20 Pics Of What The Shameless Cast Look Like (Season One Vs. Now)

A lot's changed since 2011. Then until now is basically night and day. This truth plays into every aspect of our society, especially pop culture and T.V. shows like Shameless. 2011 was the year that brought us the First Season of the Western version of the hit-show. It was the year we were first introduced to the Gallaghers, their wacky neighbors, and the insane and often inappropriate adventures they'd find themselves in. Whether you like the current episodes of Shameless as much as when the show was in its young adolescent years, you have to admit that things have changed. Of course, first and foremost, the stars have all grown up. And this list really shows off how. Without further ado, here are 20 pics that show what the Shameless cast looks like now compared to Season One.

20 Gallagher Brothers Then, Gallagher Brothers Forever

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The bond between Jeremy Allen White's Lip Gallagher and Cameron Monahan's Ian Gallagher was something that made the first few seasons of Shameless especially memorable. The two of them constantly had each other's backs, especially in the face of adversity. Although their storylines drifted as the series went on their brotherly love was maintained. This recent photo proves that Jeremy and Cameron's relationship has mirrored their characters. But eight years of working with someone can offer that opportunity.

19 Man, Fiona Sure Went From Class To Camp

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Both Emmy Rossum and Fiona Gallagher have gone through incredible arcs since Season One. As we can see from these photos, Emmy has far more of a socialite and fashion-forward. Now, she clearly doesn't give a flying F. The girl's posing with a fish, after all. But we adore Emmy because she's unabashedly herself. Fiona has gone on a similar journey. She went through a lot, but by the end of it she's embraced the person she wanted to be versus what society expected her to be.

18 Cameron Monaghan Reminds Us That Gingers Are Hot AF Too

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Cameron Monaghan went from a cute young man to a hunky ginger in just eight years. He's managed to build a fanbase of women and men all around the world who thinks he's hot AF. And given that redheads don't tend to be seen in the same light as blond and brunette dudes, this is a good thing. But Monaghan's acting chops have also grown immensely, allowing him to go tow-to-toe Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy.

17 William H. Macy Has Been Through A Lot Since Season One

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Speaking of William H. Macy, he's gone through a lot in the past few years. Although, according to Hollywood Pipeline, it's mostly because of his family's doing. Of course, he's married to Felicity Huffman, the Desperate Housewives actor who has been punished for the college admission scandal. Ironically enough, his character, Frank, would totally pull a stunt just like the one his real family did.

16 This Is As Close As We'll Get To A Fiona/Jimmy Reunion

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Yeah, we never got the Fiona/Jimmy reunion we wanted or maybe even needed. Although Emmy Rossum's Fiona was far more capable without her con-artists ex, we can't help but believe that they both could have grown together at some point. When Emmy left at the end of last season, the chances of at went out the window. So the closest thing to it is this current photo of them.

15 All Debbie Wanted Was Attention, Well, Emma Sure Has It Now

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In Shameless Season One, and in the rest of the earlier seasons, Debbie Gallagher was starved for attention. That's why she stole someone's baby or why she crushed on the boys she did. But nowadays, Debbie is doing just fine in that department. At least, the actor who plays her is. As we can see from this pic, Emma Kenney has bagged herself a hunk of her own.

14 Shanola Hampton Shows Us She Goes Far Beyond The Southside


There's no way that V in Season One, or in any season for that matter, would be able to have the opportunity to travel the world. But luckily, the actor who plays her, Shanola Hampton, isn't in that situation. As we can see, she's done some pretty crazy traveling in her life. What's quite remarkable is the fact that Shanola doesn't seem to have aged at all. She still looks just as good as when we first met her.

13 From Boy Next-Door To Pullin' Peyton

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Cameron Monaghan has had no shortage of hot AF women on his arms. Since Season One, he's been linked to British babe, Sadie Newman, as well as his Shameless castmate, Ruby Modine. But most famously, he's been Disney star, Peyton List. The couple made huge news for about a year but have since gone their separate ways. We're sure Cameron will find himself another talented babe soon enough.

12 Emmy Has No Problem Making Friends Now

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In Shameless Season One and Two, Fiona definitely had trouble making friends outside of her BFF status with V. But that's mostly because she hung around with the wrong people. Thanks to Shameless,  Fiona actor Emmy Rossum shouldn't have too much trouble finding a slew of possible friends to pick from. In this pic, we can see how people gravitate to her wherever she goes.

