20 Rare Pics Of Coco And Ice-T Raising Their Daughter

Coco Austin and Ice-T have been together for over a decade, and in 2015, their lives changed forever. This was the year that they expanded their family, and welcomed a baby girl, Chanel, into their lives. Since then, the couple has enjoyed every minute of being parents (although this is not Ice-T’s first time as a dad) and has proudly shared moments and milestones on social media.

Ice-T is incredibly proud of his baby, and he has admitted that fatherhood is more “mellow” this time around, and he can’t stop taking photos. But he and Coco don’t claim to be perfect parents, and they’re still figuring things out, just like the rest of us. Below are 20 photos of Coco and Ice-T raising their daughter.

20 Chanel Is Definitely Her Mama’s Mini-Me

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Coco Austin and her daughter Chanel appear to share a very close bond, and it’s also clear that Chanel is her mama’s mini-me. We don’t need much more proof of this, than their matching black-and-gold outfits, which proudly display the words “Queen” and “Princess.” They look adorable, we know!

19 There’s A Good Chance That Coco And Ice-T's Daughter Will Follow In Their Footsteps

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There’s a good chance Chanel will also be in the limelight when she’s older, just like her mama Coco, and her famous dad, Ice-T. In an interview with People, Coco spoke about how Chanel, who was just a toddler at the time, was likely to go into the entertainment industry and that she had a “sassy” personality.

18 Coco Has Already Said Her Baby Girl Is A ‘Performer’

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In the same interview, Coco Austin also commented on how her daughter was already entertaining. “She’s definitely a performer, which I was a little worried about because I don’t really want her to be a performer,” Coco told the publication. “That’s how her parents are. I think she’s going to, naturally.”

17 It’s Not Hard To Spot Them When They're Out Because Coco And Chanel Favor Bold Fashion

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We love Coco Austin because she knows who she is, and she’s definitely not a wallflower. It’s easy to spot her out in public because she favors bold and bright clothing (according to Daily Mail, this photo was taken in LAX), and it looks as though her daughter shares her love of statement clothing.

16 We Love How Normal They Look In This Photo

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Coco Austin and Ice-T may be well-known in the entertainment industry, but they’re also just a regular family. We love this photo of them with their daughter because they look so normal, strolling the streets side-by-side, after a family dinner in New Jersey, Daily Mail reports.

15 They’re Parenting In The Spotlight But They Don’t Care!

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There are definite pros and cons to being a celebrity, and one of the worst parts must be the constant media attention. This has meant that Coco and Ice-T’s parenting decisions have come under scrutiny, but they don’t care what their haters have to say. “We’re kinda immune to all that,” Ice-T told Us Weekly.

14 Haters Are Gonna Hate, But Coco And Ice-T Know How To Deal With It!

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Ice-T is no stranger to the limelight, and he and his wife of over a decade are interesting characters, which is why the media is so focused on them. They don’t mind though, and haters can keep on hating. “Some people, it really bothers them what other people say,” Ice-T told Us Weekly. “But they gotta know, they’re just people [at] home, just talking mess.”

13 Coco Loves Being A Parent, Although Some Of Her Decisions Have Been Controversial

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Coco Austin loves being a mom, and she appears to be a very hands-on and loving one. But her parenting decisions have also sparked controversy, most notably her decision to breastfeed Chanel, despite her almost being 4 years old, TMZ reports. Coco shared a photo of her breastfeeding Chanel on a private jet, which immediately got everyone’s attention as people started giving their unwanted opinions.

12 Fans Have Also Commented On How Coco Always Seems To Be The Parent Who Holds Her Daughter

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If you look at photos of Coco, Ice-T, and Chanel, you may notice that in most pictures it looks as though Coco is the one holding their daughter. Fans have noticed this, and according to CafeMom, some expressed their concern on social media about why Ice-T doesn’t get a chance to hold their child.

