20 Promposals These Teens Probably Already Regret

In the movies or on TV shows, prom night is the biggest deal ever. It involves being asked by your dreamy boyfriend, shopping with your best friends and mom, and having crazy high expectations. In real life, it's honestly just one evening and might not be that pleasant, depending on the theme and where your high school holds it. If it's just in your auditorium, that's not going to be too cool... but if you get to go off campus to a fun location, it might be more memorable.

The cool thing these days is to do a "promposal" aka propose to the person who you want to be your dance for this dance. Just like asking someone to marry you, there are good ways to do this... and awkward ways.

Here are 20 promposals that these teens probably already regret.

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20 Do Turtles Actually Have Something To Do With Prom?!

via Teen Vogue/Twitter and Pinterest

It's super rare that puns are actually hilarious. Most of the time, they're corny. And a promposal that involves a cheesy pun? That's not going to be too awesome.

We're not big fans of this one, which involves the pun "shell-abrate" instead of "celebrate" and involves turtles. We're not sure why.

19 A Homeless Joke Isn't A Good One

via suggestive.com

There is no reason that a homeless joke should be part of your promposal. Honestly, if you're thinking about doing something like this, just don't... and find a better way.

If the very idea of a promposal is a cute and fun (or romantic) way of asking someone to this dance, why would this ever be considered funny?!

18 This Idea Should Totally Go In The Toliet

both images via Pinterest

Picture yourself back in high school and you receive this promposal. How would you react?

Instead of smiling and thinking that this person is so smart and romantic (which is probably what they were looking for), chances are high that you would groan and tell them that you didn't really appreciate this. There must be another way to ask someone to prom...

17 Why Is This Funny?!

via Reddit.com

Even though it might be hard to believe, this isn't the only promposal out there that involves a discussion of how tall a guy is. There are actually tons all over the Internet. And, yup, they're all as weird as this one.

At least there were flowers involved? That makes this promposal a tiny bit better (but not that much).

16 Oh Look, A Burger: How Romantic

via Runt Of The Web and Pinterest

There's nothing wrong with burgers (well, unless you're a vegan or vegetarian, of course). It would have been cute if the guy had asked his girlfriend to prom over a dinner of burgers and fries and given her some flowers.

There is really no universe where writing "prom?" on the inside of a cardboard burger box is going to be sweet and romantic and wonderful. It's always going to be lame.

15 What A Sick Idea (Literally)

both images via Pinterest

There's literally nothing funny about Ebola. Or any other illness. So making this part of your promposal is a sick idea (literally).

We have to say that we hope that she said "no way." Because that seems like the only acceptable answer here. But since she's grinning and holding flowers, it seems like she said yes.

14 We're Not Hooked On This Promposal

via Pinterest

Again, puns and promposals don't really fit that well together. At the very least, your pun has to be totally brilliant and so clever that no one could resist and say no to you.

That's not really the case here. Instead, it's an awkward pun about being "hooked." We're also not really sure where all the candy factors into the equation.

13 We're Crying, Too (With Laughter)

via Teen Vogue/Twitter and Pinteres

This teenage boy made himself look like a baby and asked his girlfriend to the prom with this sign that said he would "cry like a baby."

Well, we're crying too... but with laughter. Because this should never have actually happened. Was there really no other thing to dress up as or put on the sign?

12 We'll Pretend This Never Happened

via Seventeen

So... it's tough to believe that a guy did this and thought that it was a good promposal. There are a lot of things that are wrong and problematic about it.

First of all, calling a girl a "chick" is not cool. Second of all, this is an odd costume, and lying in a bath is even odder.

11 This Is Kind Of Awkward

via The Washington Post

We're definitely sensing a theme with promposals that teens are going to regret: don't make puns... and don't hold up signs.

All of these promposals make us feel kind of old since we have to wonder what's wrong with simply asking someone to the dance? And saying something nice about how you want to spend this special evening with the person that you care about?

10 He'll Definitely Regret This One

via Reddit.com

Promposals that are religious in nature, like this one, make us raise our eyebrows because the person that you're asking to the prom might not believe in the same thing that you do. It just seems like religion is something that is best left out of the whole promoposal thing... like how you shouldn't talk about it at the dinner table.

9 Nope, We're Not Into This Promposal

via Crap I've Made

It's interesting that there are two promposals on this list that feature fast food (and burgers in particular). We totally get that teens love fast food (hey, we do too).

We just don't get how it's considered a good idea to ask people to prom in this way. It's such a special day. We're totally "out."

8 Should Teens Even Watch The Bachelor?!

via Pinterest

First of all, we're going to say that we're not super sure that high schoolers should watch the popular reality series The Bachelor since it involves women competing for the same guy. It just doesn't seem like it sends the best message.

That's why we don't love this promposal. It's one that these teens will regret, that's for sure.

7 This Just Isn't Cute

via Odyssey

Pretending to be dead is never, ever funny, so it stands to reason that pretending to be dead isn't going to be romantic, either. And it really isn't going to be a good way to ask someone to prom.

Sure, we believe that this teenager will regret this... but we wonder if the girl said yes?

6 Is A Pun Ever A Good Idea?

via The Friar's Lantern

We don't know what these teens will regret more: the bunny costume or the bunny puns on the sign. Or even the weird stickers on the sign.

This honestly looks like something that a kid made and it doesn't seem very grown-up or like it even has anything to do with prom night.

5 This Is... Really Gross

via via Runt of the Web

Okay, ew. That's really the only possible way to react to this particular promposal.

Out of all the things on this list that teenagers will regret, this one seems like it is a pretty big one. It's not adorable. It has no romance to it. It's just plain disgusting and we don't like it.

4 Pizza Has No Place In A Promposal

via Pinterest

So we know that we said that a burger could be part of a promposal if it was a romantic dinner... but we draw the line at delivery pizza. It's just not special enough.

We can't believe this person actually wrote this on the pizza box. It's kind of creepy.

3 What's A Vegan Prom?

via Imgur

Your food preferences are totally your choice. Some people are vegan, others are allergic to dairy, and it's all good. But putting the word "vegan" into your promposal doesn't exactly sound like the best idea.

It's probably smart to leave this word out of the whole deal. Out of all the things that this person could have written, why this?

2 A Nerd's Dream... But Our Nightmare

via Imgur and Pinterest

At this point, everyone knows what Fornite is... and everyone knows some people who can't stop playing it, but that doesn't mean that it has to be part of a promposal.

Nothing says romance like a video game... said no one ever. The writing on the sign is pretty cool, though.

1 Anything Would 'Beet' This Sign

via Imgur

Honestly, if someone asked us to prom this way, we would just have to laugh. It's way too cheesy.

The corny nature of this sign is what makes us convinced that these teens will totally regret this promposal. After all, beets aren't the most delicious of veggies, and definitely not the most romantic. Hopefully, the dance is still fun, though.

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