20 Pics Of Jordyn Woods And Stormi (That Kylie Wants To Forget)

Everyone knows about the shocking fallout between Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Not only did the world despise Woods for her actions, Kylie Jenner ended up losing a best friend that was a part of her growing family.

When Kylie gave birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018, Jordyn Woods was there for Kylie and her newborn every step of the way. Jordyn was even known as Stormi's auntie. However, after their fallout, Jordyn was no longer around, and Jenner thought it was only best to distance herself and her daughter to a once loyal friend.

While Kylie Jenner has still not publicly spoken about the Khloe/Jordyn situation and has replaced Jordyn with new BFF Stassi on social media, there are still photos of the two with Stormi that she must deal with. Here are 20 photos of Jordyn Woods with Stormi that Kylie wants to forget.

20 Jordyn Woods Was There For Kylie Jenner Throughout Her Pregnancy

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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have a ton of history together. According to Cosmopolitan, the two met before the start of high school in 2012, thanks to a very famous best friend. Both Kylie and Jordyn were good friends with Jayden Smith, the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. From there, the women hit it off instantly.

19 The BFF's Were Always Stuck At The Hip

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Since hitting it off back in 2012, Jordyn and Kylie were practically glued to the hip. Kylie made her first appearance on Jordyn's IG back in December 2013, and the two women continued to share photos of them always together on their social media accounts, showing the world they were extremely close and best friends.

18 Jordyn Was Like Another Sister To Kylie

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Even though Kylie has four older sisters, Jordyn was like a fifth sister to her. Jordyn supported Jenner through all her success, including her lip kit launch in 2015 and when Kylie's brand grew bigger with Kylie Cosmetics, which Jordyn even modeled for alongside Jenner's other friends, Anastasia Karanikolaou and Justin Skye.

17 The Two Were Inseparable

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Jordyn Woods was so close to Kylie she was even managed to snag an invitation to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding back in 2014, in Italy. Jordyn attended many family events like all their lavish birthday extravaganza's.

16 Jordyn Was There For Every Celebration

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Not only were Jordyn and Kylie always seen together at every Kardashian/Jenner event, Kylie even allowed Jordyn to appear on her E! Network, Keeping Up With the Kardashian spin off, Life of Kylie. Fans got an inside look at Kylie's life and her friendship with her friends on the show.

15 Jordyn Misses Stormi The Most

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When Kylie Jenner released her pregnancy announcement video in February 2018, Jordyn was there when Kylie took a pregnancy test. When it was confirmed that Kylie was indeed pregnant, Jordyn stated, "Okay, well I guess we're both having a baby."

14 Jordyn, Kylie And Stormi Went Everywhere Together

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Jordyn and Kylie constantly gushed over their friendship on social media and in interviews. In an interview with People, Woods shared her feelings on having Kylie as a best friend. "Honestly, you can't really trust anyone. You really can't. People stab you in the back all the time, but I feel like my friendships that I have, you just have the same understanding," she stated.

13 Does Kylie Miss Jordyn At All?

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Jordyn and Kylie appeared to have one of the strongest bonds in Hollywood until it the Tristan Thompson scandal. In an interview, Woods stated that Kylie was a friend that she was going to have for the rest of her life. "I feel like right now, at this age, you develop the friends that you're going to have forever, and we do everything together," she said.

12 Jordyn Has Been Walking Down Memory Lane

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The two women were so close with one another, Kylie revealed that Jordyn even lived with her and helped her with testing out her beauty products. "I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn because we live together, so I'm like, 'Jordyn, I need you,'" she said. However, Jordyn has since moved out of Kylie's residence.

11 Kylie's Other Friends Have All Left Jordyn Behind

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When news about Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods "hanging out" with one another were actually true, it was reported that the Kardashian/Jenner family was "beyond angry and disgusted." Kylie had been in denial for days when the news broke out and was very torn that her best friend would betray her and her famous family.

10 Even Kylie's Sisters Are Happy She's Out Of Her Life

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E! News reported that Kylie Jenner and "the whole family is writing Jordyn off" when rumors that Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with Kylie's best friend were true. Since the scandal, none of the Kardashian's or Jenner's have been spotted with Woods or even attempted at allowing her to try and give their past friendship with her another go.

9 Jordyn Admits She Just Looks At Photos Of Her And Stormi Everyday

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Us Weekly reported that ever since Jordyn and Kylie's fallout, Woods still misses their friendship but misses Jenner's daughter, Stormi, even more. An insider stated, "Jordyn is still very upset but trying to push on with her career and get her life back. She misses Kylie as a best friend but is telling friends she actually misses Stormi the most. She looks at old pictures of Stormi and misses her every day."

8 They've Gone On Numerous Trips Together In The Past

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Not only is Jordyn Woods looking back at photos she has with Jenner's daughter, Stormi, but possibly all the photos she took with Kylie. The two were always together, sitting with one another at fashion shows, going on vacations together even with one-year-old Stormi, and of course, sharing endless selfies on IG.

7 Kylie Has Found A New IG Partner In BFF Stassi

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Kylie Jenner has certainly moved on from Jordyn Woods after she began posting tons of photos with new BFF Anastasia Karanikolaou, better known as Stassi. Even though the two women have been friends for years, it looks like they have become even closer now that Jordyn is out of their lives.

6 Jordyn Used To Refer To Herself As Stormi's Auntie

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Hanging out with Jenner and Stormi 24/7 even made Jordyn want to start a family of her own one day. Jordyn was with Jenner and her daughter so much, she referred to herself as Stormi's aunt. "I can be the aunt that spoils her and gives her whatever she wants. A lot of my friends have kids so it is just fun," Woods said in an interview.

5 Stormi Inspired Jordyn To Have Her Own Children

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The three were so inseparable that it's sad Jordyn isn't playing a role in Stormi's life anymore. However, Woods praised Jenner and how she handled motherhood when they were friends. "I think just people grow and evolve every day and when you become a parent you have to keep learning and it's an experience and I have just seen her blossom and mature, so it's nice," Woods shared.

4 Jordyn Was Already Becoming A Natural While Helping Kylie With Her Daughter

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After the scandal between Jordyn, Tristan and Khloe, Woods moved out of Kylie Jenner's house and was removed from Khloe's clothing brand Good American. Khloe Kardashian even let out a fierce statement on Twitter when the scandal turned out to be true, tweeting that Woods was "the reason my family broke up." Woods apparently apologized, but hasn't been involved in anything related to the Kardashian's or Jenner's since.

3 But All Good Things Came Crashing Down For Jordyn

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Jordyn Woods received a ton of backlash after she told Jada Pinkett Smith in an interview for Red Table Talk that she and Tristan Thompson did indeed share a kiss. Woods looked quite upset during the interview, but is reportedly now "trying to push on with her career" and "get her life back."

2 These Two Former Best Friends Are Both Moving On From Each Other

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It's been a few months since the scandal that surrounded the Kardashian's and Woods broke out. According to TMZ, Kylie has moved on from her former best friend and their friendship is now just a thing in the past. Jenner even looks happier than even raising her daughter and focusing on Kylie Cosmetics.

1 Kylie Is Solely Focusing On Raising Her Daughter With Family By Her Side

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Kylie Jenner has had enormous support from her Kardashian/Jenner family and continues to raise her daughter with Travis Scott. Kylie and the rest of the famous family just want to move on from the Jordyn Woods scandal. Woods just has to live with the memories she shared with Jenner and Stormi and can hopefully move on with her life as well.

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