20 Rare Pics Of Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

Here are 20 Rare Pics Of Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

Some people love Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, while others do not. Although the wrestling pair are happily married, they did not have the greatest start together. Controversy sparked when Triple H was dating the late Chyna, and she found out that he was having an affair with Stephanie.

Now, do not forget that Stephanie is the daughter of the boss, Vince. After a storyline evoked a fight in the ring between Stephanie and her lover, Triple H, they quickly became friends. The two became extremely close off-screen and sparks started to fly. The only issue here was that they needed permission from Vince to be together. The CEO had given them their blessing, only to take it away and give it back again. They even had to secretly date, but all these years later, the two are still going strong. Is it safe to say they found love in a hopeless place?

Take a trip down memory lane with these rare photos of the power couple.

20 Their Wedding

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They have been married for over a decade now, and that is quite impressive considering the industry they are in. On October 25th, 2003, their relationship was no longer a secret, and everyone drastically found out about their love for one another. They even had a “fake” wedding on RAW, remember that? This photo is the real deal, though.

19 The Famjam

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Both Triple H and Stephanie put in lots of long hours at the office, but despite that, they make time for their children. The couple, who have redefined #couplegoals, have three daughters together, who we might see in the WWE soon. That aside, although we see Triple H as a man with a massive ego, he’s a softy. Rare photos like these with their children are so precious.

18 Mixed Feelings

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While their daughters may be ready to soon be WWE Divas, they made a pitstop at the White House first. If you already dislike the couple, you may feel sour about them even more now - we know.

The children recently had the unique opportunity of meeting the president because of their grandmother. How they felt about it? Their facial expressions are quite telling.

17 A Preggers Stephanie

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Most of you would not recognize that as Stephanie, and neither did we.

Used to seeing her in skimpy clothing in the ring or donning office-wear, here is a rare photo of Stephanie with a baby bump. This photo comes from her second pregnancy, which was in 2008. Back then, not many photos of her preggers self had surfaced.

16 A Throwback To Good Times

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Back then, people did not really use their cellphones to take photos and videos – yes, remember that time? That being said, it was rare to see the more intimate side of Triple H and his leading lady.

Considered the first family of wrestling, it is heartwarming to see how the couple are behind-the-scenes. And it seems they are quite fantastic.

15 Day Off

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As they’re currently about to take over the world of WWE, they’re also busy being parents and they barely have time for themselves. All avid WWE fans know very well that they’re all over the place as they upkeep their family dynasty. That being said, it is refreshing to see the couple take time for themselves.

14 When It All Began

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This photo comes from a time when the two were “just friends.”

From time-to-time, the WWE like to release some rare good old photos of the pair, like this one. It’s pretty clear from this picture that way back when, the two had feelings for each other. Yes, we’re gushing!

13 The Good Ol’ Days

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Haters are going to hate, but Stephanie McMahon has supported her hubby from day one!

Despite their fake romance on-air back then, Stephanie was not shy to show off her man once she got her father’s blessing. Although their romance may have started as an affair, the two had and still have each other’s backs.

12 Modelling Career?

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Besides their immense talent in the ring, we cannot take their good looks away from them. Triple H may not have a son, but their three daughters, with such great genes, could probably be models one day if wrestling doesn’t work out for them.

Here, the couple were clearly posing for a photoshoot and their fierce expressions have us loving them even more.

11 Power Couple

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A couple who works out together, stays together, right? What don’t this couple do together?

They basically run the WWE world, and on their downtime, they bulk up together. They both have a lot on their plate, but that clearly does not stop them from keeping in shape.

10 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

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If you’re wondering where Scooby-Doo has been, well, he had made it to the WWE! If you follow the WWE religiously, you may remember back in 2016, Warner Bros. and the WWE teamed up to do an animated cross-over. Stephanie and Triple H were a part of it and they couldn’t do without meeting the real-life Scooby-Doo.

9 A Touching Moment

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Are you surprised that the two are still so in love after all these years?

While they’re building an empire, the two have not got completely sucked in by the limelight. Unlike many real-life wrestling love stories that turned into nightmares, theirs is a fairytale. Stephanie still looks at Triple H as if it was the first time.

8 An Addition To The Family

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Besides their love for wrestling and their children, the two are obsessed with dogs! While Stephanie shared this photo on her Twitter account, many do not remember the time they shared a selfie with their newest addition to the family. And to top it off, they got their puppy on National Dog Day!

7 Spreading The Love

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We have seen them kiss quite often in the ring, and although we probably do not want to see them smooch on-air, we know it’s real!

Stephanie never misses an opportunity to show some love to her man, whether they’re on the red carpet, or simply taking a selfie.

6 Playing Around

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The couple have quite the silly side to them, too.

While some think that Triple H is always straight-faced, he certainly knows how to have a good time. People need to sit back and remember that they are pretty much acting in the ring. While we know he wouldn’t hurt his wifey, this rare candid photo is quite hilarious!

5 How Adorable?

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Yes, that is indeed Stephanie! Why does she look so different when she’s pregnant? We guess it is that pregnancy glow. We’re pretty sure that Stephanie and Triple H kept trying so that they could have a boy!

Also, in case you were wondering, those two girls are not their daughters - clearly.

4 The Father-In-Law

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Many believe that Triple H got where he did in the wrestling world because his father-in-law is the CEO. To each their own, correct?

Over the years, the two have had opposing views over things and have been frustrated with each other. However, at the end of the day, Stephanie followed her heart and Vince accepted it.

Here is a rare loving photo of the three!

3 Kind With Fans

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We love it when we see celebrities act graceful and humble; it’s enlightening. The man with the so-called massive ego always stops to pose with fans, and so does she. We totally dig this photo because we’ve probably never seen them both looking so natural.

Look at Stephanie with glasses on – that’s a sight we have not seen.

2 Such A Good-Looking Couple

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Leather must have been the hottest trend back then, as the power couple were matching with leather outfits! Seriously, who can pull off a heavy leather jacket and look that rocking? The one and only HHH! And Stephanie looks absolutely gorgeous with her curly hair and leather top. And we know that they could still pull off this look, years later.

1 Living Their Best Lives

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We saved the best for the last! If there is one couple in the entertainment industry that people should admire, it’s this pair. After all these years and in between all the drama, they’re still going strong. They’re all about each other, and it’s clear that they still have an infinite love to share. Hey, they’re going to be around for a long time.

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