20 Pics Of The Original Power Rangers Cast Then And Now

Go, go Power Rangers all the way back to that original series. The Power Rangers was a classic TV show which is still alive and kicking today. There have been some adjustments though, since the original kids couldn’t stay young forever. We know, what a shock, right?

Having to recast actors because they age out of a role is par for the course in the film and TV world. It’s even true in some of our favorite kids shows, like The Power Rangers. With a multitude of spin-offs and a fan following which is hard to beat, these mighty, marketable Power Rangers truly have shown that no matter what happens, they’ll always be ready and willing to save the day. The characters might not have changed, but the actors certainly have. We’re here to see just how much those kids have grown up.

20 David Yost Was Everyone's Favorite


This heartthrob was also the heartbeat of the Power Rangers franchise for a while. While some of the Rangers had a turnover rate that was faster than their ability to take down bad guys, EW reminds us that David Yost stuck through the original series, the 1995 movie, and that classic spin-off, Power Rangers Zeo.

19 And He's Just As Cute Nowadays


Nowadays he’s running on a bit of a different path, though. Yes, his acting has still continued, but EW says that he’s refocused his efforts on producing new shows and movies. Honestly, it makes sense. Many actors pick up other skills on film sets, and even fall in love with roles like producing.

18 Amy Jo Johnson Was The Quintessential Pink Power Ranger


In our mind there is no other pink Power Ranger than Amy Jo Johnson. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration; there have been some fantastic pink Power Rangers, and we’re very eager to dive into some of the others later on in this list. Amy Jo is one of those Power Rangers actors who have never really shaken the mantle.

17 And She Hasn't Changed Much!


Case in point, this photo of present-day Amy Jo Johnson playing the guitar in her pink Power Ranger outfit. It was for a good cause, sure, but it’s been quite a while. Honestly, we’re just surprised that the suit still fits. She must have been a real Power Ranger if time has kept her looking this good.

16 Walter Emanuel Jones Was An Original


Walter Emanuel Jones was part of the original cast of The Power Rangers. He might have been integral to the show, but he wasn’t quite integral to the casting agents. Digital Spy tells us that he was replaced after a season and a half, which is a very, very short time when you’ve signed on for a whole series!

15 And He Still Is Original Now!


In fact, he’s living every kid’s dream. First he was a Power Ranger many of us wanted to grow up to be. His IMDb shows he’s a voice actor and performer giving life to characters in movies, TV shows, and even video games! If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is. He’s stuck with his original goal of performing, and we’re proud.

14 His Replacement, Johnny Yong Bosch, Was Also Adorable


If Walter Emanuel Jones was cute, it’s hard to imagine another Power Ranger picking up his mantle and outdoing that cuteness. But Johnny Yong Bosch certainly did. With his winning smile and feel good attitude, we couldn’t get enough of this Power Ranger back in the day. Not to mention the fact that he’s actually really funny in real life.

13 Though We're Not Sure He Holds Up Now


Maybe he’s not as adorable as he once was, but he’s certainly gained success after his time in the Power Rangers franchise. With 16 acting credits for this year alone (so far) on his IMDb, he’s got a total of 336 projects listed on his profile. If that’s not wild, we don’t know what is.

12 Jason David Frank Kind Of Felt Like The Odd One Out


What to say about Jason David Frank? Outside of his good acting chops on the original Power Rangers series, he wasn’t necessarily our favorite. He just always seemed so much older and tougher than the rest of his Power Rangers team. It wasn’t a bad thing, but his 5 o’clock shadow certainly took us out of the illusion sometimes.

11 And That's Very Clear With His Style Now


We won’t make any “mean green” comments, but we will say that Jason David Frank has certainly gotten tougher as the years go on. EW reminds us that he’s shifted his focus a little bit, and now his life is mostly revolving around MMA championships and training. And also tattoos, by the looks of this photo.

10 We Can't Forget About Zordon


Nobody can forget about ZORDON! This is one of those characters that really impacted us as a kid. The idea of a floating head was just so mind-blowing at the time. Honestly, it’s still pretty cool now. The VFX on this character got better as time went on, but the character himself never really changed.

9 Thankfully He's Much More Than A Head Now


The actor, however, did. It’s a little hard to tell from the “before” photo, but this head has changed from the time of original filming. Plus, he’s also got more of his body attached in this photo than he did in the previous. His smile is also huge, which is the biggest change from Zordon the character.

8 Austin St. John Was Definitely Postered Up In Our Bedroom


Austin St. John and The Power Rangers didn’t have a great relationship. He was the leader of the group, but Digital Spy tells us that he ended up leaving the mantle of the Red Ranger to somebody else pretty quickly, mostly due to a dispute he got into with management over his contract fees and payment.

7 Though We're Not As Ga-Ga Now


While he did end up joining up with the Power Rangers gang again in Zeo, most of his life is now spent saving people’s lives in the real world! Digital Spy tells us that he’s a paramedic now, and has pretty much shifted out of the acting world. It doesn’t mean he won’t still come to a convention or two, though.

6 Angie Diaz Was Another Pink Power Ranger


Angie Diaz was the pink Power Ranger on Power Rangers Mystic Force, but it wasn’t a mystery as to why she was cast. With a spunky attitude and a hardworking sensibility, Diaz was a great addition to a pretty good team. While Mystic Force wasn’t our favorite, Angie Diaz was definitely a good choice for picking up the pink mantle.

5 And Really, It's Just Her Hair That's Changed


Her quintessentially-early-2000s hair cut has thankfully shifted into a more contemporary cut and style. There’s nothing wrong with a spiky and spunky cut, but we think this hair suits her more. It seems like her hair is truly the only thing that’s changed on her as well; even her IMDb is looking pretty stuck in the Mystic Force era.

4 And Yet Another Pink Ranger, Alycia Purrott


Another pink Power Ranger was Alycia Purrott. Her pink Power Ranger came up in the S.P.D spin-off, which meant that there was even more action than the original Power Rangers series. We thought she was great, even if she was a very specific kind of character. However, things have certainly changed for her now.

3 Who's Really Grown Up Since Filming SPD


For instance, she’s no longer Alycia Purrott. Her IMDb now lists her as Aly Purrott-Armstrong, but she hasn’t been active in quite a while. We’re honestly not sure what happened to her, as it seems like she went really quiet around the early 2010s. We’re assuming she got married, but again, this might be a mystery for the S.P.D. unit.

2 It Wouldn't Be The Rangers Without Alpha-5


In the same way that Zordon really affected us as kids, so did Alpha-5. This robot was one of the most mind blowing things about Power Rangers. Maybe that’s why Richard Steven Horvitz just kept going back and donning the robo-head for all of those movies, spin-offs, and TV episodes!

1 Richard Steven Horvitz Is Definitely Different Without The Helmet


Don’t think that Horvitz only ever played Alpha-5. EW lists just a sampling of his voice acting accomplishments, and they’re huge. Think Zim-in-Invader-Zim huge. This is one of those Power Ranger cast members who was really able to spin his success on the original into something bigger and better than just the one series.

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