20 Puppies That Mastered The Art Of The Head Tilt

It is a well known fact that puppies are adorable and puppy head tilts are simply irresistible. There is a great debate about the reason behind the head tilt. Some people say it is a sign of confusion while others say that it is a way for dogs to manipulate their owners. There has been so much interest, in fact, that scientists have even conducted studies to discover why our adorable pups tilt their heads.

Dr Stanley Coren, a (human) psychologist, is one such scientist. He theorizes that dogs tilt their head in order to minimize the visual obstruction caused by their muzzles. This is supported by his finding that dogs with a longer muzzles tended to tilt their head more, while dogs with flatter faces tended to tilt their heads less.

Well, I personally think there is a completely different reason. We know that puppies love their humans and they'll do anything to make their humans happy. I think that the puppy head tilt is actually their secret weapon for putting a smile on your face, especially on a gloomy day. To prove my point, here are 20 adorable puppies who has mastered the art of the head tilt.

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20 This puppy that is wondering when dinner time will be.

19 This puppy that is completely baffled by the latest technology.


18 This puppy that can't understand why she can't join mom and dad on date night.

17 This puppy that doesn't understand why a slobbery half-chewed treat is a bad wedding gift.

16 This puppy that just couldn't handle his own cuteness.

Good morning ❤️🐾 #headtilt @iamwalterthepug

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15 This puppy that is wondering why his human isn't joining him on the couch.


14 This puppy that just couldn't hold in his excitement for ice cream time.

13 This puppy that thought that if he could blend in with the sheets he could stay in bed forever.

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12 This dog with the head tilting pose that puts "Blue Steel" to shame.

11 This puppy that just wants to give you a big wet kiss with his big wet nose.

10 This pup that wears the bow tie better than your boyfriend.

9 This puppy that didn't want to go to the vet.

8 This puppy that just wants to go outside and play.

7 This puppy that was promised a treat in exchange for striking this adorable head tiltin' pose.

6 This puppy-turned-dog that has has reached a jedi-level mastery of the head tilt.

5 This puppy that can keep on smiling even if he is more confused than ever.

4 The pug that just needs a break from all his responsibilities

3 This corgi that has no idea where all the cookies went (hint: they're DEFINITELY not in his belly. Nope.).

2 This puppy that tilted her head just a teeny bit too much.

1 This chow chow puppy that just couldn't understand why he is so fluffy. 


Sources: psychologytoday.com


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