20 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Basically Like Having a Child

Becoming a new parent is stressful - you will have sleepless nights, you'll hover over them worrying on your first walk to the park together, and you will even find yourself shocked and upset when you catch them drinking out of the toilet. What? You did realise we were talking about being a dog parent, right? The greatest parenthood anyone could ask for!

Here is why it is exactly the same as raising a child - but more fun.

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20 You Spare No Expense for Their Birthday and Christmas


When it comes to giving gifts you know exactly what your pooch deserves: The very best. You're not thinking just the standard dog bone, you buy only the very best luxury goods for your dog and even go to the extra mile by wrapping the gift up .

19 You Can't Stay Angry at Your Dog for Long


Your dog could chew the whole couch, dig holes in the garden, eat all the food in the cupboards – but when you look into those big eyes it doesn't take long until all is forgiven.

18 You are Constantly Cleaning Up After Your Dog


Whether it's scooping up poop, picking up toys or chasing after them to get them ready for bath time, being a full-time mother to a furry quadruped is a tough job – but someone's got to do it!

17 Everything Your Dog Does You Find Hilarious and Cute


You see your dog differently from everyone else. When they chase their own tail (like a normal dog), you will laugh for hours on end and then head into work the next day, excited to tell everyone about it. What? WHY IS NO ONE LAUGHING?!

16 You Always Make Sure Your Dog is Dressed Warmly for Winter


There is no chance you would ever let your precious pooch outside in the snow without wrapping up first. What do people think you have a cupboard full of mini-sweaters for anyway?

15 You Compare Your Dog's Behaviour to Others


You're on the third session at Doggy Behaviour School and you already pride yourself over the fact that your little one is performing better than the others. You don't want to brag but you know that your dog's development is above standard.

14 You Tell Your Dog How Proud of Them You are


Good behaviour is rewarded in your house – no matter how many legs you have.

13 You Know Your Dog is So Much Cuter Than All the Others


If there was ever a "Cutest Dog In The World" competition, you know if you entered, the trophy would just be handed over.

12 You Let Your Dog in the Bed for "Movie Nights"


Your dog loves all the Disney classics but sometimes you share a treat and watch a spooky, horror movie. Nothing too scary though – you don't want to be up all night worrying they (or rather you) might have nightmares!

11 You Pack a Whole Overnight Bag for Them When Away from Home


When a friend offers to babysit - sorry dogsit - for you when you're away they are always shocked at how much stuff you have packed for your dog. Why yes, my dog DOES need his bed, blanket, 50 toys, 20 different treats and a giant bag of his food for just one night.

10 You are in Many Dog Communities Swapping "Parenting Tips"


You're constantly online chatting to other dog lovers about the best way to "parent" your dogs. You and your dog's names are recognised in the group as you are always updating the community about your own little sweetheart.

9 You Constantly Write Facebook Updates About Your Dog


Do you ever find yourself updating, "Well guess who isn't feeling well today?", with a photo of your pooch wrapped up in a blanket looking sad? You are one of many over-sharers on social media. The only thing that will stop you is if someone throws your computer out the window.

8 You Won't Let Anyone Else Discipline Your Dog


Watching someone else discipline your dog is enough to drive you crazy. You lay the rules down in this house and everyone knows who really is boss.

7 You Arrange Play Dates with Other Dogs for Your Dog


You are always open for other dogs coming over for a play date with yours. Besides, you know enough "dog moms" to start a whole doggy daycare.

6 You Look Back on Their Puppy Pictures With a Tear in Your Eye


"They just grow up so fast..." *sniff*

5 You Even Taught Your Dog How to Swim


Well... technically they just jumped in the pool and started swimming... but you like to think that it was really your encouragement and support that gave them the confidence!

4 You Have Had Sleepless Nights Worrying About Your Dog


Sometimes your dog can get sick and will need to have time to recover. When this happens you're an emotional wreck, and end up spending nights tossing and turning in your sleep, worrying about your pooch. OH GOD IS HE ALIVE?!?!

3 Halloween is Your Favourite Time of the Year


If there was an award for the owner who dresses their dog in the best costume on Halloween then you would win every single year.

2 You Get Ridiculously Excited When Your Dog Learns Something New


You whoop and cheer when your dog learns a trick. You will also tell anyone who listens that your "clever boy" can now roll over and there is even video evidence to prove it!

1 You Have a Pet Name... For Your Pet


Even though your dog has a first name, middle name and family name, you have also blessed them with a ridiculous pet name like, "Mr Fluffy Paws"... and yes, you do use a baby voice when you say it. #noshame

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