rock is happy to have him on board many of his action-heavy films where his services are more than required. The Rock is notoriously good to his cousin. After all, he bought him a brand new sportscar as a bonus.

15 There Was No Way Uma Could Have Taken Down The Crazy 88's On Her Own

Us Magazine, People

Uma Thurman did a lot of her stunt work for Quentin Tarantino's films. Some of which didn't exactly result in her best interest as you can read in this BBC article. The crash she was involved in should have been mitigated by the director, but also by her stunt double, Zoe Bell. Who seemed to be pretty close with Uma on the set. Thanks to Bell, Thurman looked like she did every major action sequence herself.

14 Rupert Grint Couldn't Do All Of His Own Wand-Wielding

NPR, IG, Getty

Yep, Ron Weasley had to have a stunt double. After all, he was involved in a lot of action sequences, although not always by his choosing. Rupert Grint looks very similar to his stunt double, Anthony Knight. And it's not just because they have a shock of red hair. It's also because their physique and facial features are pretty identical.

13 If There's Anybody Who Absolutely Needs A Double, It's Sacha Baron Cohen

Us Magazine

Sacha Baron Cohen may not be an action star but he's by far the most worthy of having a stunt double. After all, most of his movies put him into some real-life situations that are legitimately dangerous. That's just part of the art of his works such as Borat, Bruno, Who Is America?, and The Ali G Show. But even in his film, The Dictator, he needed someone who looked just like him... And boy did he ever?

12 Both Johnny And His Double Spent A Ludicriuous Amount Of Time In Hair And Make-Up

Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer, The Things

Johnny Depp and his stunt double for the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Tony Angelotti, both spent a heck of a lot of time in the hair and make-up chair. Every morning they had to be done up to look like Jack Sparrow... We're sorry... Captain Jack Sparrow*. Unfortunately, the LA Times reported that Angelotti was also the unfortunate victim of a stunt rehearsal gone wrong. It's a high-risk business.

11 Lucky For Joker, There Are Two Harley Quinns

The Things, NPR

Margot Robbie was involved in quite a few action sequences for her role as Harley Quinn. Luckily for her, she had a couple of stunt doubles who stepped in for the most high-risk moments such as riding this motorcycle. Even if the movie was a total trainwreck, we loved Margot's role in it and that was made even better thanks to the women who made the action sequences possible.

10 Lily Collin's Double Probably Doesn't Have Her Brows

Us Magazine, The Things

You probably forgot about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. After all, it was a bad movie made from a relatively good series of books. Still, it took a lot out of star Lily Collins. Luckily for her, she had a stunt double to step in and do the hardest part of the job. The pair were made to look so much alike that it must have been hard for Jamie Campbell Bower to known which one he fell in love with.

9 There Are Just So Many Spidermen: Andrew Garfield Addition


We're all totally over the forgettable (and downright bad) Amazing Spiderman movies. But we still love Andrew Garfield, who was a perfectly fine Peter Parker/Spiderman. Luckily for him, he had a couple of stunt doubles, mainly William Spencer, who could step in and do some of the hardest parts of the job. As we can see from these photos, one of his stunt doubles looks hilariously like Garfield while the other... well... not so much.

8 Angie Jolie Has Worked With Her Double A Few Times

Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer

Some doubles get to work with a famous person multiple times. That's usually because they build a relationship with the star and that star wants nobody else for the role. This is the case with Angelina Jolie and Eunice Huthart, who doubled for Jolie on multiple projects including Salt and the two Tomb Raider films.

7 Why Does Cameron Diaz's Double Kinda Look Like Dakota Johnson?

Twisted Lifer, The Things

It's surely just the angle these photos were taken at, but Cameron Diaz's stunt double from the movie Knight and Day looks oddly like Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson. For the record, it's not Johnson and is, in fact, a stuntwoman named Kimberly Shannon Murphy. Shannon Murphy stepped in to save Diaz from a number of high-risk scenes. It's just too bad that she couldn't save her from this terrible movie.

6 The Gods Of Thunder Gotta Stop For A Sammich Break Occasionally

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Chris Hemsworth and his stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton have to take a break from being The God of Thunder in order to fuel up on sammiches. That's just part of the deal. But Bobby isn't just successful for doubling in multiple Marvel movies. He's also been Channing Tatum's double and Daniel Craig's for a couple of the Bond films. Yeah, that's one heck of a career!

5 Where There's Two Batmans, There's Two Banes


Where there's a stunt double for Batman, there's a stunt double for Bane. At least in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. In this scene, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale were planning out the intense final showdown between the two brutes while their doubles (Bobby Holland Hanton and Buster Reeves) looked on. Their doubles don't seem as intimidating as the stars do, but they're the reason why the hand-to-hand fight was so realistic.

4 Quvenzhane Wallis Has An Older Version Of Herself

IG, The Things

She's honestly one of Hollywood' biggest talents but man is her name hard to say... Let's try together... Quvenzhane... Kwa-VAN-Je-Nay... There... We got it. We're sure her adult stunt double from 2013's Annie got her name too. After all, she's capable of understanding complex dance moves so a name shouldn't be an issue.

3 Um... Which One Is Elizabeth Banks?

Twisted Lifer, The Things

it honestly took us a moment to figure out which one of these Rita Repulsas was star Elizabeth Banks. That's the benefit of having a character who is heavily made-up; it's easy to hide the double under prosthetics. That was definitely the case for the Power Rangers villain while they were shooting the movie in Vancouver back in 2016.

2 At Least Somebody Looks Like They're Having Fun With Shia LaBeouf

Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer

We love Shia LaBeouf but it's not like he has the best reputation around Hollywood. Someway or another, he's angering his costars. But he seems to have gotten along quite nicely with his stunt double from the Transformers movies. After all, how could they not have a blast together playing around on fake debris?

1 Brie Larson Marvelously Honors Her Doubles

People, IG

Brie Larson is a cool chic. She's always true to herself and stands up for what she believes in. And part of what she believes in his "credit where credits due". That's precisely why she brought up her two stunt doubles from Captain Marvel, Joanna Bennett and Renae Moneymaker, when she accepted the Best Fight award at the 2019 MTV Movie Awards in June 2019. Like all humble stars know, it's impossible to do their job without the assistance of a talented stunt person.

Sources: Us Magazine, Twisted Lifer, The Things

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