20 Rare Pics Of The Biggest Country Star Couples

The entertainment community sees couples come and go on the daily. No matter how beautiful, rich, and famous some pairs are, 'forever' often falls outside of their grasp. Just because you fall in love, doesn't guarantee you will cross the forever finish line someday. For musicians, breakups are hard, but at least they come out with some great tunes to share with the world.

Country music has some of the most gloriously adorable couples on the entire planet. We don't often put our money on celebrities staying together until their last breath, but we think these twenty couples have shots at forever. Check out these twenty famous country couples caught in rare photos together. Man, oh man, do we love them so!

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20 The McGraws Are Barely Recognizable

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Hunky Tim McGraw and his talented, beautiful wife Faith Hill are country music's Ken and Barbie. Imagine enjoying a nice meal out and running into them? They are so down to earth that this is a distinct possibility. There are so many reasons to love this relatable married country duo.

19 Miranda Lambert Is Sporting A Pink Hat And A Pink Hubby

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Miranda Lambert finally got lucky in love when she married her second hubby Brendan Mcloughlin in 2019. Aren't they sweet in their coordinating pink? Before landing this cutie, she had been wed to another country music star, Blake Shelton. That marriage didn't pan out, and now Shelton spends his time with the infamous Gwen Stefani.

18 Luke Bryan And Company Have Vacation Blunders Just Like Us

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Luke Bryant and his wife Caroline seem to have it all. They have fame, fortune, a great sense of humor, and a gaggle of children underfoot. This country couple has two biological sons named Thomas and Tate. They are also committed to raising Luke's sister's son, Tilden, whose parents have both passed on.

17 The Underwoods Growing Family Could NOT Be Cuter

via countrylivingmagazine.com

What happens when country music's reigning princess meets and marries herself a hockey-playing prince? Absolute fireworks! Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are busy being beautiful together and building their perfect little family. They recently welcomed a second son into their darling family.

16 The Aldeans Enjoy A Good Old Chow Down

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Jason Aldean and his wife Brittney can be seen here taking full advantage of a little kid-free time. With two older daughters, (from Aldean's first marriage,) and two tiny tots at home, a quiet dinner is nearly impossible for this perfect pair. So when the opportunity arises, they go for it. Same, guys.

15 Leann And Eddie WAY Before They Were A Thing

via entertainmenttonight.com

This picture was taken long before Eddie and Leann fell head over heels for one another. In fact, the country cutie was only fourteen years old when she met her future hubby. The couple uncovered this pic in a box out in the garage. Neither even remembers it being taken! Who would have thought fourteen years after this chance meeting, they would make things official?

14 The Cashes In The Studio

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They are country music icons, but here they look like a couple of kids just having a good time while doing what they love. Johnny Cash and his wife June had a long life together as husband and wife. They were man and wife for thirty-five years before Johnny lost his true love in 2003. For them, there was never another.

13 Nic And Keith Love Some Halloween Festivities

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We are used to seeing these two sparkle on the red carpet, but high profile events are not the only reason the Urbans like to get dolled up. They clearly enjoy a little dress-up fun during Halloween. We love seeing the more playful side of Mr. and Mrs. Urban. It's a departure from Nic's serious side that we often see.

12 Kane Brown And His Mrs. Get Down

via countrymusicfamily.com

Singer Kane Brown's star continues to rise, and his lovely wife stands right by his side through it all. Katelyn Jae met Brown at a Florida Topgolf location, and at the time of their meeting, she had no clue who he was. Kane was smitten, pursued his love, and the rest is history. The pair married earlier this year and are due to welcome a baby girl soon.

11 Thomas Rhett And Lauren Atkins From Kids To Power Couple

via ninjahjournalist.com/people.com

Thomas Rhett might not have been able to predict that he would one day be a massive country music star, but he could have predicted his future wife even back when he was eight years old. He has known his wife Lauren since the pair was in second grade. The perfect pair now have two daughters, one adopted and one biological.

10 Maren Morris And Ryan Hurd Taking A Well Deserved Breather

via hollywoodlife.com

Country crooner Maren Morris is now a married woman! She tied the knot with fellow country music singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd in 2018. Now, this united couple can focus on making beautiful music together and not just for some big names like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan. Get to work you two!

9 Tyler And Hailey Hubbard Are Salt Of The Earth

via hankfm.com

They can be seen here getting their hands soiled with their little lady, proving that just because you are famous fancy doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the smaller things in life. The Florida Georgia Line singer and his wife Hailey, who are now parents of two little ones, know what is truly important in this life.

8 The Deckers Show Their Playful Side

via tasteofcountry.com

The Deckers are always keeping things real and showing us that their life isn't all that far off from our own lives, especially when it comes to parenting. The country star and her footballer husband recently added kiddo number three into their fun-loving mix. No more man-on-man defense for them!

7 The Paisleys Travel Back In Time

via KATC-FM.com

This longtime country couple showed us their seventies side when they joined forces with The Blair Garner Show to host the first-ever Disco Party. The event wasn't all fun and games. The pair was working to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. We love their humor as well as their desire to make the world a better, healthier place. The world needs more people like the Paisleys.

6 Alan And Denise Jackson Set The Bar High

via pensandpatrons.com

Their love is a true testament to dedication and devotion. Their story started way back in high school. The young lovers married in 1979 and six years later moved from their hometown of Georgia to Nashville so that Alan could realize his ultimate dream of becoming a country music star. He has his wife to thank for the realization. She met Glen Campbell while working as a flight attendant and gave her man the ultimate industry connection.

5 Sara Evans And Jay Barker Make Another Go Of It

via countryfancast.com

Sara Evans managed to find her forever the second time around. Evans was hitched to her first spouse for fourteen years, and following their very high profile divorce, remarriage was the furthest thing from her mind. Enter Jay Barker. The pair now have seven kids between them and many years of happiness to look forward to!

4 Dolly Parton And Carl Dean Have Half A Century Of Love Under Their Belt

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Dolly Parton is a true legend in every sense of the word. While she has never shied away from the spotlight, her longtime husband has. Many people don't even know that Dolly is a married woman. Dolly met her husband, Carl Dean in the '60s at a local laundromat called The Wishy-Washy. They wed in 1966 and are still the light of each other's lives.

3 Chris Tyrell Only Shares Wife Hillary Scott With One Other Woman

via onecountry.com

Relax. It's the couple's little girl. Actually, there are a few little ladies stealing daddy's heart these days. Scott and Tyrell first met during their college years but didn't reconnect until they both found themselves opening for the notorious Tim McGraw. They joined forces on stages as well as in life, marrying in 2012.

2 We Wish Someone Would Sing To Us Like That

via theboot.com

Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook took the long road into each other's hearts. While the now-married duo shared a friendship and musical success together, they didn't share romantic feelings at first though, because Fairchild was married to someone else. After her divorce was finalized, they decided to give love a whirl. Now here they are, living out their own version of a fairytale romance.

1 The Stapletons Still Have That Look Of Love

via countryfancast.com

The Stapletons have mad love for one another. They love being married and also love being parents. The country singing honeys recently brought their kid total up to five children! It seems that when they aren't working on churning out awesome tunes, they are working on building an entire football team.

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