20 Rare Photos Of Celebs Being Nice To The Paparazzi

Celebrities rarely have a love for the constantly-looming presence in their lives that is the ever-present paparazzi! Camera flashes follow celebs and track their every move. The "paps" can often cause the most poised members of the Hollywood elite to snap faster than a flash, and many celebrities go out of their way to craft elaborate disguises to protect their privacy.

Surprisingly, not every celeb has the desire to attack a paparazzi vehicle with an umbrella! A select few celebs have decided to metaphorically take the paparazzi's lens into their own hands and reinvent the paparazzi's relationship to celebrity culture. Whether they're sporting a smile or giving a wave to a peering lens, these 20 celebrities were ready to say "Carpe diem" to a common headache that comes with a high amount of fame and celebrity status! Let's look beyond the paparazzi's lens!

20 Miley Gets Smiley

via London Entertainment Group

Miley Cyrus has not only gone through a strong evolution within her career, but her relationship with the paparazzi has evolved greatly, too!

Back in the days where Miley was counting down seven things she hated about her boy and hopping on the plane at LAX, she often liked to flash the waiting paparazzi with a smile or wave. Oh, what the years bring!

19 Hilary Isn't Blue About The Paps

via FC2

Wait a minute, is this a picture of Hilary Duff or her beloved alter ego Lizzie McGuire?

Not only is Hilary sporting some very Lizzie-like blue hair in this photo, but she also seems entirely unbothered by the paparazzi's presence. Duff has had ups and downs with the paps, but this day was clearly a good one.

This photo is what the paparazzi's dreams are made of!

18 Ben Handles The Paparazzi In Waves

via SheKnows

It's safe to say Ben Affleck has had a tough time dealing with paparazzi over the years. His family members are frequent paparazzi subjects, and Ben himself has been followed by their cameras during particularly vulnerable and private moments. However, in this photo, the tables seemed to be turned!

The paparazzi were in for a change of pace when they captured a charmingly cheerful Ben.

17 David Hasselhoff Brings On The Hilarity

via The Mirror

David Hasselhoff has a history of unconventional ways of using his celebrity, and his tendency to be nice to the often-intrusive paparazzi is one of them!

Many celebs would understandably want nothing to do with the paparazzi's presence while they were enjoying a stroll in the park, but David chose to go the peaceful route with his playful smile and peace sign.

16 Mr. And Mrs. Jonas Kick Out The Negativity

via Teen Vogue

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are one of our favorite couples for many reasons, but their ability not to take themselves or the paparazzi too seriously has to be high on our list!

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas have been documented having fun and messing with the paparazzi before in various poses, but we love this photo of the couple showing off some seriously cool karate moves.

15 Lupita Nyong'o Loves The Limelight

via PopSugar

It's a rare sight to see a celeb looking nothing short of radiant when they step in a paparazzi's path! Lupita Nyong'o is one of those celebrities who seem determined not to waste any energy on the waiting paps but embrace the moment instead.

The actress is seen here exiting a limo, which is a common scenario for paparazzi to swarm, with a warm smile.

14 Justin And Hailey Get Silly

via Syracuse.com

Justin Bieber and his new bride Hailey Baldwin have been common targets to the paparazzi both together and separately, so seeing a photo of the couple who often look so serious in paparazzi photos is surprising!

Justin has struggled with the paparazzi's presence in recent years and his relationship with Hailey has been the subject of much speculation, but this photo is quite the opposite.

13 The Cruises 'Cruise' Past The Paps

via Stars and Stripes

If you think back to 2000's celebrity culture, there's a good chance Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will come to mind! Their relationship from their courtship to their 2012 divorce folded out in front of a paparazzi lens, which took a toll on the former couple.

In this photo, however, Katie and Tom are all smiles and giving the paps a moment of their time!

12 J-Lo Gets Lovely With The Paparazzi

via Twitter

This picture of Jennifer Lopez combines elements of why the world loves her! J-Lo is seen showing proof of the style icon she is, and she's flashing a smile to the paparazzi.

