20 Pics Of Lady Gaga That Bradley Cooper Doesn't Want Us To See

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years, then you know about the connection that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper share. It all started when the two starred in the 2018 film, A Star is Born. Actually, scratch that; it started when Cooper approached Gaga for the first time to ask her to star in the popular film. Cooper felt there was something special about the pop star, and boy was he ever was right.

A lot has happened in their lives since then, but one thing that fans are still talking about is the duo's "love" for each other. Now, it is important to state that neither Cooper or Gaga has ever confirmed that they are anything more than good friends, but fans don't buy it. The connection they have speaks for itself. Regardless of whether or not the relationship was ever more than platonic, it's clear that Bradley Cooper truly cares for his Star is Born co-star, and we're pretty certain he'd rather we wouldn't see these photos. Here are 20 photos of Lady Gaga that Bradley Cooper wishes we never saw.

20 A Young Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

This is WAY before Stefani was known as Lady Gaga, but judging from this photo, Stefani always had that I-don't-care-what-you-think attitude. We're not sure if she was in the right state of mind when this photo was taking, but sitting on the (presumably dirty) floor in the middle of the street definitely does not scream Academy Award Nominee, and we're pretty sure Bradley wishes this photo never made the rounds.

19 The Ex

We've said it earlier, but we will say it again; although Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have put the rumors to rest multiple times, it's hard for fans to believe them when they say that they're just really good friends. Regardless, this selfie of Lady Gaga and her ex Christian Carino certainly does not please Bradley. The two called it quits in February 2019.

According to Gaga's management, this is what the singer and actress had to say about the breakup: "There is no dramatic story, sometimes a relationship just breaks down."

18 Gaga In The Kitchen

Every man loves a woman who can cook, and we're sure that this is especially true in Bradley Cooper's case, given his Italian background. In fact, Cooper claimed that the first time he met Gaga at her house to discuss the film A Star Is Born, Gaga made Cooper some pasta and the two bonded over the Italian dish.

Although it's clear that Bradley loves Gaga's appreciation for cooking, we're not sure he loves the photo she posted of herself in the kitchen, given that she's showing a little more than the dish she's preparing...

17 Tightly-Fitted Suit

Lady Gaga is often spotted heading to Yoga class in New York City, and based on the photo above, the classes are doing wonders for her physique. Although we're used to seeing her wear some very risqué outfits, there's just something so appealing about a simple matching top and pants. Not to mention, it's hugging her curves in all the right places. We don't have to explain why Cooper would not be a fan of this pic.

16 The Educational PSA

When Lady Gaga was 24 years old (and before she became famous), she took part in a short film that was meant to be an educational PSA for teens on how to deal with harassment. Although the message is a good one and we applaud Gaga for taking part in such a video, we can't help but wonder if it angers Bradley Cooper.

15 Oops!

Well, this is embarrassing... Lady Gaga was spotted leaving the popular restaurant Pump, owned by Lisa Vanderpump, in West Hollywood but unfortunately, she did not make a flawless exit. As she was getting into her car, she stumbled and fell (and the paparazzi did not miss the opportunity to snap all the photos they could).

We're sure this is a photo that Bradley Cooper, and Lady Gaga herself, wish we didn't see.

14 Too Tired To Walk

Lady Gaga was spotted arriving at the Alexander Wang Fashion Show in September of 2015 wearing some short jean shorts and a leather jacket. Yes, she did look great, but what most people were talking about on the night was how tired she looked. Given that the fashion show happened around the same time that Gaga had been filming American Horror Story, it does make sense that she looked exhausted.

13 The Inviting Selfie

Cooper might like Gaga's funky hairstyle (remember all of Ally's various hairstyles from A Star Is Born?), we're not sure he's fond of the seductive look she's pulling off. She might not be showing a lot in terms of clothing, but she doesn't need to be wearing anything too risqué, because the face she is pulling in the pic speaks for itself. It's all in the eyes, and red lipstick. Sorry, Bladley.

12 Biking In Spain

There is no doubt that someone who looks as good as Gaga does a lot of physical activity. Whether it be hitting the gym or going to Yoga class, we're sure she's always finding ways to stay in shape. Here she was spotted biking in Spain. She is wearing a simple pair of black leggings and a sports bra, and she looks amazing. Although this photo was taken in 2014, way before she met Bradley Cooper, we're sure he doesn't want people ogling these photos.

