20 Pics Of The Teen Moms MTV Doesn’t Want You To See

The Teen Mom franchise was originally started to give viewers a realistic look at the consequences of teen pregnancy. But throughout the years, the show has dealt with much more drama than young parenting. Many of the franchise’s stars have gotten themselves into hot water over their wild partying, legal troubles, questionable choices in partners, and of course, parenting controversies. Nothing the stars do is immune from criticism from the public, especially when most of it is caught in front of the camera. The following twenty images show incidents we bet MTV wishes never made it to the limelight, especially since the network has receive backlash for airing clips associated with these scandals. Not only do they paint the moms and dads in a poor light, but they’ve gotten many of the stars into trouble with the law. Needless to say, we doubt Teen Mom will go off the air anytime soon with the amount of drama they have to discuss.

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20 When Jenelle Had A Case Of Road Rage

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Last season on Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans got into a scary situation when she followed a driver home who’d cut her off on the freeway. She proceeded to threaten the man and informed him she had a weapon in the glovebox. The authorities were eventually called, though Jenelle was not charged. The entire incident was caught on camera, and to make matters worse, her son Jace was in the front seat for the whole thing.

19 Kailyn Left Her Kid In A Dog Cage

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Kailyn Lowry definitely didn’t expect the backlash she received when she posted a photo of her son Isaac playing a dog cage. The mother-of-three later defended herself to her followers, explaining that it was her son’s idea. “Well I’m not gonna say no. He is having fun and nobody is getting hurt,” she wrote online.

18 Ryan Shouldn’t Have Been Behind The Wheel

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MTV received intense backlash after a scene showing Ryan Edwards driving in a questionable state was included in an episode. The father-of-two had been on route to his shotgun wedding to Mackenzie Standifer and even she noticed he was off. Fans were furious that the star had been allowed to drive in such a condition, but MTV said they weren't aware until they edited the footage. Shortly after, Ryan entered a treatment facility.

17 Producers Prevented Jenelle From Kidnapping Jace

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Teen Mom 2 producers faced a predicament when Jenelle Evans tried to leave a reunion taping with her 9-year old son in tow. Jenelle hasn’t had custody of the boy since he was a baby, as her mother is his legal guardian. Jenelle didn’t have Barbara’s permission to take Jace, so producers had to step in and threaten to call 911 if Jenelle left with him, as it would technically be considered kidnapping.

16 The Time Farrah Live-Streamed Her Doctor's Visit

Former Teen Mom star Farrah is known for sharing too much online. When she was getting a procedure on her, ahem, downstairs area, the reality star couldn’t help but live stream the entire thing for her followers. It made it worse that her 10-year old daughter was also in the room with her. In the end, it was these sorts of antics that got Farrah fired from the show.

15 These Photos Of Kaiser

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Last year, Nathan Griffith- aka. Jenelle Evans’s second baby daddy- shared a series of photos of their son, Kaiser. The photos were uploaded in the midst of the exes' ongoing custody battle over the 4-year old. While Nathan and his girlfriend are vying for full custody, they've so far had no luck.

14 Amber Faced Charges For This

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In the first season of Teen Mom, Amber was arrested following a dispute with her baby daddy Gary on camera. The star had reportedly been struggling with bad habits at the time and she opted to go for jail rather than probation in order to get clean. This past year, Amber was also arrested following a debacle with her other baby daddy, Andrew Glennon.

13 Adam Bragged About His Bad Habits Online

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Adam Lind- aka. Chelsea Houska’s first baby daddy- has long struggled with his bad choices. We bet MTV was thankful the father-of-two had already quit the show when he went on an online rant bragging how proud he was of his habits. Adam was grateful that it helped him get in shape, but he’s probably not smiling now that it’s gotten him in trouble with the law so many times.

12 Mackenzie Took Her Toddler Hunting

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Fans were outraged when Mackenzie McKee posted a photo of herself, her husband, and their 2-year old son Gannon next to a gutted deer. The photo posted was quite graphic in nature, which led many fans to question whether this was an appropriate activity for a toddler. Mackenzie defended herself, saying that this was how she was raised.

