20 Pics Of The Spice Girls Since They Became Moms

The Spice Girls were big stars in the '90s. Their songs had important messages and encouraged girl power, but they were also really catchy and got fans to sing along, which is why there was such demand for them to regroup, even decades later.

In 2019, four out of the five members got back together for a reunion tour that has fans really excited, and although their ability to wow audiences hasn’t changed, their lives have. One of the biggest changes is that all of the Spice Girls — Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Mel Brown, Mel Chisholm, and Emma Bunton — are now mothers. Motherhood means something different to each of them, and their approach to parenting differs, too, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they want to be better people because of their children.

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20 Victoria Beckham Is Actually A ‘Strict’ Parent, But Her Kids Are Spoiled With Love

Via Pinterest/Daily Mail

Victoria Beckham is a mom to four children, and although there is no denying that she loves them (her social media is filled with photos of her children and her affection for them), she has described herself as a strict parent. In an interview with The Sunday Times Style (via Vogue), Beckham told the publication that she is "very strict" and has "never spoiled the children with anything other than love.”

19 Motherhood Saved Mel C’s Life, And She Credits It For Helping Her Accept Herself

Via Mel C Instagram

Mel C may have an incredible voice and the ability to give an unforgettable and confident performance on stage, but she has struggled with body image in the past. Motherhood changed her life in an unexpected way and she found herself becoming more proud of her body, and more comfortable with eating better. In fact, she credits her daughter, Scarlet’s birth for changing her life, telling SHE magazine (via BBC), ”she’s saved it.”

18 Mel C Only Has One Child, But She Is The Light Of Her Life

Via Mel C Instagram

Mel C is a mother to just one child, a daughter named Scarlet Starr (her father is property developer Thomas Starr), and one child is enough for Mel C because Scarlet has brought her so much joy.

“Having Scarlet has changed me in so many ways — she’s the light of my life,” she told Marie Claire. “I’m really surprised at how much more confident I feel in myself and how courageous she’s made me — I really want her to be proud of me…”

17 Her Daughter, Scarlet, Has Already Expressed An Interest In Music

Via Pinterest

Scarlet was born in 2009, and she is the light of her mom’s life. There are already similarities between Mel C and her daughter, and one of their shared interests is music. Mel C told Daily Mail, “When I see Scarlet playing her toy guitar and singing along, it reminds me of my own childhood.”

16 Melanie C Always Wanted To Become A Mama — But It Has Been Hard To Juggle Work And Motherhood

Via Daily Mail

Some women dream of becoming parents, for others it just happens, and then there are those who do not envision children in their lives at all. Mel C falls into the first category, and the chance to experience motherhood was always something she wanted for her life.

“People think I became broody because the other Spice Girls were all having babies, but that wasn’t it,” she told Daily Mail. “I’d always wanted to be a mum...” But she also told Marie Claire she finds it challenging to balance work and motherhood because there’s a feeling of guilt, although she believes it is “healthy for mums to have some time away.”

15 Victoria Beckham Wants Working Moms To Not Feel Guilt, And Instead Be Proud Of Themselves

Via Pinterest/Daily Mail

Working moms often feel guilty about having to leave their children, and many celebrities have spoken about this, but Victoria Beckham doesn’t feel this way. Instead, she wants women to know that they should be proud of what they have accomplished.

“As a working mother, you should never feel guilty, you should feel proud,” she told Daily Mail. “You’re inspiring your children in the right way, being a strong woman going to work.”

14 She’s A Mama To Four Kids And Feels It’s Important For Them To See The World

Via Victoria Beckham Instagram

Victoria Beckham’s children are privileged and have grown up with many unique opportunities, including the ability to travel, thanks to their parents' hard work and success. Victoria feels that it is important for her children to travel, and she told Daily Mail she encourages it.

“They’re very, very fortunate. They know they’re blessed, very lucky,” she explained. “They’re in an incredible position so absolutely it’s very, very important for the boys — and Harper — to see as much of the world as they can.”

13 Fans Will Love To Know That The Spice Girls’ Kids Sometimes Have Play Dates

Via Victoria Beckham Instagram

The Spice Girls have anthems about friendship and how it never ends, so many fans would love for them to all be hanging out together, drinking tea, and reminiscing about the good old days. Needless to say, fans will be excited by the news that their children have playdates.

Mel C told Marie Claire: “We got together, well four of us, as Melanie B wasn’t in town, earlier this year and had lunch and the kids all played together.”

12 Geri Halliwell Gained Fans As Ginger Spice, But She’s Never Played The Spice Girls For Her Daughter

Via Geri Halliwell Instagram

The Spice Girls were big stars in the ‘90s. Their songs had important messages and promoted girl power, but they were also catchy and encouraged fans to sing along — many of us probably remember listening to them as kids and knowing all the words.

Geri Halliwell’s daughter, Bluebell, may know the lyrics too, but not because her mom introduced her to the Spice Girls. The Telegraph notes that Halliwell said she had never played any Spice Girls songs for Bluebell, but she did find Spiceworld: The Movie, and happens to love the songs.

