20 Raw Pics Of Celebs Who Can't Handle It Without The Nanny

Most parents don't have the luxury of being able to afford a nanny. Of course, most celebs have not only one, but multiple nannies at hand to help them raise their offspring. However, every now and then a celeb will be spotted with their children and no nanny in sight, which usually tends to end in someone crying. So today our list revolves around pics of celebs who wish they hadn't given their nanny a day off, because parenthood without a nanny is so overwhelming. And while to them, this is an occasional occurrence, to most parents, this is what every single day looks like. Yet somehow seeing another parent, especially a famous one, struggle with the same things we do tends to cheer us up and even make us laugh. Hey, there's a fine line between tragedy and comedy after all!

Now here they are, 20 pics of celebs who seem to struggle a bit without the nanny.

20 Jessica Alba's Smile Quickly Disappeared Once Her Daughter Started Crying

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Hollywood actress Jessica Alba definitely seems like a wonderful mom, and we bet all three of her kids would agree. However, even the best moms occasionally struggle, and as you can tell from the pics above, Jessica is no exception. If only somebody already invented a cure for those times a baby just won't stop crying...

19 Geri Halliwell Has Some Rather Questionable Parenting Methods

Via: thesun.co.uk

We gotta say we absolutely love Ginger Spice, because even though some parents might freak out over the way she's handling her daughter — she is certainly keeping it real. Besides, children are sometimes so mischevious that one simply needs to pull them to get them where they're supposed to go.

18 Kim Kardashian Likes To Walk In Fron Of Her Kids

Via: radaronline.com

Kim Kardashian definitely strikes us as the type of celebrity who needs to have a nanny around, simply because her motherly instinct of always keeping an eye on your child (meaning not having them walk behind you) seems to be missing. Luckily, Kim can certainly afford a nanny or two.

17 Or Give Them To Sister Kourtney Kardashian To Handle

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And by nanny, we do not mean Kim's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, as she seems to struggle whenever she offers to take Kim's daughter North with her as well. But to be completely honest, most parents have at some point experienced that their child tripped and fell, which is why we shouldn't judge the Kardashians too harshly!

16 Sarah Jessica Parker Had To Pick Her Daughter Up So She'd Stop Crying

Via; justjared.com

Most kids usually cry until they get their way, and it seems as if that's exactly what happened to Sarah Jessica Parker's daughter in the photo above. She wanted to be carried and she knew what the easiest way was to make her mommy oblige. Naturally, as soon as she was picked up the tears were suspiciously gone...

15 But Jennifer Garner Is Very Strict On The 'No Carrying' Rule

Via: zimbio.com

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner can't be fooled that quickly and is refusing to pick her son up even though he seems very upset. After all the world is a harsh place where often things don't go the way you want them and Jennifer wants her kids to learn that early on.

14 Sandra Bullock Decided To Just Give Up And Go Home

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Sometimes parents just end up giving up and complying to whatever their child wants, and it seems as if actress Sandra Bullock's son wasn't too happy with taking a walk so the Hollywood star did what most moms would do — she put him in the car and drove back home.

13 And Jessica Biel Decided To Not Go To The Gym After This Workout

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A great thing about young children is that they save their parents the gym membership money because let's be real — running around your child and carrying it all the time is pretty much a full-body workout. And nobody knows that better than one of Hollywood's most fit mothers Jessica Biel.

12 Katie Holmes' Daughter Just Wants It To Stop Raining

Via: dailymail.co.uk

There's no doubt that Suri Cruise was (and still is) one of Hollywood's most famous celebrity kids and over the years we got to witness how much of a diva the young lady actually is. In the pics above you can see her giving her mother a hard time because it's pouring and she wants it to stop.

11 Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez Is Not Sure What's Going On

Via: justjared.com

Most of these pics of celebs struggling with their kids are honestly pretty hilarious — knowing that they also don't have it easy with their kids makes them so much more relatable. So here's Jennifer Lopez trying to make her son walk? We're not sure, but it definitely doesn't look like a fun time for the star.

10 Ashton Kutcher Wishes There Was A Turn Off Button For Crying

Via: univision.com

To switch things up a bit — here's a celebrity dad struggling with his offspring. Actor Ashton Kutcher's face says it all, he really doesn't know what else to do to make his daughter stop crying. Where's Mila when one needs her, eh? Jokes aside, we're sure Ashton eventually figured it out!

9 And Victoria Beckham Won't Put Up With Any Of This

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Another former Spice Girl on today's list is Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice, similarly to her former groupmate Geri, is also not up for any mischevious behavior from her son's side which is why she is pulling him towards the car. We can definitely imagine the fashion icon as a rather strict mom.

8 Hilary Duff Is Trying To Be Patient

Via: justjared.com

Anyone who is a parent knows how important patience is, and Hilary Duff clearly has a lot of it. While on a walk with her son the Hollywood star had to stop multiple times so that he could squat down for no reason. Yup, kids' minds work in mysterious ways!

7 While Neil Patrick Harris Needs A Lot More Coffee

Via: radaronline.com

While Hilary seems to have a lot of patience, actor Neil Patrick Harris seems to be running out of it. The star was seen leaving a coffee shop with his son who seems to be rather upset, while Neil is trying to play it cool and ignore him — even though his face is surely giving away how annoyed he is.

6 Angelina Jolie Thought Snacks Might Help The Situation

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, we admire actress Angelina Jolie who is often seen with all of her kids and no nanny in sight. One is a lot of hard work let alone six! Regardless, motherhood clearly has its downsides, and one of them is when the usual "bag of Cheetos against the tears" trick doesn't work.

5 And Miranda Kerr Just Wants Her Son To Go To Sleep

Via: justjared.com

How relatable is this pic of model Miranda Kerr giving up and literally pulling the hood down on her son? Of course, we do not in any way encourage parents out there to use this method, unless they have gone through every other option available and nothing worked in calming their little pumpkin down. Sometimes ignoring does wonders, just ask Miranda!

4 Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen Struggle With Their Stroller

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Probably the funniest pic on our list is this one of actors Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen picking up their stroller on the street. The thing obviously collapsed due to all the bags they put on it which makes us wonder why they didn't realize that would happen. Either way, their child wasn't hurt and that's all that matters!

3 While Elton John Just Wants His Son To Not Make A Scene

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Singer and diva Elton John is clearly too important to put up with anyone's nonsense — including his own son's. But then again. it's no surprise that his son is a little diva himself — your parents are your role models after all. Either way, we bet the two eventually came to common grounds!

2 Gwen Stefani Tries To Pick Her Son Up But He's Definitely Getting Too Big

Via: dailymail.co.uk

next on our list is singer Gwen Stefani, who is struggling to pick her son up from the ground. The cutie seems to have fallen off his scooter, and naturally, mommy immediately came up to help him get back on his feet. If only there was also a nanny because picking up a child of his age seems like a job for two...

1 And Lastly, Here's Drew Barrymore Giving Up 

Via: instagram,.com

To wrap things up we cheated a bit and included these non-paparazzi pics of actress Drew Barrymore because they were just too darn good to not show you. The star took her daughter to Disneyland, but of course, things didn't go as planned. Instead of being upset or panicking, Drew simply took pics of what was going on, and for that, we crown her with the "cool mom" title!

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