20 Pics Of Couples That Make Us Glad To Be Single

No one likes seeing couple selfies on social media or a friend talking on and on about how perfect their boyfriend is. And yet we all have something inside of us that makes us want to share photos and stories when we've finally met our match. We know it's so annoying... but, oh well, they can deal with it.

Most of the time, we can click "like" on our best friend's latest post and move on. These photos mean well and we know she's just excited to have a good relationship. But sometimes, we see photos of couples that make us think twice and make us wonder what they were thinking. From weird clothes to facial and body expressions, from locations to poses, we really wish we didn't see these photographs.

Here are 2o pics of couples that make us glad to be single.

20 This Couple Took These Pictures On Purpose

via People

Having your engagement photos taken is super thrilling... but would you really make them look silly on purpose?

Probably not... and yet that's exactly what this couple did. They took these pics on purpose and they wanted these results. The photos are way too intense and this does make us glad to be single.

19 Prom Night Romance At Its Very Finest

via Imgur.com

We have one question when looking at this couple photo: do they even like each other? Okay, we have one more question: are they even having a good Prom night?

She looks super uncomfortable, and he's not even looking right at the camera. Both people definitely need to smile in the same direction for a romantic couple picture.

18 Not Sure What The Point Of This Couple Pic Is...

via kickvick.com

We thought that we could only be offended by couple photos that are too mushy, cheesy, or lovey-dovey. But as it turns out, all a couple has to do is lie down on the ground for a photo... and we're upset and also very confused.

The chalk houses make this even stranger. Seriously, what's even happening in this picture?!

17 Are They Sure They Want To Get Married?

via kickvick.com

Yes, this is actually an engagement photo. We have to think that if you want to joke that you're going to be behind bars, well, maybe you don't actually want to get married.

Perhaps these two should save the thousands of dollars that a typical wedding costs and skip the wedding altogether. Because starting off with this type of joke doesn't bode well.

16 This Takes Things A Bit Too Far

via worldwideinterweb.com

Even if these two were wearing totally normal clothes and this photo was taken, the creepy eyes that this cat has would be enough for us to say that it's a bad photo.

But... she's wearing a bathing suit or leotard with a lion on it. And he has a matching print on his pants. Did they do this on purpose? Did they get these custom made?

15 Sure, Don't Look At The Camera

via Pinterest

If you're going to have photos taken, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to not look at the camera. Honestly, what's the point of that? It's just going to look super weird.

What's even stranger is this couple doesn't even seem to be looking in the same direction. We're not so sure that this is a great match.

14 True Love... Or A Horror Movie Poster

via Fstoppers.com

This could seriously be the movie poster for a horror film. While we all love a good spooky story, especially since Halloween is on its way, this isn't really a romantic photo.

It totally looks like this couple is standing in front of a gravestone that says "love." Why? We have no idea.

13 There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea... So Maybe These Two Should Find Them

via Reddit

The truth is that if a couple looks this strange and uncomfortable while having their photograph taken, it doesn't really seem like they should be in a relationship at all.

They look like they're at the doctor or something unpleasant. It's mind-boggling. It really does make you wonder if they should find the other "fish in the sea."

12 We Don't Get It

via scribol.com

Okay, where to start with this one... There's the bunny costume, the camo print, the hat, and oh yeah, the massive grins on each of their faces.

This couple truly seems so happy to be together, and that's cool. Maybe they're wearing Halloween costumes and we just didn't know. Yeah, we're really hoping that's why they're both dressed like this.

11 A Bad Match

via Bored Panda

Matching outfits: no or always no? That's pretty much the way that we feel about this subject.

While a couple who is both dressed in all black can be crazy cool and sophisticated, wearing super baggy jeans and matching patterned tops isn't very stylish. This look is so '90s (or even '80s).

10 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Or Not)

via Fstoppers

There are tons of different ways that you can pose for a photo. You can have an artistic background or a pretty beach location. You can even make your house or apartment look like something out of a home decor magazine.

But... are you really going to pretend to hide from each other behind a kind of birdhouse or wooden structure? No, you shouldn't. But this couple did.

9 Nope, Not At All Weird

via scribol.com

We're not sure if this was part of an art project or... wait... that still might not make it seem normal. We're just raising our eyebrows about this one.

If the word "intense" ever needed to be applied to something, it would definitely be this photo. Are they even in love? If they were, why do they look so unhappy?!

8 A Not-So-Happy Halloween

via Bored Panda

While some couples costumes are super cute ideas and we wish we had thought of them, we, unfortunately, can't say the same thing for this.

Maybe we're just overhearing about how we use filters on social media. We get it. We all want to look our best in the photos that we post online.

7 Why Are They Holding Each Other Like This?

via Imgur.com

Sure, everyone loves cuddling, but even the most romantic person ever would have to agree that these two are holding onto each other in a super weird way.

Or more accurately, he's holding onto her... and she's grinning at the camera with kind of a creepy expression on her face.

6 We Don't Even Know What's Happening Here

via Fstoppers.com

On your wedding day, you really want to take a photo of yourself in your beautiful gown... with your husband-to-be looking on from inside a TV set.

Wait, what?! This is honestly the most confusing thing and there is really no explanation for what's going on here. Artistic pictures are one thing. This is another level.

5 A Very Unique Venue

via theawesomedaily.com

When we were growing up and would pretend to get married, we definitely would dream about having our wedding in the supermarket.

Or wait... we definitely didn't. Because that would be weird and wouldn't be logical at all. We're not sure why this couple chose this, um, unique venue. But they do look pretty happy.

4 The '80s Called And They Want Their Vests Back

via scribol.com

It's honestly tough to imagine a time when vests were in style, let alone vests with crazy and wild patterns on them. A vest just seems like something that should never be worn... unless you're starring in a movie about the Wild West.

This couple is wearing vests with big smiles on their faces and the results are just too cheesy for words.

3 Skeletons Are So Romantic

via eBaums world

Let's dream about taking the most romantic photo possible. We're seeing visions of flowers and maybe a beach in the background... but we're definitely not seeing skeletons.

Well, this couple is holding a skeleton, and maybe that's meaningful for them. Maybe they met in high school science class? Let's hope so... because otherwise, this is super confusing.

2 Purple Outfits And Cats =  Not A Good Combo

via eBaums world

We have to admit that the cats are super cute... but purple is a pretty tough color to pull off. And when both people in a couple are wearing purple and also holding cats, it doesn't make for the best photo. (Sorry to the kittens. They are definitely really sweet.)

1 Is That... Raw Chicken?!

via theawesomedaily.com

Nothing says wedding day romance like throwing raw chickens up into the air.

This couple probably had a good reason for doing this... and we'd really love to hear it. Because this makes zero sense. And it's definitely another picture of a seemingly happy couple that makes us glad that we're single.

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