11 Having Her Daughter, Bluebell, Changed Her Life In Many Ways And Made Her Want To Be A Good Role Model

Via Geri Halliwell Instagram

Geri Halliwell became a mother for the first time in 2006, when Bluebell was born, and she suddenly felt compelled to be a better person.

“Having Bluebell changed everything,” she told The Telegraph. “You have someone else to think of; you want to pass on all the right lessons and be a good mother…”

10 And Bluebell May Be Following In Her Mom’s Famous Footsteps (She’s Already Been On Tour With Her)

Via Geri Halliwell Instagram

Geri Halliwell told This Morning (via Hello! magazine) that her daughter, Bluebell, had been on tour with her when she was a toddler. She has also expressed an interest in music, and whether she follows her mom into showbiz or not will be entirely her decision because Halliwell has said “it has to be fun and lead by her. I’m not into pushing my aspirations on to her. It’s her journey…”

9 Mel B Had A Complicated Relationship With Her Own Mom, But They Have Since Reunited

Via Mel B Instagram

Mel B is raising three daughters, but she has had a complicated relationship with her own mom, Andrea Brown.

People notes that in 2017, the two women reunited, for the first time in almost ten years. As to what Mel B and Andrea were fighting about? According to the publication, Andrea had publicly disapproved of Mel B’s now ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte.

8 She Is A Mama To Three Girls, But The Paternity Of Her Daughter, Angel, Was Contested By Her Father

Via Hollywood Life

Mel B’s daughters are the product of three different relationships, but it is her second child, Angel, whose paternity made headlines. Angel’s father is actor Eddie Murphy, and at the time of her birth in 2007, he publicly questioned whether she was his daughter. This resulted in a bitter battle between the former couple.

A DNA test later confirmed that Murphy was the father, and he is now involved in his daughter’s life, Daily Mail reports.

7 Mel B Is Raising Her Children As A Solo Mama (And It's Tough)

Via Daily Mail

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s relationship did not end on good terms, and she is now raising her three girls as a solo mom — and she doesn’t intend for that to change any time soon. In 2017, she told People that her girls were all doing “amazing,” and that they listen to her. She also has no problem raising them solo because she had done it for “a long time with Phoenix” — her first daughter, from her relationship with dancer Jimmy Gulzar.

She added, “So I kind of learned that way, and moms always know best.”

6 Emma Bunton Has Used Motherhood As An Opportunity To Raise Awareness For Children In Need

Via Daily Mail

Emma Bunton has a big heart, and she has used her own journey into motherhood (she is a mom to two boys) to raise awareness for all the children in the world who need our help. She partnered with UNICEF to speak about children living in poverty, and encourage those with the means to help these children, Hello! magazine notes.

5 Mel B Loves That Her Kids Are Honest And Real — Or As She Puts It, They Have A Built-In ‘Truth Panel’

Via Daily Mail

Children change their parents lives in many ways, and for Mel B, one of the most rewarding things about being a mom is the reality check that her daughters give her. Kids are honest and say things as they are, and Mel B refers to this as their built-in “truth panel,” WebMD reports.

"Your kids will tell you exactly what they think of you or if they're upset,” she said. “It's a big responsibility, but fantastic. It sort of makes you grow up and appreciate what you have and where you are in your life."

4 For Emma Bunton, The Toughest Part About Being A Parent Is The Responsibility That Comes With It

Via Emma Bunton Instagram

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibility, and for Emma Bunton, this is one of the toughest parts of raising a child.

“Having that responsibility to shape them into good, well-rounded kids,” she told Baby magazine of what she finds the most challenging. But, luckily for her, she has two good boys who are polite and respectful.

3 But Her Favorite Thing Is All The Cuddles (Oh, And Boardgames)

Via Emma Bunton Instagram

In the same interview with Baby magazine, Emma Bunton was asked what her favorite thing about motherhood was, to which she replied, “Cuddles.” But it is not just the affection that she enjoys; she also loves hanging out with her kids and playing board games, although her sons don’t really share her enthusiasm. “They’re always like, “Mum, not again!”

2 Geri Is Married To Christian Horner And It Seems She Couldn’t Be Happier

Via Geri Halliwell Instagram

Geri Halliwell has been engaged three times, but she wed fiancé number three, Christian Horner, in 2015. The couple shares a son, Monty, and Halliwell (we should really say Horner, now) appears to be very happy. During an appearance on BBC Radio 2 (via Express) she described her husband as being “lovely,” adding, “He’s a good solid guy, a nice guy. And he’s funny.”

1 For Victoria Beckham, Raising Kids Doesn’t Get Easier As They Age

Via Victoria Beckham Instagram

Victoria Beckham’s first child, Brooklyn, was born in 1999, and her youngest, Harper, was born in 2011, so she has raised an adult, she's raising two teenage boys, Romeo and Cruz, and a young daughter. And it doesn’t get easier as they age.

"I think that the kids get harder as they get older," she told The Sunday Times Style (via Vogue).

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