20 'Queer Eye' Season 2 Tweets That Make Us Scream "YASS!"

The first season of Netflix's Queer Eye—the reboot of our 2003-2007 guilty pleasure Queer Eye for the Straight Guy—gave us the best eight hours of content to ever grace our television screens. We're still not over the emotional roller coaster we experienced watching those first eight episodes, but the Fab 5 are already back for season two and ready to make us laugh and cry even more!

While Queer Eye for the Straight Guy seemed to primarily focus on the false stereotype that all gay men are style icons while straight men are all clueless slobs, Netflix's version of the show aims to help improve the lives of people of all genders and preferences is filled to the brim with meaningful advice and inspirational moments which cause us to use up an entire box of tissues every single episode! Queer Eye is basically What Not to Wear, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Rachel Ray and a therapy session all mixed together, and knowing the Fab 5 of Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France and Antoni Porowski is loving them. Twitter definitely seems to agree—these users' opinions match ours so perfectly that we couldn't help screaming "YASS!" when we first read every single one of their tweets!

20 Our new Mama

We never thought we'd love a human being found in an episode of Queer Eye more than we love the series' stars, the Fab 5. Then the first episode of season two introduced us to Mama Tammye, our one true Queen and favorite person on the entire planet! Tammye always puts others before herself, so it's no big surprise that she asked Bobby to help improve her church's community center instead of her own home. But that wasn't the only heart-warming thing she did in her episode—she also helped Bobby feel at home in a church again and, through her continued love for her gay son Myles, showed us all that people of true faith can and should respect and love others no matter what. We never knew we needed someone like her, but boy did we.

19 Stay hydrated

When parents see their kids crying alone in their rooms, they're typically supposed to sit down next to them and ask if everything's okay. But when their kids are crying over yet another emotional episode of Queer Eye, there's not much they can really do to help. We don't cry over Queer Eye because we're sad, afterall—we cry because we're happy and touched and filled with newfound hope about life and love. All parents can really do is hand us a bottle of water to make sure we remain hydrated, since we're losing so much water from all the crying!

18 Netflix and no chill

Everyone seems to be obsessed with "Netflix and chill" these days, but there's no way we'd invite someone we're interested in over to our place to watch Queer Eye with us! We don't want our crushes to see us sobbing hysterically every episode, and we definitely don't want them to see us drool over Antoni every time he steps on screen. Actually, we don't even have any crushes anymore because we only have eyes for Antoni—we're not sure we even knew what it was really like to have a crush before we fell for the avocado-loving culinary expert of the Fab 5!

17 Poor Bobby

We value the contributions of every single member of the Fab 5. Jonathan does a great job helping people look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. We love it when Antoni teaches people how to prepare meals in a healthy, delicious and cost-effective way. It's always fun watching Tan give makeover subjects some much-needed fashion advice. Karamo's speeches about loving yourself and letting others in always make us cry. Then there's Bobby, who basically just keeps to himself as he builds people a brand-new house from scratch. The poor guy doesn't get enough credit or nearly enough help!

16 So many tears

We really thought we'd be able to hold it together watching the second season of Queer Eye. There's no way it could possibly be as emotional as the first season, right? Wrong! In the first few minutes of Mama Tammye's episode, she was crying and the Fab 5 was crying... so we couldn't hold back the waterworks and had to sob right alongside them. We've never been so happy to use up an entire box of Kleenex in one sitting, though. Tammye reminded us that there's good in this world and that we all deserve to feel loved. Bless her, and bless Queer Eye. 

15 Oh, Antoni

Even though he was definitely one of the fan-favorite members of the Fab 5 after the first season of Queer Eye (for obvious reasons—just look at him!), Antoni received his share of criticism from a few viewers for contributing very little to the show. While his peers helped improve their clients' appearances, wardrobes and homes, Antoni basically just taught them how to make guacamole. That's why we couldn't stop laughing when he outright stated in the first episode of season two that he wasn't going to cook anything, and was just there to observe. Haters are gonna hate, but we're totally fine with him just being on Queer Eye for eye candy!

14 Who really helped who

The Fab 5 traveled to Gay, Georgia to help Tammye work on her appearance and help fix up her church's community center, but we're pretty sure that in the end, she was the one who truly helped them. Sure, Tan and Jonathan gave her a fabulous makeover and Bobby did an amazing job with the church, but Tammye helped restore Bobby's faith and welcomed the Fab 5 into her family, so they're definitely the true winners! Just like the Wizard of Oz, she taught them to look inside themselves to find what they were truly looking for in life. Can she get her own show, please?!

13 Not quite fair

Antoni gets a lot more love from fans online than Bobby does, and we're not okay with it. We admit we've spent our share of time fantasizing about the Fab 5's food expert, but it's hard to deny that Bobby deserves more praise than Antoni does. He may not be as much of a dreamboat, but while Antoni is goofing around making grilled cheese sandwiches, Bobby is redecorating entire homes by himself and making sure his clients have a space they and their loved ones can flourish in.

12 Antoni is our new fashion icon

Tan is meant to be the Fab 5's fashion expert, but we take our inspiration from the outfits Antoni wears on Queer Eye. There's just something so attractive about his assortment of The Strokes shirts and neck bandanas! Antoni donned a bandana around his neck as a fashion statement in nearly every episode of season two, and while we laughed at him at first for that... after a few hours of staring at him, we found ourselves running to the nearest bandana store to pick up an assortment for ourselves.  Unfortunately, we know there's no way we'll look half as good as Antoni wearing them!

