20 Pics Of Sofia Richie That Confirm Scott Disick Made The Right Decision

Scott Disick and his “baby mama” Kourtney Kardashian were on and off for far too long. Once they realized their relationship needed a break, they decided to co-parent their three kids to the best of their abilities and date other people.

Scott decided to go for a younger woman this time around, and fell hard for the stunning Sofia Richie, who happens to be the daughter of singer Lionel and sister to Nicole. She is no stranger to fame, so falling for Scott wasn’t going to be too strange. She is familiar with the paparazzi and often untrue tabloid tales, so being with a famous guy was no biggie for the beauty.

As the relationship between Scott and Sofia continues to remain strong, he is surely as smitten as ever with his honey. These 20 pics prove that she is one to watch, and Scott isn’t taking his eyes off her.

20 Disick’s Date

Via: people.com

Scott and Sofia are walking arm-in-arm, perhaps headed to dinner for a romantic date. Sophia looks stunning in her short dress, and Scott looks dapper in his own right. These two lovebirds make for an attractive couple, and those who see them out and about would no doubt agree wholeheartedly.

19 Maximizing Her Mini Dress

Via: usmagazine.com

Once again, the couple is out for the evening, and Sofia is as stylish as ever. She shows off her lovely legs in her mini dress, and the sleeveless design gives her arms some air as well. She matches her dress with strappy shoes, and her hair is pulled off her face to reveal her fine features.

18 Multitasking

Via: pandagossips.com

Texting and walking can become dangerous if Sofia doesn’t look where she’s going, so hopefully, she is paying attention to her surroundings. Far too many folks can’t bear the thought of not answering a text immediately, often resulting in smashing into a pole. For Sofia’s sake, let’s hope she’s being careful.

17 Lean In Her Jeans

Via: thejeansblog.com

Sofia is looking super stylish in her light-colored blue jeans and cropped top. Her long blonde hair is flowing freely, and her figure is fit and fab. As a professional model, Sofia knows that fashion is her forte, so she struts her stuff even when she’s walking down the street.

16 Stylish Sofia

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

When it comes to fashion, Sofia is nailing this outfit like none other. She rocks this black and white look like nobody’s business, and her pose proves that she is feeling fierce. With a confidence that shines from the inside out, Sofia is giving the modeling world something to talk about.

15 Free Spirit

Via: justnje.com

Sofia is having some fun in the sun as she smiles brightly on a boat. With the weather looking wonderful, the model is surely having a great day enjoying her time outdoors. She may be traveling or somewhere near home, but wherever she is, it looks lovely. If Scott’s not with her, he’s surely jealous.

14 Dressed To Thrill

Via: popsugar.com

Sofia is dressed elegantly for an exciting event, and her body looks beautiful in this form-fitting dress. The style is classic with a modern edge that makes her stand out. As Sofia poses for the camera, her beauty is hard to deny. Scott must feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

13 Toned Tummy

Via: celebsfirst.com

Sofia is showing off her toned abs as she walks around town. It appears that she’s in NYC, but it’s hard to know for sure. With her sunglasses on to hide her eyes, Sofia must’ve thought she wouldn’t be spotted by the paparazzi. Too bad for her that they have a knack for finding all the hottest stars even in the big city.

12 Party Time

Via: tmz.com

Sofia is ready to celebrate as she sticks out her tongue and throws her arms in the air. She’s dazzling in her sparkly pink dress, and her cake looks too beautiful to eat. Letting loose and having fun is always exciting, and this gal seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

11 Leather Look

Via: lipstickalley.com

That’s a lot of leather for one lady, but Sofia manages to make her look less overwhelming than one may imagine. As a model, Sofia is aware of how to dress, so she’s using her abilities to achieve a fabulous fashion moment. Posing is her passion, and her style is something special.

10 Cute And Casual

Via: upscalehype.com

We usually see Sofia in high-fashion ensembles, but in this pic, she’s going for something more casual…and a lot more comfortable. With a laid-back look, Sofia can run errands and perhaps fit in some exercise. Later on, she can change her look and hit the town with her main man.

9 Animal Instincts

Via: charleskeith.com

Sofia is rocking the animal print trend in pants that are eye-popping. Her cropped tank top shows off her toned middle, and those sunglasses are totally cool. Not everyone feels confident in pants like these, but Sofia isn’t worried about looking weird. With her figure, she could pull off anything.

8 Beach Babe

Via: bet.com

Scott and Sofia are walking along the sand, perhaps taking the day off to spend time with one another. They seem to be enjoying a sunny day, but since Sofia is wearing pants, maybe the weather wasn’t too warm. That said, her bikini top leaves little to the imagination, so maybe she just wanted to balance things out.

7 Serious Selfie

Via: justnje.com

There is never a shortage of selfies on social media, and Sofia is adding another to the mix. Her expression seems serious, but she’s just trying to give off a particular vibe. Her makeup looks flawless, so perhaps she didn’t want to distract from the work by flashing a smile.

6 The Pink Ladies

Via: noticiasaominuto.com

These gals are all gorgeous, and Sofia is super cute as she matches the other three ladies in their pink mini dresses. Kylie Jenner is on the right, so she must be buddies with her. Who knows if that’s awkward for Scott, but surely he’ll get past anything that interferes with his relationship.

5 Chic And Sleek

Via: businessinsider.com

Sofia is showing off her sense of style in a black outfit with a green shirt thrown over top. The color looks great on her, and she knows how to take a great pic. No matter what Sofia wears, she always looks effortlessly fashionable. It’s no wonder she decided to work her way into the world of modeling.

4 Ravishing In Red

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Bright red is a bold color choice in terms of fashion, but Sofia is confident enough to pull it off. Her blonde hair plays off the shade, and the fit of the dress does a lot for her figure. Scott must enjoy seeing his girlfriend when she’s all dolled up, and this dress doesn’t disappoint.

3 A Fierce Force

Via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Sofia is something special in this “rocker chick” look, and the all-black outfit is a bit different than her usual wardrobe selections. She may be headed to a nightclub or an evening event for celebs-only, so she chose a look that would make her shine and stand out from the pack.

2 Perfect In Purple

Via: stylerepresentative.com

This neat jumpsuit is super modern and looks amazing on Sofia. The different shades of pink, plum, and purple are quite beautiful, and Sofia wears the outfit well. She is always interested in trying new looks, and this one is a clear winner. Scott would agree 100%. Perhaps he even picked it out for her.

1 Behold The Blazer

Via: wikifeet.com

A crisp white blazer is always in fashion, and Sofia decided to make the piece the center of attention by not wearing anything else. She’s bare-legged and beautiful, with strappy black shoes to finish off the fashion statement. Pants are overrated anyway. Hopefully, the weather is in line with what she’s wearing.

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