20 Pics Of Strange People Posing With Spouses That Are Not Human

The influence of love can be overpowering for many. We feel such a connection to that particular person that our relationship with them comes before anything else. If one is lucky, their friends and family are on board with their relationship and support it through and through. Although some, however, aren't as lucky.

Thanks to shows like My Strange Addiction and the depths of the Internet, we find that just because a person is in a relationship, that doesn't mean it's a sound one. Many of us find love and respect through human partners but these 20 people have found love in other forms.

Imagine being so overcome by a building that one just had to marry it. Or imagine loving a pet so much that one couldn't dare to marry anyone else but that pet. These stories (along with 18 more) are below and are proof that love has no bounds. If these unique individuals found love with a wall, who are we to break them up, right? Just kidding! Take a look at 20 people who fell in love and married random objects, buildings, animals, and more.

20 Erika Adored France So Much She Married It

Woman's Day

This woman loved the Eiffel Tower so much she literally married it in a civil ceremony. To make matters even more complexed, she changed her last name from "Labrie" to "La Tour Eiffel." Erika is 47 years old today and fights for the rights of people to marry objects. It's also been reported that she had flings with the Berlin Wall and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

19 Lee Jin-gyu Took His Love For Sleep To The Next Level


Lee Jin-gyu is a man from Korea who actually married his body pillow. But not just any body pillow, it has an image of an anime character on it; her name is Fate Testarossa. For their big day, he dressed his Fate pillow in an actual wedding dress and performed a ceremony in front of a priest and everything. He sleeps with his pillow, vacations with his pillow... People may suggest he just loves to nap but once they see him getting personal with his pillow, thoughts begin to run wild.

18 Anyone Want To Go For A Long Drive?


You probably remember Nathaniel from his appearance on My Strange Addiction. There are many people who pop up on that show because they love certain foods too much or are addicted to different smells, but Nathaniel's addiction to his car is different. He doesn't just love his car, he's in love with his car. The Monte Carlo's name is Chace and it has been said that he cannot spend a day without being with it.

17 Reighner's Love For This Statue Stands Still


Now, when we spend a lot of money on something, we tend to say we "love" it. Not many people spend €400 on something without loving it. And that includes Miss Reighner Deleighnie. After spending that much money on a statue of Adonis (the God from Greece), she loved it so much she began dating it. The statue is only three feet tall but it's her companion and she adores reading and traveling with "him."

16 Davecat Doesn't Just Have One Wife...

Meet Davecat. Davecat is such a fan of love that his wife has actually allowed him to also have a girlfriend on the side! The only issue with this three-way relationship is that Davecat's wife and girlfriend are dolls. With contrasting looks and personalities, Davecat is never lonely "Sidore" and "Elena" by his side.

15 Just A Woman And Her Ferris Wheel


Linda Ducharme was also on TLC's My Strange Addiction and just like the man who is in love with his car, Linda is in love with a Ferris wheel. On the show, she discusses that her love for the Ferris wheel (whose name is Bruce) is not an "addiction," rather a relationship. In fact, the two had a 30-year courtship before making things official.

14 Babylonia Aivaz Adored Her Local Warehouse

After a 107-year-old warehouse was scheduled to be toppled over in Seatle, Babylonia Aivaz decided to make the memory special and marry the building before it went down without a fight. Over 50 people cheered for the woman and her old building before it was eventually knocked down. I guess that makes Babylonia a widow now?

13 What's In A Stone?

Hello Magazine

Everyone feast your eyes on Tracey Emin. This woman from London fell in love with a stone, married it, and now lives with it in France. The stone is laying inside an indoor garden Tracey has in her home and the two were married in a small wedding. What does Tracey see in this stone? A "spiritual connection," apparently.

12 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen


I think we can all agree that the chance to marry actor Robert Pattinson would be a dream. He's tall, talented, and super good looking. But since Lauren Adkins doesn't know Robert Pattinson (nor a shot at dating him), she decided to marry a cutout version of him instead. She took her cardboard version of Robert (or should we say Edward Cullen?) to Las Vegas and married it right there and then.

