20 Pics Of How Mila Kunis Treats Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been married for a while now. They have two adorable kids, and their lives seem to be splendid. Both are super talented, wealthy, and in love, and with their combined good looks, they’re one of the hottest couples in Hollywood.

Naturally, we don’t know what goes on in their private lives. We see pics of the two on red carpets and on TV, but behind closed doors, fans can only speculate how their relationship really plays out. Are they as happy as they appear while in public? Or are there problems in the marriage just like any other “normal” couple would encounter?

Perhaps these 20 pics are proof of how Mila treats her “leading” man. Whether things are going well or there’s trouble in paradise, body language is always telling. Peruse these pics and see if Mila calls the shots, Ashton’s in charge, or things are split down the middle.

20 She Makes Him Believe He’s The Funniest Fella Ever

Via: usmagazine.com

Lots of folks think Ashton is a barrel of laughs, but does Mila think he’s always on the ball? She may find his humor hilarious sometimes, but he can’t possibly amuse her 24/7. Maybe she pretends to be charmed just to get him to stop cracking jokes. A guy’s gotta be serious some of the time.

19 She Mothers Him – Honey, There’s Gunk In Your Hair

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Now that Mila is a mom of two, she’s more nurturing than ever. She may even consider Ashton her “third child,” taking care of him as she would her kids. When he’s got something stuck in his hair or dribbles food on his shirt, she’ll tidy him up like she would for the tots.

18 She'll Let Him Know When He Can Speak

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Ashton loves to gab, so when Mila has had too much of his big mouth, she’ll silence him the old-fashioned way. Endless talking can become irritating, so when she needs her man to zip it, she knows just what to do. He’s not thrilled with this process, but at least he won’t make a peep.

17 “Dad” Is His Most Important Role

Via: mercurynews.com

Before kids, it was just the two of them doing whatever they wanted. They could stay out until 2 AM, horse around the house, and “get busy” whenever and wherever. Now that they’re a party of four, there’s no time alone anymore. Mila sees Ashton as “dad,” so their lives are no longer lived for just the two of them. The kids come first…at least ‘till they’re out of the house.

16 Even In A Crowd, It’s Like He’s The Only One In The Room

Via: sheknows.com

Mila and Ashton have known one another for a long time, well before they got together. Even after all these years, Mila only has eyes for her man. He’s just as smitten. It is nice to know that they’re so in love when there are so many famous couples calling it quits.

15 Pretending He’s Not Even There

Via: people.com

Did the “perfect” couple get in a fight? It sure looks like Mila is giving her man the “silent treatment,” but he is still trying to get her attention. Perhaps she is simply focused on the game, but he is only interested in being back in Mila’s good graces.

14 She Won’t Let Him Wander Off

Via: celebzz.com

Mila’s got some squeeze on her man’s hand, so he won’t be wandering off one bit. Perhaps she’s afraid that he’d stray from the marriage if he didn’t stick by her side. With all the marriages that end due to infidelity, it’s no wonder that Mila’s got her man on a tight leash.

13 He’s Useful For Holding Things

Via: radaronline.com

When a couple goes shopping, it is always helpful when one of them is able to hold a bunch of things. With her hands free, Mila can grab her phone, pick out more items, or just walk without the extra burden. Ashton is her “assistant” as she does as she pleases.

12 He’s Her Key To Happiness, And She Shows It

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The genuine smiles on their faces prove that they are truly happy being by each other’s side. Mila and Ashton seem to be great pals as well as lovers, and when they get to spend time together, the love is evident. They deserve to be full of joy, and it looks like they’ve been lucky.

11 He Can Have Ice Cream If He’s Been A Good Boy

Via: celebmafia.com

Ashton is enjoying some tasty ice cream, so he must have had a hankering for something sweet. It looks like Mila isn’t in the mood for a snack unless she’s already finished hers. Maybe Mila promised him he could have some ice cream if he behaved himself, just like a mom would bargain with her little ones.

10 She Always Lets Him Be Himself

Via: pagesix.com

Here’s a pic of the couple from way back when. While this is well before they got married, it seems like they already had a close connection. Mila looks adorable and Ashton is a little goofy, but they make a great pair. Deep down inside they must’ve known that they were meant for one another.

9 When She Gets A Craving, He’s Gotta Come

Via: celebmafia.com

Mila appears to be pregnant in this pic, and just like lots of other expecting moms, cravings can hit hard and fast. She was in the mood for a bowl of ice cream, and Ashton had to come along to get her some. Without her fill of something flavorful, she’d be hard to handle. The ice cream kept her mood in check, something they both appreciated.

8 She Lets Him Be The Protector

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Mila must appreciate the fact that her man is such a doting dad. He holds his child tenderly and protectively, something that any good dad would do in a heartbeat. He leads the way so Mila can be sure she steps along safely. Seeing Ashton in this role is heartwarming.

7 She Gets A Kick Out Of His Outgoing Attitude

Via: closerweekly.com

Ashton loves to be up front and center, and Mila doesn’t mind when her man grabs the mic. He’s addressing the crowd with comedy and charisma, two things that Mila likely fell in love with. She’s with child, so it’s cute to see their matching outfits, only hers has an extra “bump.”

6 Sometimes He’s A Tad Irritating

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Ashton is all about the cowboy theme, and he is the life of the party as always. Mila looks like she’s had enough. Perhaps she would rather go home than spend another minute at this hoedown. With her blank expression, she’s evidently no longer in the mood for line dancing.

5 She’s Appreciative Of His Overall Charm

Via: necn.com

Mila and Ashton are both beautiful. They sure hit the jackpot in the gene pool, and their fans adore seeing their pics. Mila is amazed at the handsomeness of her husband just like the rest of us, and he’s surely in awe of her gorgeous face and features. Along with loving his good looks, Mila is charmed by her man’s charisma.

4 She’s His Bestie And Then Some

Via: starmagazine.com

It’s nice to see couples who are not only madly in love but have fun as friends too. Mila and Ashton are one of these duos, and their relationship thrives because of it. They can be goofy together, get serious, or bring on the romance when the mood strikes. They have it all, and they couldn’t be happier.

3 She Gets Bored When He’s With His “Bros”

Via: popsugar.com

Perhaps Mila thought it would be a good idea to hang out with her hubby and some other fellas, but she seems bored now that the time has come. She should have stayed home with the kids and sent Ashton out to bond with his “bros.” They could do date night as a couple on another occasion.

2 She’s Fed Up With His Childishness

Via: irishmirror.ie

Ashton is cracking jokes, but Mila isn’t amused in the least. Her face says it all, and she is fed up with his antics. Maybe they’ve had an argument, and she’s still steamed about the situation. Obviously, Ashton is over it, and would rather be funny than prolong the fight.

1 She Talks His Ear Off

Via: totalproton.com

Whatever Mila is saying to Ashton, he is not enjoying what he is hearing. Perhaps she is being saucy or sharing a secret he would much rather not hear. His body language shows that he is clearly uncomfortable, but she is not going to stop chewing his ear off ‘till she’s done talking.

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