11 Before and after

Our lives are so much better now that we've watched Queer Eye. We used to go out in public in sweats with messy bedhead hair, but now we put actual effort into our wardrobe and appearance. Our bedrooms used to look like an explosion of garbage and dirty clothes, but now we know to make sure they're clean and presentable at all times. We used to feel self-conscious and insecure, but now we realize that we're all beautiful and fabulous in our own way. It's like we started out regular birds, but now we're colorful and proud peacocks ready to take on the world!

10 No more bad vibes

If you turn on the news or open up a newspaper these days, you're sure to come across some seriously negative and heartbreaking stories. Luckily, you can always get a break from that never-ending sense of gloom and doom by turning on Queer Eye! Each episode serves as a reminder that there is goodness and love and warmth in this world, and that as long as the Fab 5 is around, there's hope for this world. And like Wendy hilariously states in this tweet, Queer Eye also reminds us that it's totally possible to be in love with five men at the same time.

9 Love is love

When Tammye first found out that her son Myles was gay, she wasn't quite sure how to react. Homosexuality is considered to be sinful in many interpretations of the Bible, so she didn't know if loving her son would go against her faith. After some time and reflection, however, she realized that if you truly love God, you have to also love all of his creations. We cried hearing her say that in front of her entire church, and hope that religious parents worldwide will take her words to heart when their kids come out of the closet! YAS, Tammye!

8 Who needs food or sleep?

Since each episode of Queer Eye is an hour long, we're sure you're meant to only watch an episode or two per day. There's no way Netflix expects users to binge-watch eight full hours of content in one sitting, but that's exactly what we did because we couldn't keep our eyes off the show for one second! Who can think about eating or sleeping when the Fab 5 are working their magic and helping the world become a more beautiful and accepting place? And there's no way we were going to risk having an episode spoiled for us by someone who watched all eight episodes the night the season finally dropped!

7 They're all so perfect

We've seen and heard people talk about which of the Fab 5 is their favorite, but there's no way we could ever choose just one of them! Karamo is just so beautiful and wise, Tan's sense of fashion is as flawless as his sense of humor, Bobby is the hardest worker ever and is impossibly humble, Jonathan is fabulous and positive 24/7 and Antoni is the dreamiest man to ever step foot in a kitchen. We couldn't imagine Queer Eye without any of them, nor would we ever want to. They each own an equal-sized portion of our hearts.

6 That's still not enough water

When Twitter user James Walker sat down to watch the highly-anticipated second season of Queer Eye, he came totally prepared for the emotional roller coaster he was signing up to ride. James remembered how dehydrated he got watching the series' first eight episodes, and he fully expected to cry that much when the second season dropped on June 15, so he poured himself nearly a dozen glasses of water! Chances are, that still wasn't enough—we cried a dozen glasses worth of fluid in the Skyler episode alone! James had the right idea, but he would have been better off just sitting next to an entire water cooler or pouring himself a few dozen pitchers instead.

5 Karamo is the best therapist alive

via: twitter.com

It's hard to argue against the fact that Bobby does the most work of everyone in the Fab 5, but we think Karamo may actually have the toughest job. Antoni has to teach people how to cook, Tan has to teach them how to dress, Jonathan has to teach them how to do their hair and Bobby has to fix up their homes, but Karamo has to somehow make people learn to love and accept themselves in just a few short hours! Therapists typically can't pull that off after dozens of ridiculously expensive sessions, yet Karamo somehow accomplishes the impossible with just a short conversation each episode. He's basically a miracle worker, and we'd do anything to have him come to our homes and help us face our demons!

4 Ulterior motive

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We would love for the Fab 5 to show up at our doorsteps to give our wardrobes, homes, hair and personalities much-needed make-overs, but we know that's never going to happen. We're fixer-uppers for sure, but not drastic enough to warrant their assistance. That's why we fully intend on marrying someone who is a complete slob—maybe then, at least Bobby will come over and deck out our entire homes for free! His budget is at least ten times higher than the rest of the group combined, and we could really use some brand-new furniture. Here's hoping Queer Eye is still filming by then!

3 Restored faith

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You can't open up social media or turn on the television without coming across some serious negativity these days. It's easy to lose faith in humanity when bad things seem to happen across the world on a daily basis, but if you ever find yourself unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just log into Netflix and turn on Queer Eye. It doesn't matter if you've already watched both seasons a few times each by now... a rewatch of literally any episode will still fill you up with hope and remind you that everything is going to be okay.

2 Hold us, Jonathan

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Every member of the Fab 5 does a great job filling us (and the people they're actually hired to help) with love and happiness, but Jonathan's endless positivity is absolutely infectious. He seems to find beauty in everything he comes across, and the more we listen to him talk, the easier it is for us to see that same beauty in our lives! Watching him on Queer Eye always brightens our day, but we'd do anything to have him hold us in his arms and remind us that everything is going to be okay on a daily basis. Can he please be our fairy godmother?

1 We "Shannan" Queer Eye

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We loved basically everyone that was featured on season two of Queer Eye, but episode 2 subject William was definitely one of our favorites. You could really tell how much he loved his girlfriend Shannan, and we were so happy that the Fab 5 helped him finally find the courage to propose to her and take their adorable relationship to the next level. As corny as his proposal rom-com was, we cried when he redefined "Shannan" to mean "love"—it was so sweet! We "shannan" William and Shannan, we "shannon" the Fab 5, and we "shannon" Queer Eye more than words can even express.

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