20 Questions We're Left With At The End Of Stranger Things Season 3

For three seasons, Netflix subscribers have been taken back in time, and to other dimensions, to a crew of plucky kids from fictional Hawkins, Indiana. Set in the 1980’s, the show gives off a distinctly Steven King vibe, with smart, savvy kids who know better than their chronically oblivious parents.

After each season drops, fans tirelessly binge-watch the show, waiting to find out what will happen next. Like previous seasons of the show, season three answered a lot of questions about Hawkins and the Upside Down, but it also left a lot of cliff hangers for fans to obsess about until the season arrives on the newly added tab.

Season three brought new characters, villains, loss, and triumph for everyone involved. Plus, the younger kids are now teenagers, complete with complex relationships and regular hormone induced drama, in addition to their impending doom. After time to think, re-watch, and reflect, there are still a lot of questions unanswered from season three. Be warned, there are plenty of spoilers ahead! Here are 20 questions we’re left with following the conclusion of season three of Stranger Things.

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20 What Happened To Hopper?

via NME

At the end of the season, we are led to believe that Hopper is dead, but fans aren’t so sure. Stranger Things isn’t shy about showing carnage of popular characters (ahem Bob, Barb, Billy – basically anyone whose name starts with a B), but we don’t see Hopper die. We also don’t see the usual pile of ash or goo or remains of a person in the aftermath of the reactor being shut down. This, and talk of ‘The American’ following the end credits has fans believing that Hopper is still alive.

19 How Did The Russians Discover The Upside Down?

via The Moscow Times

Did the Russians run weird experiments on kids and stumble upon the Upside Down or were they looking for it? Did their intel reveal The Upside Down in Hawkins and then they went looking for it? How long have they known about it? What havoc has it caused in Russia and will we ever find out? I smell a spin off.

18 Who Is 'The American'?

via Bustle

Fans are divided on whether we’ve met ‘The American’ before. Some say it’s Hopper who was swept away in the confusion at the end of season three, others believe that it could be Papa from season one. Either way, season four must reveal who that poor person is sitting in that cell.

17 Why Were Creatures & Humans Eating Fertilizer?

via Reddit

Humans and rats that were infected by the Mind Flayer had some interesting cravings – mainly fertilizer. While the fertilizer trail helped Jonathan and Nancy get to the bottom with what was going on, no one really got any answers as to why people needed to feed on the chemical cocktail.

16 Are 'The Russians' Trying To Stop The Upside Down Or Weaponize It?

via SyFy Wire

American shows love showcasing Russians as the bad guys. It’s one of the common hold overs from the Cold War. We assume that the Russians are bad guys from the get-go, but are they any worse than the people in Hawkins? We don’t know how they found the Upside Down or what they’re trying to do with it, but still everyone assumes the worst.

15 Will Elle Get Her Powers Back?

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After Elle is attacked by the Mind Flayer, Eleven gets a tentacle in her foot. Once the tentacle is removed, she slowly begins to drain of her trademark nosebleed inducing powers. Some think that Eleven’s powers are dormant and she’s about to become the big bad in season four, where others are curious to see how the gang is going to fight back without Eleven as their powerhouse weapon.

14 What Happened To Papa?

via Elite Daily

Dr. Brenner, aka Papa, was supposedly killed by a Demogorgon at the end of the first season. Show producers say that the character is still alive. This is interesting news. Could he be ‘The American’ held captive by the Russians or is he up to other shenanigans involving the Upside Down, or other menacing dimensions?

13 Is Will Still Connected To The Upside Down?

via Indie Wire

Will has a weird Spidey sense when it comes to the Upside Down. Will this fade with time? Will it change when he leaves Hawkins and lives somewhere else? Or is this creepy, hair raising feeling he gets a burden he’s stuck with until he dies? Would others who spent a lot of time in the Upside Down get similar feelings?

12 What Is The Green Stuff They Found Under The Mall?

via Father's Holy Gore

Dustin guesses that it’s promethium, a chemical element of atomic number 61, but there’s no proof that he’s right. Whatever it is, the Russians seem to have a lot of it. Does it fuel their portal? Does it keep the Upside Down out of our world? We don’t know, but we’re hoping we find out more about the neon Incredible Hulk juice next season.

11 What Happened To The Other 'Test Subjects' From Hawkins?

via SyFy Wire

Season two brought Eleven in contact with other test subjects through ‘Papa’ and his experiments. Number Eight was amazing, and odds are the others have many fantastic and amazing powers. What ever happened to them? Are we going to meet more and are they going to be able to help Eleven gain her powers back, or stop her if she turns evil?

