16 Reasons Why Wine Is Every Girl's Best Friend

Let's face it, at this point in my life, I actually prefer the company of Merlot or ChardoonYAY to most people. Especially after a long day in the office, when the last thing I want to do is entertain anyone but myself.

Marilyn Monroe once sang, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but she was wrong. Wine, wine is a girl's best friend. Don't believe me? Well, here are 15 reasons why I believe wine is every girl's best friend.

16 It Provides Much Needed Respite

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No matter what you do for a living (full-time mommy, career woman or student) wine can provide the best respite of your freaking life! We all know that respite just means self-care and seriously, who doesn't need that?! Go ahead take a drink girl, adulting is hard.

15 It Won't Break Your Heart

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In-fact, wine can prevent the risk of heart attacks. So you see, wine = love. The only kind of love that won't leave you heartbroken or disappointed in the morning.

14 It's Affordable

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You broke boo-boo? Got four-bucks? Then you can buy yourself a bottle of wine! And if you're feeling "Oprah rich" you can splurge on a decent bottle that costs more than ten dollars. That's better than hitting up your local bar. You can never NOT afford wine, ever!

13 It's Classy

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The only time I ever feel classy is when I am sitting on my couch in my sweatpants, watching Netflix, wearing my faux diamonds and drinking wine! Sometimes I drink it straight out of the bottle. Other times, when I REALLY want to be classy, I drink it out of one of my IKEA wine glasses.

12 It Does Not Judge

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Wine will NEVER judge you for doing anything listed above. Classy is a feeling, not an action. And wine will never judge you on anything, ever! Wine knows nothing but love and acceptance. So, drink on you classy lady, you!

11 It's Has Multiple Purposes

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You can drink wine. You can cook with wine. You can reuse the bottles and the corks for DIY projects. It honestly doesn't get any better than that!

10 It's The Best Sleep Aid

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A few glasses of wine is like having someone whisk you off to la-la land aka the best sleep remedy ever!

9 It's Healthy For You

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Do you want to lower your mortality risk? Live longer? Have a healthier heart? Drink more wine, it's that easy! And it's super fun.

8 Anytime darling, Anytime

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Yes, you can drink wine anytime of the day! Breakfast?! Go for it! Lunch?! Hell yeah! Dinner?! Duh.

7 It Makes You Smile, A Lot

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I don't know about you, but I would say a wine-high is the best kind of tipsy there is. All it takes is half a glass for me to start smiling. I'm talking about giggly, school girl type of laughing. That point in which I am enjoying everything and everyone. Even if you don't want to smile, you can't help it! Wine makes people happy, always.

6 It Encourages You to Have Dessert

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Dessert wine?! Yes! Wine literally encourages you to have dessert with your wine. It's almost a necessity. And have you ever heard of wine-ice cream?! Best invention ever. Go look it up. Seriously, go!

5 Wine Wants You to Have An Open Relationship

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Wine doesn't get jealous. You want to hang with Merlot tonight? Maybe see White Zin for lunch tomorrow? Take a weekend rendezvous with Pinot? Go for it, no judgments!

4 It's the Best Hobby Ever

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There are trips, events and weekend getaways centered around wine. Wanna go wine tasting? Ride through the Napa Valley while trying to stay on your bike? Tour the vineyards in France? Wine provides all this and more.

3 It's Dependable

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When you can't count on anyone, wine will always be there for you. And the best part: it never expects anything in return.

2 It's Relaxing

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Wine, bubbles and candles. Do I even need to say more?!

1 It's Cheaper Than Therapy

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It may be just a bottle, but it opens up your feelings and girl talk is nothing without it.

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