11 Pre-Fame

It's clear that Stefani Germanotta was destined to be a star (A Star WAS Born?). This is a picture from one of Gaga's very first photoshoots; she was just 19 years old at the time. When looking at some older photos of Stefani, before she knew what fame really was, one thing is definitely apparent, and that's that she was not afraid to hold back, and she was not afraid to pose in scantily clad outfits, something we're sure might not please Bradley Cooper.

10 Those Legs (And The Ex)

As if Lady Gaga showing off her perfectly toned legs wasn't enough, she's also spotted with her ex, Christian Carino, in the photo above. The two were spotted heading for lunch in New York, and the reports of the two dating were still pretty recent at the time. Regardless, Lady Gaga definitely stunned him (and fans) with her outfit choice of the day. Some daisy duke jean shorts and a pair of black heels are enough to drive any guy wild, including Bradley Cooper.

9 Another Embarrassing Fall

Oops, Lady Gaga does it again. As if one embarrassing fall wasn't enough, Lady Gaga has another unfortunate photo of herself stumbling floating around on the net. This one was actually an incident that happened way earlier, in 2010, at Heathrow Airport. Even though this pic is a lot older, and her huge platforms were to blame for the fall, we're sure that it's still a photo that Bradley Cooper wishes fans didn't see of Lady Gaga.

8 Working The Bar

Lady Gaga posted this photo to her IG account in July of 2018 and captioned it: Just in case @joannetrattoria is all booked up stop by @artbirdnyc Who knows I might even be serving! (adding a rainbow and heart emoji). Now, we know that Stefani's a proud New Yorker, but we don't know how pleased Bradley Cooper is about this certain photo, given that Gaga is openly telling people where to find her...

7 Timeless Beauty

This photo was taken of Lady Gaga in Venice for the Venice Film Festival. Although it was Lady Gaga's debut for A Star Is Born, we would have guessed that she was a veteran in these circumstances given how natural she looks. We don't know if Bradley Cooper was hanging out somewhere near by (we assume he was), but this photo of Gaga definitely had people talking, and although we're sure Bradley was pleased that people were talking about the film's success, we don't know if he was too fond of fans ogling Gaga.

6 All Eyes On Gaga

Sorry, Bradley, but looks like you're not the only one with eyes for Gaga (even though you claim you don't...). Lady Gaga absolutely stole the show at the 2017 Coachella music festival. Her backup dancers definitely had the best seat in the house though, and we're sure her outfit of choice had them talking, too.

5 Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney

If Bradley Cooper doesn't like seeing photos of Lady Gaga with her ex Christian Carino, then we're sure he's not fond of seeing pics of her and her ex, Taylor Kinney, either. The two got engaged on Valentine's Day in 2015, but called it quits just a little more than one year later in July of 2016.

The engagement might not have lasted long, but Bradley probably still doesn't like coming across photos of the two.

4 Driving Everyone Crazy

Lady Gaga is driving everyone crazy (including Bradley Cooper, obviously). There's a reason fans are calling her the IG queen; one quick scroll through her profile will give you insight as to why. Now we couldn't include the actual photo in its entirety here, but let's just say that the photo is enough to turn Bradley Cooper's cheeks red. See for yourself...

3 Gaga For Gaga's Legs

If there's one thing we're sure of when looking at all these photos of Lady Gaga, it's that this pop star turned actress has got some legs (and she knows it)! Gaga is seen exiting a car in the photo above and she's simply wearing tiny black shorts, along with a black crop top and a black vest. It's true that those extremely tall platforms help give the effect of really tall legs, but she doesn't even need them.

2 The Post-Show Routine Pic

Lady Gaga's name made headlines last week, but not because of her relationship with Bradley Cooper, but because she was part of a pretty embarrassing turn of events at one of her shows. While performing a show for her Vegas residency, she let a fan dance with her energetically, and when the fan decided to try to lift her up, he dropped her...

After the show, Gaga posted this photo and captioned it: “Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20. #rocknroll #enigma #gaga #gagavegas #vegas.”

1 It's Photos Like These...

We close this article off with a photo that offers all the ammo that fans need when they speculate that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are definitely more than friends. Maybe it's the fact that they look so perfect together, and display signs of affection for one another that fans wish these two were an item. Regardless, they support each other unconditionally, and unless Bradley Cooper wants people to continue talking about how perfect they are together, then these photos need to disappear.

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