20 Pics Of Mila Kunis And The Company She Kept Before She And Ashton Were An Item

We first met Mila Kunis when she was a fresh-faced 14-year-old on the set of That ‘70s Show. We bet the actress had no clue she'd eventually end up with her older co-star, Ashton Kutcher. Mila went on to star in well-received films like Black Swan (2010), Friends with Benefits (2011), and Ted (2012).

Nowadays, the celebrity is constantly making headlines for how adorable her family with Ashton is. The couple was married in 2015 after three years of dating. Their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, was born in 2014, while their son, Dimitri Portwood, was born in 2016. Based on these photos, Mila has come a long way since she first broke onto the Hollywood scene. Keep reading to see what life was like for her before she became Mrs. Ashton Kutcher.

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20 She Had A Hard Time In School

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Mila has opened up about how much of a struggle elementary school was for her, particularly because she was only beginning to learn the new language. "I blocked out second grade completely. I have no recollection of it. I always talk to my mom and my grandma about it,” she once explained, People reports. “It was because I cried every day. I didn't understand the culture. I didn't understand the people. I didn't understand the language.”

19 She Lied About Her Age During That '70s Show Auditions

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In this photo, Mila is pictured with a few of her That ‘70s Show co-stars back in the 90s. Mila was only 14-years old when she snagged the role of Jackie on the hit show, but it turns out she had to lie about her age. According to Zimbio, she told producers she would “turn 18 on my birthday.” However, she didn’t specify that it would be a few years before that specific birthday.

18 She Was Almost Mrs. Macaulay Culkin

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Although it seems like destiny that Mila ended up with her That ‘70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher, there was a time where many fans thought she would wind up with Macaulay Culkin - aka the kid from the Home Alone franchise. The dated for almost a decade from 2002 to 2011 in their early 20s. Mila began dating her future husband a year after their split.

17 She Had To Take Classes To Learn The New Language

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Since Mila didn’t speak a word of the common tongue of the U.S. when her family first moved to the States, her parents enrolled her in a class to help make the transition easier. “I was new to America so my [speaking] wasn’t great at that time so [my parents] were like ‘you know what?” she once explained, Hey Alma reports. “We’ll send you to a little class where you can make friends and learn [the language].”

16 She Immigrated At Only 7 Years Old

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It turns out that Mila wasn’t always a citizen of the United States! When the future actress was only 7 years old, her parents decide to move the family from the USSR because of the poor job prospects. In 1991, the family immigrated to Los Angeles with only $250. Little did they know their daughter would grow up to be a huge movie star.

15 Things With Macaulay Ended Badly

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Although Mila and Macaulay claimed their break-up was “amicable” when they first split in 2011, the actress has since explained the break-up was a bit more complicated. During an appearance on Dax Shepherd’s podcast last year, Mila described it as “a horrible, horrible breakup.” Nevertheless, the star didn’t go into details about what that meant.

14 She May Have Dated Wilmer Valderrama

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Mila and Wilmer Valderrama were co-stars on That ‘70s Shows, and while the show was on the air, there were constant rumors about whether the two were dating. Photos like this one show the friends getting cozy at public appearances. While they’ve never confirmed or denied their romance, we’ll let fans reach their own conclusions based on the photographic evidence.

13 She Briefly Attended University

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Even though she got into acting so young, Mila did try her hand at college. The actress had a private, on-set tutor while filming for That ‘70s Show and also attended Fairfax High School, from which she graduated in 2001. Afterward, she briefly attended both UCLA and Loyola Marymount University before dropping out to focus on acting.

12 Lisa Frank Was Her First Commercial

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Mila was barely a teenager when she firsts got into acting. One of her first roles was in a Lisa Frank commercial when she was only 13 years old. The pre-teen dawned horribly permed hair, shiny makeup, and of course a colorful outfit. Luckily her style is much more on-point nowadays!

11 She Says She Ruined Things With Macaulay

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Although the reason for Mila and Macaulay’s split still isn’t known, the actress has hinted the break-up was her fault. “I was [not so nice] in my 20s and I’ll be the first to admit it,” she told Dax Shepherd. “And that’s something that took me a long time to come out […] and accept it and I own it now.” From the sounds of it, she’s definitely learned from her mistakes.

10 She And Ashton Never Hooked Up On Set

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Even though Mila knew her future husband Ashton for decades before they officially started dating, she swears they n ever hooked up- now even while they were co-starring on That ‘70s Show. "I say this not as a joke, but [he] literally did my chemistry homework," she said about their friendship, Business Insider reports. "I thought he was fine, he was a nice guy, we worked together and sometimes he'd drop off at home."

9 Her Ex Has Since Forgiven Her

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Even though it sounds like Mila was the reason things ended so badly between her and Macaulay, it luckily sounds like it’s all water under the bridge. “You know, it’s been so long like I feel like enough time has gone by,” she explained about their romance, People reports. “I think enough mutual friends have been like, everybody kind of forgave everybody for what went down.”

8 Her Dad Pushed Her Into Acting

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Evidently, it didn’t take Mila much to convince her parents to allow her to pursue acting. When she was only 9 years old, the celebrity’s father enrolled her in acting classes at the Beverly Hills Studio. While there, she met Susan Curtis, who soon became her manager. One of Mila’s first TV gigs was in Days Of Our Lives.

7 She'd Do A That '70s Show Reunion

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There are many fans hoping that That ‘70s Show will eventually do a reunion- and it sounds like we can count Mila in. Just last year, she hinted that she would be in. “You know, maybe? I can't say ‘no,’ because we're all still very good friends, but we're all in such different places in our life,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight.

6 She's Been On Family Guy Since The '90s

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Mila wasn’t even 20-yearss old when she replaced Lacey Chabert as Meg Griffin on the animated sitcom Family Guy. She actually inspired the producers to slightly rewrite the character in order to better ft Mila’s personality. Two decades later and the actress is still voicing the iconic character. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

5 She's Never Really Been On Her Own

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Mila was only 21 years old when she began dating Macaulay Culkin. The two were together for a decade before splitting in 2011 and never appeared to take any breaks in between then. And since Mila began dating her current husband only a year after their split, there’s never been a long period of time in the actress’ adult life where she’s been solo.

4 She Loved Growing Up On Set

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While some child actors grow up to be resentful of having to work at such a young age, Mila has always been enthusiastic about how much she enjoys being on set. “It's fun working on the set,” the star has said, Brainy Quotes reports. “I usually work about 10 and a half hours a day, and I also study about five of those hours. It can be tiring, but it's fun!”

3 She Said She Had A "Normal" Childhood

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Even though she got started in show business at such a young age, Mila has been adamant that she had a pretty normal childhood (in comparison to other child actors, that is). “I had a normal upbringing and went to public school,” she once explained, Brainy Quotes reports. “If I ever, even for a second, started getting a big head, I was brought back to reality pretty quickly.”

2 She May Have Also Dated Danny Masterson

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Right before Mila confirmed her relationship with Macaulay Culkin, there were rumors suggesting she was romancing her That ‘70s Show co-star Danny Masterson in 2002. The actors have never addressed the speculation. Last year, Masterson made headlines after several women came forward accusing him of misconduct.

1 She's Still Close Friends With Wilmer

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Either Mila is only good friends with Wilmer or they’re very friendly exes. She hasn’t been shy to share her well wishes for the actor on social media and has been spotted hanging out with him in recent year. In 2015, she and her husband Ashton Kutcher even went out partying with Wilmer to celebrate his 35th birthday, proving the co-stars are all close to this day.

Sources: People, Business Insider, Zimbio, Hey Alma, Entertainment Tonight, Brainy Quote.

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