20 Rare Photos Of Khloe Kardashian And Her Ex Tristan

Khloe and Tristan have had plenty of ups and downs, but it seems like Khloe has split from her (allegedly) straying man and is moving on to better things. Perhaps she’s still seeing him on the side, but that’s her prerogative and she can keep her private life private. Unless, of course, it all plays out next season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They do have a baby together, so maybe they’ll give things another go so they can be the family Khloe has always wanted.

In any case, before trouble went down, the couple was spotted out and about seemingly in love and doing well. Looking back now, it’s rather evident which pics were taken before things started to go south and which were after the (rumored) fact.

Check out these 20 pics of Khloe and Tristan that are worth a few moments. After all, we may never see them photographed together again.

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20 A Happy Family Or A Façade?

Via: People.com

This is one good looking family, but behind the smiles, there’s a darker side. Things seem happy and joyous, but on the inside, Khloe is in pain. She loves her daughter to death, so her smile may be all that’s keeping her sane. Maybe Khloe can get over the rumors and give the relationship a redo.

19 Fun In The Sun

Via: celebrityxo.com

Time outdoors basking in the sun is romantic and warm. These two seem madly in love and don’t mind the sweat. Khloe was hoping Tristan would be her man forever, but fate had other plans. Perhaps if he didn’t do what the tabloids say he did, they’d still be together suntanning.

18 Dad’s There For The Delivery

Via: cosmopolitan.com

True was about to be born and dad was by mom’s side in the delivery room. This was after all the rumors about Tristan came out, so it must have been a hard choice for Khloe to allow him to be there. Birth is difficult enough without the dad playing around while mom is in maternity mode.

17 Afternoon Activities

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Khloe and Tristan are out for the afternoon, doing errands and stopping for a bite to eat. They are doing all the usual things couples do, aside from the fact that the paparazzi are snapping their every move. It must be hard to manage the day with all the interruptions.

16 Beyond The Velvet Rope

Via: pinterest.com

These two are out for the night, and Khloe is dressed to impress. Tristan looks fine, but it seems like his “better half” put in more effort to look edgy. Nevertheless, they are doing their thing, being watched by fans, and hopefully, having fun. Let’s hope Tristan keeps his eyes glued on his girl and no one else.

15 Out With The “Other Woman”

Via: MTOnews.com

Rumors swirled that Tristan hooked up with Kylie’s bestie. That’s bad enough, but to find a pic of her with Khloe and Tristan is quite the shocker. Khloe must have been beside herself when she learned of this hurtful news, and Tristan probably wanted to throw himself in the doghouse.

14 Balloons For Her Bump

Via: closeronline.co.uk

Khloe couldn’t wait to become a mother for the first time, so her man surprised her with a ton of balloons to celebrate. The balloons will pop before she does, but she cradles her bump with motherly love. Too bad things didn’t turn out well for the parents, but at least this pic was cute.

13 A Moment With Their Moms

Via: thecheatsheet.com

Seeing Tristan and Khloe with their moms is sentimental, as they were preparing to all become one big happy family. While the grandmothers will always adore baby True, it seems like the family they had expected won’t be forming. Hopefully, everyone remains cordial for the sake of the child. She’s the one who matters most.

12 Holding Hands But Holding Emotions Inside

Via: pagesix.com

Khloe and Tristan may be holding hands, but they don’t seem very happy to be together. They both have sourpusses on their faces, and they look like they’d rather be anywhere else. If they are so bummed out, it’s surprising that they decided to be in public. Why not stay home and sulk?

11 Style With No Smile

Via: usmagazine.com

Tristan and Khloe look terrific, but that’s only their style. Otherwise, their expressions are far from friendly. Seems like they are in a rough spot, and they have to make appearances despite their dreary attitudes. Hopefully, they can find something to smile about, or else the day will be a total dud.

10 Still Part Of The Party

Via: vanityfair.com

Before the breakup, Tristan was part of all the family parties. In fact, it seems like this celebration is in his honor. The family and friends are excited to be there, and there’s lots of love in the room. Too bad things went south, and moving forward Tristan will have to buy his own birthday cake.

9 Whispering Sweet Nothings

Via: goss.ie

When things were better, Khloe and Tristan were the ideal couple. Just look at the love between them. She can’t get much closer, and he’s over-the-moon. He’s whispering something special in her ear, and it seems like it is the best thing she has ever heard. Now she’d rather hear him groveling.

8 Shady Shades

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

When celebs put on sunglasses, it is a good way to avoid the paparazzi. Sure, they’ll still snap their pics, but they can’t get a good gauge of how their feeling. Seems like these two are doing OK here, but for all we know, things were already on the outs.

7  A Dud Of A Date Night

Via: zimbio.com

This night out seems anything but fun, as Tristan walks ahead and Khloe stays a few steps back. They seem to be dressed for a night at the club or a cool restaurant, which should be a blast, but their expressions show that they’re sad. Maybe they were trying to make it work but the flame was already put out.

6 Khloe Masters Her Curves

Via: celebnsports247.com

Khloe is killing it in this figure-flattering tight white dress, and she knows she’s looking like a “10.” Tristan looks cool and casual, but it is Khloe who is stealing the show. Was this before or after the alleged infidelity? Hard to tell, but what man in his right mind would cheat on a hottie like this?

5 Happy Halloween

Via: celebrityinsider.org

Khloe and Tristan are doing a great job as they dress up for a Halloween to remember. Their costumes are elaborate and edgy, and both look super cool. It’s too bad that they won’t make more memories like this, but at least they can dress up their daughter. Hopefully, her outfits will be more baby-friendly.

4 Twinning

Via: thegoodteatime.com

Khloe and Tristan are dressed basically the same in all-black outfits. He’s busy on the phone while Khloe looks bored as she waits for his undivided attention. These days, it’s hard for people to focus on what’s in front of them when they are always busy with their smartphones. He should hang up and call back later.

3 Dressed In Sweats

Via: eonline.com

The couple is keeping it casual in cozy hoodies and comfy clothes. Usually, they are more dressed up, but everyone loves to forget about fashion at some point. Maybe they were traveling and didn’t feel like getting dolled up. There is no shame in settling for a simple outfit anyway.

2 Camo Kiss

Via: trace.tv

Both Khloe and Tristan are dressed in camo, but we can still spot them. This is evidently a time when they were still in love, and Tristan is treating his gal with all the respect and love she deserves. Now things are different, and we surely won’t see them positioned like this.

1 Stopping For Selfies

Via: us.glbnews.com

Today’s world is all about selfies, so Khloe is joining in and getting the perfect shot. Seems like her man wasn’t quite ready for the photo, but Khloe is positioned to press the button. These days, she’ll be in more selfies alone, but she is the star of the show anyhow.

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