20 Pics Of People Who Really Should've Hired A Makeup Artist

We assume that celebrities have access to absolutely anything that they want, which sometimes means hiring other people to do things. Before going to a party or a fancy event, stars can hire makeup artists and sit back and relax, letting them swipe on the perfect shade of pink lipstick or some expert eyeliner.

For the rest of us regular people, we don't tend to hire makeup artists very often, unless we're bridesmaids in a good friend's wedding (or getting married ourselves) or it's a very special occasion. But the truth is that sometimes, we make some wrong turns when doing our own makeup, and it might have been a better idea to leave it to the professionals. That's the case with the following photos.

Here are 20 pics of people who should have hired a make-up artist.

20 Taking The Thick Eyebrow Trend A Bit Too Far

via Funny Pics Compilation

It's funny to think that back in the day, it really wasn't cool to have super thick eyebrows. Now, if any of us have them, we put the tweezers down and embrace it.

But the girl in this picture is probably taking that trend a bit too far, as these eyebrows have been painted on and look truly creepy.

19 We're Totally Blushing...

via Cosmopolitan

It's probably true that many of us don't even put on blush when getting ready in the morning since it can be hard not to look, well, like this girl.

One wrong move and you've suddenly swiped on way too much, and your cheeks are super pink. Add green eyeshadow and it's definitely time to call in a makeup pro.

18 Painted On Eyebrows Are Never Good

via Daily Mail

If you have super thin eyebrows, it makes sense that you would want to paint them on. But this isn't the way to do it because in this pic, it's hard to tell the difference between this girl's eyebrows and her eye makeup.

Having a delicate hand when applying eye makeup is a good idea. And being careful with your eyebrows is smart, too.

17 Double The Makeup Fail

via Vanity Claire

In the case of this pic, these two girls both seem to have applied foundation that isn't the right color for them, and their eyebrows are very obviously drawn on. In the case of the girl on the left, her blush is a bit intense, too.

In the case of the girl on the right, her pale lipstick matches her pale hair, and she kind of looks like she's disappearing.

16 When Pink Lipstick Doesn't Work Out

via topbestpics.com

It's really awesome when someone has their signature lipstick color that is just "them." Everyone knows that they wear this color, usually red but sometimes pink, and they're used to getting complimented on it everywhere.

This girl could have used a makeup artist because her pink lipstick seems very heavily applied, and there's also the issue of her smokey eyeshadow. It's too many products, for sure.

15 This Whole Look Screams "Way Too Much"

via Reddit

In this photo, this girl totally looks like she opened up her bathroom cabinet and applied literally every single product that she owns. Eyeshadow that's smokey and dark? Sure. Bright, bold red lipstick? Definitely. Blush? Of course.

We'd say instead of "too much is great," a better makeup motto is, "Every product in moderation."

14 An Expert Should Have Definitely Applied This Makeup

via Daily Mail

While many of us do our makeup ourselves on a regular basis, we might not emerge from the bathroom with totally and completely red faces. If we did, we're pretty sure that people would ask if we were okay.

We're not sure what happened here, but it seems strange that this girl's face ended up this pink. It looks kind of painful...

13 Check Out That Super Streaky Blush

via Izismile.com

Again, blush is really tough to deal with, so maybe the lesson here is to only put on the tiniest amount possible.

Or just enjoy the natural flush that we all tend to have on our cheeks. That works, too, especially when we want to avoid this kind of streaky blush situation.

12 Color Blocking Works For Clothing, Not Makeup

via failsatmakeup.blogspot.com

This type of color-blocking makeup seems like something that you would see in a magazine and think, "That seems cool, let me try it."

But then you would get home and actually attempt it and realize that while it looks cool in an editorial spread, it's just not that practical at home or in everyday life.

11 Eyeliner Needs A Lighter Touch

via mindblowingworld.com

Just like blush, black eyeliner can go very, very wrong. This photo is definitely another example of needing a makeup artist.

This eyeliner was applied so heavily and thickly that it stands out immediately and is impossible to ignore. And since it was applied both above and under the eyes, it's just a lot.

10 When Pink Isn't Your Color

via Team Jimmy Joe

This pink eyeshadow is so thick that it honestly looks like she painted it on. Or used a highlighter or crayon or something.

Pink might not really be her color, or at least not an extremely bright pink that is reminiscent of a highlighter... A light pink would have been a lot nicer.

9 Did She Have A Mirror When Applying That Eye Makeup?!

via mindblowingworld.com

This is another example of a time when a makeup artist might have been needed. It looks like this woman wanted to go for a really cool, creative look with her eye makeup, but that unfortunately isn't the result.

The swirly pattern on the end of her eye just looks plain weird, and it's pretty severe-looking, too.

8 Even She Looks Super Unhappy With The Look...

via Pinterest

When a makeup artist applies mascara, eyeliner, and/or eye shadow, they seem to have a much lighter touch than the woman did in this photo.

This woman's eye makeup is so heavily smeared that it reminds us of when we've cried while wearing mascara that we thought was waterproof (but it really wasn't).

7 Everything Has Gone Wrong In This Pic

via The Sun

In this photo, it looks like this girl did her makeup (and put on tons of products) but then took a washcloth or paper towel and literally wiped her entire face. But then only some of the makeup came off, leaving her face looking smeared and messy.

She also painted on her eyebrows, which we can say that we don't really recommend after seeing some of these pictures.

6 When Color Totally Flops

via Daily Mail

It's cool if you want to put on some orange eye makeup. Most people wouldn't be that confident about wearing it, but hey, it's great when someone wants to be unique.

This is an example of when color gets off the rails, though, because her orange eye makeup looks like a mask. And it's not the best look.

5 We're Left Totally Speechless

via Sad And Useless

This photo is basically begging for a professional makeup artist who could wipe off those products and start all over again. We can tell that this would have been a great look if the girl had applied some simple, light black eyeliner and then a smaller amount of red lipstick.

But, unfortunately, she used a huge amount of each beauty product.

4 Yikes Is All We Can Say

via Reddit

If you want purple eyeshadow, that's totally cool. Sometimes the occasion calls for it, especially if it's a fun night out. And yet... there are times when it doesn't look good. This photo seems to be one of those times.

Her purple eyeshadow is so thick and her lipstick is too much, too.

3 She Looks Surprised By Her Makeup

via Diply

This dark red lipstick is actually really beautiful, so it's a shame that the rest of the makeup is so orange. Or, to be exact, only the edge of her forehead and face is orange, but... well... that's super weird.

We'd love to know what went down when this woman was applying her makeup and getting ready. Maybe she tried to apply bronzer but it smeared too much?

2 When You Love Red Lipstick... But Apply Too Much Blush, Too

via Reddit

This girl gets major props for applying this red lipstick because many people are fearful of that color. And it looks awesome here, especially with her gorgeous red hair.

But the problem is that she applied a lot of blush, too, and it's sparkly, which is a make-up don't for sure.

1 Not Everyone Can Contour

via Diply

Finally, we have this pic of someone who put makeup at the side of her face. The result is that she meant to put some peach-colored blush on but totally missed.

It honestly doesn't even look like makeup, and it seems like a makeup professional could have applied the concealer and blush much better.

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