11 Farrah Gave Her 7-Year Old Weight Loss Tea


Back in 2016, Farrah Abraham received a wave of criticism online after promoting detox tea with her then 7-year old daughter. Her caption implied that booth she and Sophia used the laxative, which raised concerns amongst her followers. “Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy,” she captioned the controversial post.

10 Leah Allowed Questionable Toys In Her Home

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Fans were divided when photos surfaced of Leah Messer’s daughters playing with toy weapons. Given that she and her husband are both fans of hunting, some fans said it was to be expected. But others argued it wasn’t an appropriate choice for toys. Either way, the seemingly-innocent photos ended up causing quite the stir.

9 David Didn’t Love Their Dog

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Earlier this year, David Eason- aka. Jenelle’s scary husband- came under fire after it was alleged, he’d hurt the family’s dog. Though he was already fired from Teen Mom 2 at the time, the network was still distraught and sent out a statement condemning his actions. Jenelle and David temporarily lost custody of their kids following the incident, though they’ve since regained it.

8 When Briana Didn’t Hold Back

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Fans couldn’t believe it during the 2018 reunion special of Teen Mom 2 when Briana DeJesus leapt on to the stage while trying too physically fight Kailyn. At the time, Bri was dating Kail’s ex-husband Javi, which had caused bad blood between the two moms. Security had to restrain Briana and her sister Brittany, while the other moms quickly rushed off the stage for their safety.

7 Leah Almost Dropped Her Niece

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In one of the earlier episodes of Teen Mom, fans were shocked by one scene in which Leah Messer almost dropper her infant niece while holding her. Even though the mom-of-three was sitting down at the time, she began dozing off with the baby in her hands- and almost let go. Her sister intervened and took the baby from her. Soon after, Leah entered a treatment facility.

6 When Kaiser Just Wanted To Be Fed

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There have been many allegations made against Jenelle Evans and her hubby David Eason about their parenting skills. Last season, for instance, fans were concerned after a scene showed 4-year old Kaiser begging his mom and stepdad to feed him. The toddler was shirtless, barefoot, and running around the backyard. However, the parents were distracted at the time and the scene ended before the child could get a snack.

5 David Asked Fans To Pay His Legal Bills

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Earlier this month, David Eason’s second baby mama Olivia Leedham began a GoFundMe page to help pay for her legal costs amidst their ongoing custody battle over their son Kaden. David and Jenelle launched their own online fundraiser in retaliation, though fans shamed them given how much money Jenelle has made via Teen Mom. Olivia’s page ended up surpassing its goal, whereas David eventually took his down.

4 When Farrah Attacked A Producer

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It’s surprising that this wasn’t the reason Farrah was let go from Teen Mom. In one of her final seasons, the celebrity got into a confrontation with one of her producers and aggressively shoved him away while they were arguing in front of her house. No charges came from the incident, but Farrah has since been arrested  since she just can’t seem to keep her hands to herself.

3 Jenelle Couldn’t Keep Her Hands To Herself

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Jenelle Evans has gotten into any fights throughout the years. But we’re sure MTV was embarrassed in 2011 when TMZ leaked footage of the mom getting into a fistfight with an unidentified woman. Evidently, the girl had insulted Jenelle, which caused her to lash out. Jenelle had to do community service as a result of the debacle.

2 The Reason Lauren And Javi Called It Quits

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Even though Javi Marroquin was seeing his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom co-star Briana DeJesus at the same time he was romancing his ex-Lauren Comeau, the two announced her pregnancy only a few months later. Though he two got engaged this summer, they’ve since called it quits as sources reveal Javi just can’t stop being a womanizer.

1 When Jenelle Partied Too Hard

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Jenelle Evans has always been known for her partying ways, so it was not really a huge surprise when unflattering photos surfaced of the star partaking in a variety of suspicious things. However, what made the incident truly headline-worthy was the star had recently signed over custody of her eldest son to her mother because of her bad habits. Clearly, she wasn’t making much of an effort to turn things around.

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