J-Lo has been a frequent recipient of paparazzi coverage especially when she dated Ben Affleck in the early aughts, giving her reasons not to give the paps another glance, but yet she smiles!

11 Zac And Vanessa Say 'Hi'

via Socialite Life

They were all in this together, Zac, Vanessa, and the paparazzi!

Forgotten golden couple of yesteryear Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were once considered celebrity couple royalty during the days of High School Musical mania.

In this photo, Zac and Vanessa are shown smiling at the paps in a clearly packed scene; just look at the giant paparazzi camera in the corner!

10 Camila And Shawn Share A Smile

via Vice

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are dating, in case you haven't heard, and the couple really, really enjoy each other's company. Seriously, they really like each other.

The couple also really enjoy giving the paparazzi something to point their cameras toward, but in this photo, the new couple decided to keep it simple and flash the paparazzi a smile and a cheeky glance!

9 Gigi Poses For The Paps

via Yahoo

Gigi Hadid has one of the most recognizable faces in the year of our beloved insta-models 2019, whether it's from modeling campaigns or her high profile celebrity friendships, so it would make sense for Gigi to not want the paparazzi to intrude on her daily activities.

Gigi has also been in hot water with the paparazzi lately, but she smiled at them anyway!

8 Kate Gives A Royal Wave

via CBS News

The Royal Family has been the subject of paparazzi and tabloid speculation for decades now; any member of the royal family has the right to ignore the paparazzi's presence at any point like Prince William is in this photo!

The Duchess of Cambridge must've made a decision to put any disdain toward the paparazzi aside in this photo, as seen by her royal wave.

7 Lindsay Winks At The Paps

via Posterwire

There is no doubt Lindsay Lohan has seen all sides of the paparazzi's coin over the years. The actress has been one of the most photographed faces on the planet over the last decade in the wake of her tumultuous personal life.

This picture certainly shows a more positive example of Lilo's relationship with the paparazzi, as she flashes and wink and a smile!

6 Amy Poehler Plays Nice

via Glamour

Funny lady Amy Poehler brought one of the coolest and most admirable characters in history alive in her Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope!

If Leslie were photographed by the paps, she would probably tell them exactly where to go, but in this photo, Amy Poehler takes a more subtle approach with a simple wave, which this extremely busy lady didn't have to do.

5 Jack Black Goes For The Gold

via Cuanta Razón

Jack Black is one of the world's funniest actors whose library of work has made us smile for decades, and he certainly knows how to bring out the hilarity even with the paparazzi!

Jack gave the paparazzi a reason to smile in this photo when he pretended to wrestle with their camera, perhaps giving fans Kung-fu Panda flashbacks.

4 Miley Has A Peaceful Relationship With The Paps

via The Boot

Talk about ghosts from Miley's guy past!

Forget about Liam, do you remember Justin Gaston, the dancer who was one of the first boys to win her heart in the midst of fame? It seems tame now, but the world freaked out over the couple's brief relationship.

Miley seemed happy while she was dating Justin, as seen here in a peaceful paparazzi snapshot!

3 Dustin Hoffman Treats The Paps To Playtime

via Glamour

Dustin Hoffman has multiple decades in the spotlight to get used to the paparazzi's presence so it's understandable he may have some tips and tricks on how to deal with them.

This photo shows Dustin embracing his playful side making way for some giggles when he hid behind a newspaper stand to challenge the paparazzi by bringing some delight into their day!

2 Taylor Swift Steps Out

via Yahoo

Taylor Swift is one of the most followed celebrities of the modern era in every sense of the word making it extremely difficult for her to live both public and private life.

One of the ways T-Swizzle navigates the not-so-fun side of celebrity? She has been known to travel in a suitcase to avoid the paps, except for a rare instance like this one!

1 Jennifer Lawrence Gets Choppy

via Pinterest

Jennifer "J-Law" Lawrence has never let any notion of the word "celebrity" consume her! The Hunger Games actress has always applauded the idea of being your authentic self in an industry where it's sometimes not very common and judging by some of her paparazzi shots, she isn't slowing down anytime soon!

Here she is making the most of her chopsticks by muggling for paps!

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