20 Pics Of The Sickest Modified Hyundais

Asian manufacturers have gained a reputation for producing some of the most reliable vehicles. It's no wonder that they are some of the best-selling vehicles in the U.S.

Automakers such as Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have made superb vehicles, but they have also veered into producing sporty vehicles. Hyundai has produced several great sedans, and consumers have taken notice.

Some Hyundai owners wanted their cars to be not only reliable but also sporty. So, they modified them to look like vehicles you would see in Fast and Furious. We gathered photos of some of the coolest looking Hyundais that their owners modified.

20 Black And Yellow

via bay2car

No doubt that this is an awesome ride. The mixture between the black and yellow has been done extremely well on this vehicle. The scissor doors were a nice touch on this Coupe. There are so many nice touches on this car, but the rims look outstanding. The customizer deserves a lot of credit.

19 Sporty

via Scgarageworks

Although this is an Elantra Sport, the owner wanted to make it look even sportier. To do that, he fitted a big front bumper, awesome rims and combined a dark and white color. He also fitted tinted windows and also lowered the suspension. It looks pretty cool and definitely more sporty.

18 Flashy

via Flickr

One of the easiest ways to make a car look more flashy is by wrapping it with bright colors. The owner of this Elantra Touring decided to use purple and orange. He wasn't satisfied with only that, so he decided to incorporate patterns, tint the windows, and install new headlights.

17 Transformer

via Gaadiwaadi

Considering the amount of work that the owner of this car has done to modify it, who would've figured that it's a Hyundai Elite? It looks like a beast, and the body kit looks amazing on this car. It doesn't hurt that the windows and roof are black and the rest is green. Looks awesome.

16 Stunner

via Beyond

This car looks absolutely unbelievable. Not that the standard Genesis needs a lot of work to look sporty, but the owner of this one really did an incredible job in getting it to look like a speed demon. So many great upgrades added, but the color pretty much takes the cake.

15 Blacked Out

via Kamery Termowizyjne

There's certain cars that you can go completely black with, and it can work. This Hyundai is definitely it. Some of the things that make the black look so good is that the owner fitted on a new bumper, as well as new rims. To add the finishing touch, the owner also fitted tinted windows.

14 Burner

via Pinterest

One of the supercar manufacturers that have made bright cars spectacular is Lamborghini. It seems that the owner of this Genesis might've taken inspiration from the Italian manufacturer when he decided to combine orange with black. The color combination makes the car look awesome, as well as the rims.

13 Spoiler Alert

via Pinterest

If you're going to fit a spoiler on a car, you need to make sure that your car's shape is suitable for it, especially a big spoiler. Besides the sporty design of this car, it also has blue paint and dark rims. It's a pretty rad ride, and the spoiler goes well on this speedster. Blue looks magical on a sports car.

12 Pumped Up

Via World of Sportscars

What do you get when you take a standard Getz and add a massive body kit to it? You get the above car, which looks like a complete road beast. Getz might not have gotten a reputation for being a fast car, but the modifications on this one have made it propel to high speeds.

11 Futuristic

via Carbuzz

The great part about this car is that it comes modified as a standard vehicle. At the moment, the RN30 is still a concept, it's definitely worth being an entry. Who wouldn't want a car like this, which has already been modified to the max. The car looks fantastic. Hopefully, it will be on the assembly line soon.

10 Shade Of Grey

via Pinterest

The main reason that people love SUVs is that they provide extra space, safety and elevated visibility. Some SUVs are also fast, so some drivers have decided to pimp their vehicles by wrapping them with either matte black or matte grey. The rims go well with the wrap on this Santa Fe.

9 Low Rider

via Best of Automotive World

Who said that you couldn't make a van look cool? When the owner of this Starex got his ride, he wanted to make it look much better than the rest of production. Not only did he get a much bigger bumper, but he also fitted black rims and decided to tint the windows. A job well done.

8 Speedster

via Car Domain

Some people never settle for the norm. Although the Hyundai Tiburon GT is a sports car, the owner of this one wanted to take it to the next level by kitting it out. It's pretty obvious that he's a fan of the color blue and that he wants his Tiburon to look like it could feature in Fast and Furious.

7 Illuminated

via Auto Nation Drive

Consumers have veered towards big cars more and more during the last few years. Hyundai wanted a piece of the action, so one of the SUVs they produced was Tucson. The standard model looks great, but the owner of this one took it to a new level by adding lights and other modifications.

6 Blistering

via Mob Masker

There's something about the color red that makes sports cars look even more exquisite, especially when the car is shiny. Although this car has a spoiler, it looks great on it because the rest of it is sporty and has a great color. This Veloster definitely gets a thumbs up. It looks great.

5 Road Beast

via Auto Devot

Using too many colors on a car can ruin it, but if you do it right, it can make it look even better than what it is. Although there are several patterns and colors on this car, since it's sporty, it definitely goes well. The lowered suspension and other features only help this car look better.

4 Compact Speed

via Custom Wheel Offset

What is the Hyundai Veloster all about? According to U.S. News, the car is fun to drive, has generous cargo room, and contains intuitive technology. Then there's the Hyundai Veloster Forgestar. It's definitely fun to drive, fast, and this one looks absolutely incredible. It's a nice car to show off.

3 Variation

via Fitment Industries

A sports car can look great in all black, but when the owner adds a hint of another color, it can make the car look better. When the owner incorporated turquoise rims and a touch of it on the spoiler, as well as around the car, he made it look like it could compete in street races.

2 Near Perfection

via Tuning

There are several features that a car needs to have to look sporty. No car is perfect, but this one comes pretty close to it. It's got the right color, shape, size, and just about everything else. Don't think that anybody will argue that this is an awesome street car and that the owner did a great job on it.

1 Beefed Up

via REV Magazine

In some cases, you don't have to do too much to make a car look good. Sometimes, it's best to keep it simple and only make a few minor changes. A customizer added a few things to this Elantra, but he made it look sporty. It didn't hurt that the color of the car was blue. The headlights also look awesome.

Sources: cars.usnews.com

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