11 We're Not Entirely Sure What To Make Of Ethan's Evolution

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Of the entirety of the Shameless cast, Ethan Cutkosky has remained pretty quiet. He doesn't have as active as a social media page as his colleagues, nor does he put himself in the news or even other works. While he's grown up, it still feels like he's in his awkward stage. Although, he has a total babe of a long-term girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca, so good for him.

10 Kev Sure Stayed A Stud After Eight Years


Steve Howey has built the beginning of his career on the fact that he's an adonis. Luckily for him, and us, he proved that he's capable of being far more than a hot dude. Seriously, he's a brilliant actor who has some of the best comedic timing of anyone in his generation. Although his chops have evolved considerably, one thing has remained consistent, he's still a hunk MF with abs that could crack stone.

9 What Eight Years On Shameless Can Do To A Guy


All of the current controversies aside, William H. Macy may just be one of the greatest actors working today. There's a reason why he's been in so many of the best movies ever made. But no production has given him more to play with than Shameless has. Sure, sometimes his stories become a tad repetitive, but he always manages to elevate the material. But much like Frank's hardcore lifestyle has, Shameless has aged this man considerably.

8 Wait! That's Not Jimmy...

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Nope, that's not Jimmy, that's Emmy Rossum's husband, Sam Esmail. Unlike her character in the first season of Shameless, Emmy has settled down. Mind you, when Emmy shot the first season, she was fresh out of her first marriage. It took until August 2015 for her to decide to get married again. Her and Esmail tied the knot in 2017 and have been in a committed relationship ever since.

7 Now Lip Actually Knows Who He Had A Baby With

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Back in Season One, Lip spent a lot of time trying to win over Karen Jackson, the ultimate manipulator. Then, in Season Two, he wasn't entirely sure if he was going to have a child with her. Luckily for the actor who plays Lip, Jeremy Allen White, knowing the truth about parentage isn't an issue. He and Californication-star, Addison Timlin, are now engaged and are bringing up a beautiful child together.

6 Noel Fisher Lives A Much More Boujee Life Than Mickey

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Vancouver-born actor Noel Fisher has been one of the highlights of the entirety of Shameless. But back in the days of Season One, he was pretty unknown. But his portrayal of the exceptionally poor bad boy, Mickey, put him on the map. Nowadays, he's living a much more boujee life with his wife of many years, Layla Alizada.

5 Debbie Went From Naive Child To Dynamic Woman


Although she doesn't tend to be most people's favorite character, there's no denying how dynamic Debbie Gallagher has become. And a lot of that has to do with Emma Kenney's portrayal of her. In Season One of Shameless, Debbie was starved for attention and often got the short end of the stick. Nowadays, she's managed to handle her insecurities quite well and even turn the tables on some of her aggressors.

4 Still An Air Of Mischief Among These Boys... Well, One Of Them In Particular

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Some things never change, and when it comes to Shameless, that includes getting into mischief. Gallagher boys, Ian and Lip, are notorious for causing trouble. This started in Season One and has continued through the show's run. The pair may have gotten a tad older and more handsome, but their attitudes remain. One could probably say the same about the actors who play them, Jeremy and Ian. But neither of them hold a candle to the trouble William H. Macy has gotten himself into.

3 Is It Just Us Or Has Carl Barely Aged?


Okay, let's be honest, when it comes to the Gallagher kids, every one of them has gone through a major physical transformation since the first season. Well, all except for Carl's Ethan Cutkosky. Seriously, he's taken forever to grow. He still looks like the odd, psychotic, little kid he played in Season One. Well, luckily for him, Ethan's managed to build a fanbase of those who'd vehemently disagree with us.

2 Jeremy's Days Of Dating Co-Stars Are Long Since Gone

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Shameless Season One began the romantic connection between Lip and Mandy. But it also began an actual relationship between Jeremy Allen White and Emma Greenwell. Unlike most co-workers who are involved with each other, Jeremy's and Emma's relationship flourished from 2011 until 2017. Shortly after, Jeremy got together with his old friend, the absurdly gorgeous, Addison Timlin. The pair are now engaged with a daughter. Somewhat oddly, Addison was once romantically linked to Jeremy's co-star, Justin Chatwin, the man behind Jimmy.

1 A Little Age, A Little Maturity... But Still All The Drama


Some faces change, others... well... not so much. Seriously, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey, and Emmy Rossum must have made a deal with the devil or something... They NEVER age! Along with looks, maturity and celebrity status have changed for the cast of Shameless. But one thing absolutely remains the same... their skills at getting into absolute trouble. We look forward to seeing how their drama continues in the upcoming tenth season.

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