10 Are The Mind Flayer & Demogorgon Connected?

via Elle

The Mind Flayer seems to be a bigger bad than the demo dogs in season two. We don’t know whether the Flayed has control over the Demogorgon or any other creatures found in the Upside Down? Is this the biggest threat to Hawkins and earth? Perhaps there is something even more sinister out there that controls the Mind Flayer.

9 What Are The Political Ramifications Of The Russians In Hawkins?

via The Playlist

Someone did some bad hiring in Hawkins. When Dr. Brenner’s lab runs amok, and does it ever, Dr. Sam Owens (played by Paul Reiser) is brought in to clean up the mess, unnoticed. Unfortunately, this is the season when Will gets possessed and the Demo dogs attack everywhere, so he didn’t exactly win at subtly taking care of things. Shouldn’t he be fired? Tortured?

8 Where Are The Byers & Eleven Moving To?

via Bustle

We don’t know where the Byers family and Eleven are going, but it’s well outside of the city limits of Hawkins. The family talks about it being close enough for everyone to visit occasionally, like during the holidays. Some believe that they’ll move to Maine, like Bob wanted, which is a lengthy 18-hour drive away from central Indiana.

7 Will Steve Ever Find Romance?

via Indie Wire

This one is less important, but we’re still curious. Steve has great hair and has grown into a pretty decent human, aside from being a giant jerk in season one. While he tried to make things work with Nancy, it wasn’t meant to be. In season three we see him fall for Robin, and although the two of them connect deeply, she soon tells him that she prefers the company of women. Maybe season four will bring him love? I mean even Dustin got a girlfriend in season 3.

6 What Removed Eleven's Powers? And Can They Use it?

via NME

Did the Mind Flayer steal Eleven’s powers; are there any after impacts beyond this? Perhaps whatever removed Eleven’s powers can be used to disarm the Mind Flayer or whatever else bad is in the Upside Down. Some fans think that Eleven is going to be the bad guy in season 4, weaponized by the Mind Flayer.

5 Why Aren't Any Parents But Joyce Leaving Hawkins?

via Speak Up And Answer

The parents in Stranger Things, beyond Joyce and Hopper, seem a little distracted. Since Steve told the Russians Dustin’s first and last name, you’d think he’d be trying to convince his mom to leave Hawkins ASAP! A year after missing kids, incidents with police (even with them not knowing about what really goes on) some might think Hawkins is not the best place to live. Maybe Mrs. Wheeler is still waiting for a call from Billy and that’s why they’re staying.

4 How Did They Build That Super Secret Base So Quickly?

via Fatherly

The mall may have been under construction well before the signs went up, but it was built, complete with an underground labyrinth lair in less than a year. You’d think locals would wonder why they weren’t hired for this project, or why suddenly there were a bunch of Russian ‘tourists’ hanging around Hawkins. Apparently, much like the parents, a lot of the townies here are oblivious to what’s really happening.

3 Are Nancy And Jonathan Going To Do A Long Distance Relationship?

via Hello!

The excitement in the relationship between Nancy and Jonathan was much bigger in previous seasons. Even though they’re both Nancy Drewing their way through Hawkins, the passion didn’t seem to be there in season three like it had in the past. Yeah, it’s hard to be romantic when you’re fighting evil monsters from another dimension. Now that Jonathan has moved, are they going to try to make a long-distance relationship work.

2 When Is Season 4 Going To Be Set?

via Standard UK

We have seen Hawkins in Fall and Summer, with only little snippets of Christmas. Since Joyce has said ‘the gang’ can visit each other sometimes on holidays, it has a lot of people thinking about a Christmas timed story and a Christmas Holiday 2020 release for the series. Queue the creepy holiday music set to snow falling in the Upside Down.

1 What 1980's Male Celeb Is Going To Guest Star Next Season?

via Indie Wire

Season two gave us Sean Astin (rest in peace Bob) and season three brought us Cary Elwes as the corrupt Mayor of Hawkins. There are so many celebs to choose from, but it would be nice to see Winona directly (or indirectly) linked up with a fellow co-star from the 1980’s or 1990’s. Perhaps a little Heathers reunion is in order via Christian Slater. Maybe Catherine O’Hara can zoom in as a weird and overprotective grandma. The possibilities are endless.

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