11 Coco And Ice-T Are Not Just Parents To A Daughter, But Also Super Cute Dogs

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Before Coco Austin and Ice-T became parents to Chanel (Ice was actually a dad already) they were also parents to the most adorable bulldog. The couple owned a dog named Spartacus, who they adored, and when he passed away in 2016, they openly mourned their loss. “He was my 1st baby with Ice,” Austin said of her pet (via People).

10 Coco Has Admitted She’s Just Like Regular Moms And Doesn’t Have Everything Figured Out...

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Celebrity parents are sometimes held to a higher standard, but Coco Austin wanted moms to know that she doesn't have all the answers. In an interview with Us Weekly, she commented on motherhood, describing herself as “just like regular moms” and saying she and Ice-T were still trying to figure out parenting. “We don’t know everything, we’re not perfect,” she added.

9 ...And Juggling Work And Motherhood Has Been A Real Challenge

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Although Ice-T thinks his wife is a supermom, Coco has admitted that she has found it hard to balance work and motherhood. At the time of her interview, she told Us Weekly it had been “hard” adding, “The only time I can do work is within a two-hour period, and that’s when she’s sleeping...during her nap time..."

8 The Family Totally Slay Every Halloween!

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Halloween has become a holiday that is just as much about getting a good selfie in a great costume, as it is about eating all the candy! Coco and Ice-T are great at finding the best costumes for Chanel, and we can’t stop staring at her adorable interpretation of Peppa Pig.

7 But You Better Believe Coco Does All The Planning

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When it comes to costumes for Ice-T and Coco, the rapper lets his wife take control. “I let Coco set the tone and then I try to coordinate based on her, so I wait and figure out what she’s going to do,” Ice told People. He also revealed that Coco is a pro at finding cheap costumes online and then altering them.

6 Fans Of The Couple Will Be Happy To Know That Coco Shares Photos Of Their Daughter On Social Media

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Fans of the couple will be happy to know that they are not shy about sharing photos of Chanel online. Social media has several photos of Coco Austin and her mini-me daughter, and it’s clear that their little girl has stolen her parent’s hearts - she's stolen our hearts as well!

5 This Family's Co-Ordinated Looks Are So Adorable!

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This family may be one of the most stylish families around! We love their co-ordinated looks, and although this isn’t the first time we have seen Coco and Chanel (whose name go together perfectly too, BTW) matching, it’s nice to see that even Ice-T has been roped into the matching looks this time around.

4 Chanel Has Already Become Accustomed To The Finer Things In Life

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Coco Austin and Ice-T have worked hard for their success, but their financial comfort has also allowed them to become more accustomed to the finer things in life. This includes traveling in style, onboard private jets, something that has become normal to Chanel to from a young age.

3 Ice-T Says He’s A Lot More Mellow When It Comes To Parenting Chanel (He Has Older Kids)

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Although Chanel is Ice-T’s first child with Coco Austin, he was a father long before her birth. His older children are Letesha Marrow, and Tracy Marrow Jr., both of whom are adults now, and their births came at a time when Ice was still concentrating on making a name for himself in the entertainment industry, Daily Mail notes. Now, later in his life, he has described the experience of fatherhood as “a lot more mellow.”

2 Her Proud Papa Also Admits He Loves Taking Photos

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Ice-T loves being a dad, and he can’t stop taking pictures of little Chanel, something which he admitted in an interview with People. “I’m taking a lot of pictures. I’m that same guy that you go, ‘Oh, my daughter…’ and before I know it I’m showing you pictures,” he said.

1 We Expect To See A Lot More Of Chanel Because She Made Her Runway Debut As A Toddler!

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Coco and Ice-T’s daughter Chanel shares her name with one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, so, it seems only right that she would be interested in fashion. And, at just 14 months old, she made her runway debut. According to Us Weekly, it was in 2017, for the Rookie USA Collection show during New York Fashion Week.

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