20 Pics Of Kendall Jenner That'll Make Her Kardashian Sisters Jealous

Kendall Jenner is a beauty, from her flawless facial features to her long, lean legs. Her modeling career is continually rising, and with her fame and fortune, the 20-something is living the good life.

Jenner’s famous family is used to the spotlight, and each member of the “Kar-Jen” clan has their special talents and good looks to match. From her big sisters’ worldwide success to her mom’s handle on the whole thing, Kendall comes from a household where laziness is not an option.

As a model, Jenner gets to travel the world, wear some of the most dazzling designs, and pose for photographers who’ve done incredible work. She walks runways and turns heads on red carpets, dates well-known fellas, and has friends in high places. Fans adore her, admirers love her look, and her family always supports her goals.

These 20 pics of Jenner are gorgeous. Although her sisters are fabulous too, they may be a wee bit jealous after soaking in these stunning snapshots.

20 Sleek Style

Via: vogue.com

Basic black never goes out of style, and Jenner is showing the world that she can turn a simple look into something incredible. This form-fitting ensemble leaves little room for the imagination, and Jenner’s model physique is tall and toned. Her sisters wish they could pull this off as well as she can, but Jenner’s got the goods to give the outfit the frame it was made for.

19 Pretty In Polka Dots

Via: vogue.com

Jenner is out and about in her super short mini dress and a pair of cool shades. Black and white is a classic combo, and the cute polka dot pattern is playful and perfect for a casual afternoon. Paired with comfortable sneakers, Jenner is taking getting dressed down a notch, and she’ll be able to walk much further than she could in stilettos.

18 Working The Runway

Via: stylecaster.com

When Jenner is in modeling mode, she practices full concentration so she can show off the clothing as the designer intended. Here she is sporting an all-white outfit and chunky platform shoes. Her hair is loose and flowing, and her minimal makeup lets us see her natural beauty shine through.

17 Bikini Babe

Via: eonline.com

Jenner looks amazing in her bright bikini as she soaks up the sun. The blue sky is impeccable, without a cloud to be seen to ruin the mood. Jenner seems to spend lots of time outdoors, so she must own many swimsuits to switch off with. This one is sporty and sexy, just like the woman who’s wearing it.

16 Chic On The Street

Via: twitter.com

When Jenner walks down the street, she always causes a stir. Fans who notice her can’t believe she’s right there in front of them, and those who don’t know who she is still surely admire her beauty. This black outfit with a white trim fits her body perfectly, and her dark sunglasses are a functional accessory that pulls the look together.

15 Dazzling Dress

Via: refinery29.com

Jenner looks dramatic in her cut-out dress, something she’s comfortable wearing despite the daring design. Her sparkling earrings must’ve cost a fortune, and her pulled-back hair shows off her fabulous face. Her sisters would love to raid her closet, but since Jenner’s so tall, her clothing won’t fit them. Perhaps Khloe could try something on, but since their shapes are so different, it’s doubtful anything would work.

14 A Pop Of Purple

Via: oklahoman.com

Jenner looks pretty in purple, with a lace-up front and plenty of leg showing. Her gladiator-style sandals are super chic, and the design is modern and edgy. Whether she’s on the runway or simply posing for a pic, Jenner always looks her best. It’s no surprise that her sisters would want to be in her shoes.

13 Fun With A Friend

Via: popsugar.com

Jenner is out for the evening with fellow model Bella Hadid, and both ladies look lovely. Jenner is sporting a shimmery short dress, and her pal is in bike shorts and a crop top. These gals are all about showing off their shape, so they wear skintight clothing that hugs every inch.

12 Cool And Colorful

Via: yahoo.com

This multi-colored striped dress is fun and flirty, and Jenner wears it well. She’s as stylish as ever, with her shoulder-length hair and sunglasses. Perhaps the guy with her is a security guard, or just a friend spending time with the model. In contrast to his all-black outfit, Jenner stands out even more.

11 Going Blonde

Via: thesun.co.uk

Seeing Jenner as a blonde is quite a shock, and some people may not even realize it’s her they’re seeing. Since Jenner has been a brunette forever, changing up her look was a big step. She looks great no matter her hair color, but most would probably argue that she’s more herself with brown hair.

10 Fanny Pack Fashion

Via: vogue.com

Jenner is going for an interesting look all pulled together with a designer “fanny pack.” Her outfit may seem strange to some, but others must appreciate the designer’s idea when they put this look together. That said, no matter what Jenner wears, she looks great. It’s no wonder so many designers ask her to model their creations.

9 Red Hot

Via: lipstickalley.com

Jenner looks like a million bucks in this sleek one-shoulder red gown. It’s silky and smooth, and the subtle slit adds a little extra excitement. Paired with pointy stilettos with plenty of shine, this head-to-toe look is spot-on. Jenner is ready for an exceptional evening, and she’ll look amazing until the night is over.

8 Bathing Beauty

Via: glamour.com

As the sun shines above and the sand is soft beneath her, Jenner poses in her blue swimsuit and makes the most of a sublime summer day. Her figure is fantastic and her hair looks beachy with messy waves that match those of the ocean. It must be nice to spend time by the shore, sunbathing and letting go of stress.

7 Summertime Splendor

Via: popsugar.com

Jenner is showing off her athletic side as she paddles while looking pretty. Her swimsuit with sleeves is something we don’t see every day, but Jenner pulls it off and looks lovely doing so. Her smile shows that she is having fun on the water, and since she’s still standing, it means she’s been practicing.

6 A Furry Friend

Via: mtv.com

Jenner’s got a furry little buddy to cuddle, and the smile on her face is priceless. This cute companion is lucky to be in Jenner’s arms, and she’s just as pleased to be holding the adorable animal. Aside from the unlikely friendship, who could not notice Jenner’s alluring swimsuit? The style is modern and shows off lots of skin. The monkey may not care, but fans are floored.

5 Out And About

Via: favim.com

Jenner is taking the day to do some things, perhaps a bit of shopping or meeting up with a friend. She looks fashionable and stylish, with her cropped black tank and grey jeans. Not every day calls for a slim-fitting dress, so Jenner is letting loose in something more casual.

4 Body-Hugging Brown

Via: vogue.co.uk

This brown mini dress is so slim, it’s a surprise Jenner could even slip into it. There’s barely room to breathe, yet Jenner manages to walk seemingly unfazed, like the model she is. While her sisters tend to go for tight-fitting clothing too, this dress is possibly the most petite one any of them have ever worn. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bust a seam.

3 Darling In Denim

Via: hypebae.com

Jenner looks casual and cute in her jean jacket as she sits on a small stool. Her look is youthful and all-American, from her loose hairdo to her natural-looking makeup. She’s a pro at posing, and this pic proves it. She’s as stunning as ever, even when she goes for something simple.

2 Leather Look

Via: people.com

Jenner is out with her sister, and both young ladies are looking hot. Jenner’s leather outfit is flashy and fun, while her sister’s satin look is lovely. Those tight braids are super sleek and pull Jenner’s hair off her beautiful face. The gals are ready to rock their looks at an event where others can admire their good taste.

1 Fierce And Fabulous

Via: accessonline.com

Jenner is making the runway her own special place as she puts one foot in front of the other and gives fashionistas a look at something stunning. This outfit is off the charts, with lots of detail and various fabrics. The designer must love the fact that it’s Jenner who’s wearing their clothing, and her many followers are sure to give a collective thumbs up to this fierce fashion statement.

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