20 Pics Of Vanessa Hudgens That Will Make Zac Efron Jealous

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely a head turner! The former Disney star played Gabriella Montez in the hit film 'High School Musical'. This is where Hudgens met her ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, and longtime friend, Ashley Tisdale.

Hudgens and Efron were easily one of the most talked-about couples for years, however, it appears all good things do come to an end. The two, unfortunately, broke things off back in 2010, and the singer moved on to her current boyfriend, Austin Butler in 2011.

Hudgens has grown up right before our eyes and has bloomed into an absolutely beautiful woman. She has gone on to star in countless films, many of which are on Netflix, and has at some point made everyone a bit jealous of her #CoupleGoals relationship. With all that being said, here are 20 photos of Vanessa Hudgens that will make her ex, Zac Efron really jealous.

20 Bronzed Goddess

Vanessa Hudgens has one of the biggest glow-ups since her Disney days, and we mean that literally. The singer is glowing like it is nobody's business in this stunning shot of her! With her side-swept 'do, silver hoop earrings and off the shoulder top, she is looking better than ever!

19 Power Pose

Leave it to Vanessa Hudgens to look this good on a movie set! The singer usually sports a short haircut, but we are absolutely loving the length of her hair in this pic. Not only is she serving us with boss lady realness, but her stance and pose is talking like she means business, and we sure she does.

18 Beach Fun

Even celebrities need a vacation here and there, and when you are Vanessa Hudgens, an island beach photo is a must! The star took a trip to the Turks & Caicos last year and posted this stunning photo of herself onto her Instagram. There is nothing that can spite an ex-boyfriend as much as a beach bathing suit shot can.

17 Fierce & Fit

Looking this good doesn't come for free! The 'Second Act' actress occasionally posts shots and stories to her Instagram of her working out and fans love every bit of it. She looks absolutely bomb in this mirror selfie, geared up and ready for the gym.

16 Date Night

If there is a sure way to get your ex-boyfriend feeling a little jelly about you, it's definitely done by posting a romantic shot of you and your current boyfriend. That is exactly what Vanessa is doing with her longterm boyfriend, Austin Butler. The two look absolutely adorable moments before sunset on a boat!

15 Short Bob Realness

Vanessa Hudgens has a vast repertoire of roles she's played, but one in particular that we are obsessed with is her role as Betty Rizzo in 'Grease: LIVE'. The 2016 production aired live on television, and Hudgens shined through the television with every note she sang! Not only was her performance incredible, but she looked amazing doing it.

14 Couple Selfie

Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler have been dating for nearly 10 years! The couple first met in 2011 and have been #CoupleGoals ever since. Although she and Zac didn't work out, we're sure these incredible travel shots of these two are making him eat his heart out.

13 Platinum

Can we talk about Vanessa Hudgens in this stunning photo? Not only is her makeup looking absolutely flawless, with a glittered smokey eye and a bold red lip, but her platinum grey hairdo is one for the books! We love when Vanessa changes things up, and she never fails to amaze us.

12 Street Style Look

Whether she is on set, in the studio or just posing in the streets, Vanessa Hudgens never looks bad. The singer is sporting two top knots and a green and black ensemble that looks like she is ready for just about anything. In addition to her perfect streety style, the singer is also sporting a fresh face sans makeup, and we think she pulls it off effortlessly.

11 Fabulous in Floral

From street style to floral dress, Vanessa can really do it all! We love seeing the former Disney star sport a dark lip, however, this makeup look ties so well to her floral dress. She is looking directly into the camera, and her eyes are really saying it all! We're sure Zac is dying as much as we are over this photo.

10 Sci-Fi Chic

Vanessa Hudgens is known to be able to pull off just about anything! Whether she is serving us dark and sultry, girly girl or red carpet ready, she does it better than anyone we know. The singer is keeping things tamer in this photo with an all-black dress, however, her silver accessories and harness top shift the look from tame to sci-fi chic.

9 Bad In Braids

As mentioned, Hudgens really knows how to change things up when it comes to her hairstyles. Whether it's a short, long, blown out or curled, we've never seen her have a bad hair day. In this shot of Vanessa, posted to her Instagram, we see the 'Spring Breakers' star sporting two long braids that work in just about every way possible!

8 Black On Black On Black

You know what they say! Couples who match together, stay together. Not only is Vanessa Hudgens looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in this black on black ensemble, pockets and all, but her boyfriend, Austin Butler, is looking like a snack matching Hudgens in an all-black suit. Name a better-looking couple than these two!

7 Colour Queen

Vanessa keeps things pretty neutral when it comes to her fashion choices, however, when the 'High School Musical' star sports some colour, in this case, a lot of colours, we eat it up! Not only is the singer sporting her classic short bob, but her strapless colourful dress is making us feel all sorts of things, in the best way possible that is!

6 Vacation Mode

Vanessa and Austin both took a trip to Italy back in 2017, and the shots posted to the star's social media of that trip looks absolutely incredible. One of our favs is this relaxed shot of Hudgens looking out towards the Italian riviera wearing a beautiful blue dress that matches her surroundings perfectly.

5 Shady Shot

We aren't sure who is behind all of these amazing photos of Vanessa, but they deserve a raise! The star is looking bronzed and ready to go in this beautiful photo. It appears the sun may have been a bit too much for the singer at the moment, but Vanessa needs no sunlight when she shines as bright as she does on her own.

4 Rockin' In Red

Curls, curls and curls! Hudgens looks like a vision in red in this particular photo, and if her pose isn't enough to send you over the edge, then her hairdo just might! We don't get to see the actress in curly hair too often, but when we do, it's a moment to remember.

3 Red Carpet Ready

Vanessa took a leap in this photo wearing a pretty daring white and silver dress. Although it appears to be a lot, the singer is definitely wearing that dress than the other way around. From the shoulder pads to the silver streak in her hair, Hudgens is glowing like it's nobody's business.

2 Halloween Costume

We love seeing celebrities getting into the Halloween spirit, and Vanessa Hudgens never disappoints. She and boyfriend, Austin, went for an 'Alice In Wonderland' theme back in 2015, and she looks divine. From her bobbed wig, cute costume and finger on the lips, Hudgens is definitely showing off her fun side, and we are absolutely digging it!

1 Mirror Selfie

Bathroom mirror photos are a must for just about anyone, even Vanessa! The actress is looking beautiful in this photo at every angle you look at. Despite the star leaning against a roll of toilet paper, her green floral dress takes all the attention away from that. If there is anyone that can make posing in a washroom look glamorous, it's definitely Vanessa Hudgens.

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