11 Self Love Is Important, Right?

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You can go to any school or therapist and you'll be told time and time again to love yourself. How can we love someone else if we don't fully love ourselves? Well, it appears Liu Ye took that saying to heart because he literally married a cutout version of himself. He dressed his cutout in a red wedding dress and had a ceremony in front of loved ones.

10 Come On Barbie Let's Go Party

LA Muscle

There are some people out there who just want to marry someone subservient; someone who listens, doesn't speak, and does what they're told. In this instance, that's exactly what this man wanted to do because the story behind this wedding is actually quite sad. After being told he didn't have much time to live, he decided to marry—just to do it—and chose a doll instead of a woman.

9 The Ultimate Tree Hugger


Say hello to Karen Cooper! After hearing that a 100-year-old tree was about to be squashed, she decided to protest by marrying it. Maybe marrying the tree would give the town some compassion in keeping the tree as it stood. Knowing how many trees are ripped to shreds naturally from hurricanes in Flordia, Karen didn't want to see a healthy tree willingly go just because the city wanted an open lot.

8 This Woman's On The Thrill Of A Lifetime


Amy Wolfe's spouse isn't like anyone else in the world; it a fairground ride. Over the course of 10 years, Amy has been on the ride over 3,000 times and drives over 160 miles a couple of times a year just to be in its presence. She adores this ride so much that she also changed her last name to the ride's manufacturer name: Webber.

7 Trains Are Her Thang


When it comes to transportation, there are a ton of addicts out there. Trains are fascinating and there are so many different models; the same can be said for cars and airplanes. But the woman above doesn't just like a train, she loves the train station. The Santa Fe Train Station caught her eye when she was 9 years old and has been committed to the building for years.

6 People Are Now Marrying Animals


Can we all agree that we should draw the line at marrying animals? Even if the marriage is innocent, something seems wonky about the whole thing. A woman named Sharon Tendy had a "relationship" with a dolphin named Cindy for 15 years. In 2006, she decided to make the union official, becoming the first person in history to marry a dolphin. Congrats you two...

5  Will Robots Replace Us?

The Guardian

One of the messy parts about love is that the two people in the relationship are both unique individuals. They're apart but separate, making them a solid team. However, not everyone is so lucky in finding their perfect match. For this man, in particular, he decided to create the love of his life instead of going out to bars and finding one himself. Yes, the "woman" you see above is actually a robot that he made himself.

4 We All Love Pizza But This Man Married It


Who doesn't love pizza? The smell of the cheese, sauce, and bread swirling altogether is what dreams are made of. However, I think we've all met our match when it comes to our fondness for pizza because this man married it. The (then) 22-year-old had the ceremony at the very place the pizza was made and chose to honor and adore it since human relationships were too much to bear.

3 Two Smitten Kittens


Many of us have pets because we love and adore them Their sweet nature is an amazing thing to come home to every day. And for Uwe Mitzscherlich, he decided that coming home to cat, Cecelia, was better than coming home to a human spouse. While the wedding certificate isn't legally binding, he did pay someone hundreds of dollars to officiate their wedding.

2 When Your Wife's A Hologram


Holograms are slowly becoming more and more of a thing in the entertainment industry, but it's not too often we see people marrying them. Akihiko Kondo married a "cyber celebrity" named Hatsune Miku. While many people in his native land judged him for his choice in wife, he's overall happy with his choice and things society is too harsh in terms of love.

1 Who Has Your Back Like You?


We've had men marry cutout versions of themselves, we've had women marry cutout versions of their favorite characters, but right here we see a woman marrying no one else but herself. In a symbolic ceremony, this woman married herself as a way to promise to always love, honor, and cherish herself throughout life. While many people can appreciate her honor to herself, many don't understand the need for an actual wedding.

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