20 Pics Of Kelly Ripa Raising Her Kids (That Came To Light)

Those who are fans of actress and television personality Kelly Ripa probably know quite a bit about her personal life. After all, she is constantly spilling the beans about what goes on behind closed doors in her personal life on television.

It is probably safe to say that Ripa will never be one of those celebrities who wish to keep most of their private life out of the spotlight. One thing Ripa has discussed a lot over the years is her parenting style.

According to people.com, there have been lots of times when the famous mother clearly did not mind sharing some very personal details about her daughter, Lola, with the public. Here are some images that show how the star has raised her children.

20 Kelly Has Always Been A Pretty Strict Mom


In this photo, everyone looks pretty happy, except for one of Kelly’s sons. He does not seem to like the fact that his mom is keeping him from running off somewhere. But this isn’t very surprising, since Ripa has always been known to be a really strict mother and wife.

19 She Loves To Post Photos Of Her Family On Social Media


Ripa’s children are mostly all grown up now, but when they were younger, she talked about how she monitored what they did on social media, according to closernewsweekly.com. However, that does not mean she doesn’t enjoy posting their images a lot on her own social media accounts on some occasions.

18 Lola Had To Go Behind Kelly's Back To Have A Dress Altered


Lola wore a somewhat revealing dress when she went to prom, and her mom was not very happy about it. That is because she went behind her mother’s back to have it altered at the last minute, according to us.hola.com. This incident caused Ripa to joke about her daughter’s appearance.

17 Kelly Likes To Show Off Some Pretty Old Photos On Occasion


Anyone who follows Ripa on her social media accounts knows that the star seems to be a very big fan of posting old images. That seems even more true if her children are in them. Her kids might not be happy about it, but that doesn’t appear to bother her.

16 Not All Children Look Happy When They Are On Rides


Most children really like to have some fun at amusement parks. However, that does not mean that they always enjoy every second they spend on the rides when they are there. In this photo, it looks as though Ripa’s two oldest children are upset about something. They don’t look happy.

15 Sometimes They All Look Pretty Stressed Out


In many of the images of Ripa and her family, they all look like they are having a great time. However, this is not one of those images. They all look like something is stressing them out. Though it does look like Mark Consuelos is at least trying to smile.

14 The Kids Got To Dress Up In Cute Costumes When They Were Little, But They Didn't Always Enjoy It


Sometimes kids get upset over ridiculous things. Though it’s not completely clear what is going on in this image, it looks as though one of Ripa’s little ones is a bit unhappy, even though he looks pretty adorable in the pirate hat he is wearing. Consuelos looks annoyed as well.

13 Sometimes Kelly Is Frazzled


Both Ripa and Consuelos, as well as their three children, look happy most of the time. However, like any other family, there are moments when things aren’t so peachy for them. In this image, Kelly looks like parenthood is really getting to her. Being a mother of three is hard.

12 Lola Has Joined Her Family At The Gym Before


Ripa and her husband are big fans of living very healthy lifestyles, which is something that they have tried to pass on to their children. According to zimbio.com, this photo was taken on a day when Lola joined her very fit parents when they paid a visit to the gym.

11 There Are Times When Lola Looks Pretty Tense


In this image, Ripa looks happy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her daughter. Lola looks as though she is not having a good time. Perhaps that is because her parents tend to embarrass her. According to usatoday.com, Lola has seen them in some interesting situations on multiple occasions.

10 Kelly Gets On Their Nerves Sometimes


Ripa is very strict, but overall it seems as though she is a pretty good mother. After all, she does make decisions with her children's’ best interest at heart. But judging by the looks of this photo, the kids are not always happy with her. Her son looks very annoyed.

9 The Whole Family Went On A Fun Adventure In Colorado Together


According to soaringcolorado.com, this is an image that was taken when Ripa and her family were enjoying a fun time at Soaring Tree Top Adventures. Ripa’s family is far from perfect, but from the looks of this picture, it seems like they certainly do enjoy lots of fun adventures together.

8 Parenting Isn't Always Easy, Even For Mark And Kelly


There are lots of celebrities that make parenting look easier than it is. That is especially true for Ripa and Consuelos. However, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t struggled when it comes to raising their kids. In this picture, they look like they’re certainly stressed out from raising three kids.

7 Kelly Is Almost Always Posting Pictures Of Her Sons


Ripa doesn’t seem to care about whether or not her children are okay with her posting their images all over the internet. The star has been known to frequently post images of both of her sons on her Instagram account. But a lot of other moms do the same thing.

6 Kelly Doesn't Seem To Care About What Lola Wants


Lola does not like it when her mother posts images of her online, according to celebdirtylaundry.com. However, that does not seem to make a difference to Ripa. Ripa has never been one to respect the privacy of her kids, and she posts pictures of her daughter anyway, despite Lola’s wishes.

5 She And The Children Enjoy Snow Days Together


Ripa is a busy woman, but she still takes time to stop and enjoy the occasional snow day with her offspring. In this photo, it looks like she and her son are having a really great time. At least Ripa is not to busy to hang out with her kids.

4 They Like To Take Silly Photos Sometimes


While there are lots of times when both Ripa and Consuelos seem like they are pretty serious, they obviously don’t have any problems taking some fun family pictures. This is just one of many photos Ripa has posted that show that she and her family have lots of fun together.

3 The Kids Got To Do Some Things Most Children Don't Get To Do


Being the child of a celebrity certainly has its’ perks. When Shrek The Third was released, Consuelos and Ripa took their children to the premier of it, and this photo was taken during that time, according to gettyimages.com. Not many kids can say they have been to a movie premiere.

2 The Family Hangs Out Together, Even When They're In The Midst Of A Controversy


This photo shows that Ripa and her family don’t have any problems remaining close with one another, even when they are involved in a bit of a controversy. Just days before this photo was taken, Ripa was in hot water for comments she made about The Bachelor, according to dailymail.co.uk.

1 Life With Kelly Is Not Always Very Exciting


One might think that being the child of a famous couple is always really fun. But judging by the looks of this photo, there are times when being the child of Ripa and Consuelos isn’t that enjoyable. Ripa’s two oldest children do not look happy at all in this picture.

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