20 Recent Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Looking Surprisingly Put Together

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was one of the most successful child actors in the world! The actress starred in countless films from 'The Parent Trap, 'Freaky Friday', 'Mean Girls' and 'Georgia Rule'.

Although Lohan has had quite a career in film, she took a left turn back in the late 2000s when she was notoriously known as the "party girl". This bad-girl facade led her to be on the unofficial Hollywood blacklist and the public didn't hear much of Lohan for quite some time.

After a few stints in rehab and several misconducts with the law, Lohan appeared on her own docu-series with Oprah Winfrey, which shot the star back onto the radar. Lohan has gone on to star on her own reality show and as a current judge on the 'Masked Singer'. With a lovely turn around, here are 20 recent photos of LiLo looking surprisingly put together.

20 NYC Nightclub Opening

Lindsay Looked quite ravishing during her nightclub opening in New York City last summer. The star wore a light pink dress, cute statement pieces and of course, her iconic red hair locks. We gotta give it to Lindsay for getting out of the car sans problems this time around!

19 Mykonos Selfie

Lohan spends quite a lot of time in Mykonos, Greece, considering that is the location of one of her beach clubs. LiLo took this selfie of herself during the series and looks quite refreshed and relaxed! The star later posted the shot to her IG, where finds were delighted to see the star looking so good.

18 The Interview On 'Watch What Happens Live'

LiLo appeared on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' earlier this year, and looked absolutely stunning! The actress not only looked put together but her coral dress and matching lipstick went perfectly with her red hair and natural makeup look.

17 Mother-Daughter Moment

Despite Lindsay having a very tumultuous relationship with mother Dina Lohan, it is no secret that the two really do have nothing but love for one another. Lindsay posted this selfie of the two on social media, looking happy as ever!

16 Vacation Mode

This is probably one of our favourite shots of Lindsay Lohan! The actress, who was vacationing on the Mediterranean Sea last summer, took this gorgeous selfie of herself on a boat. LiLo looks as fresh as a daisy in this photo and exudes radiance. Fans were happy to see the star look so happy, and restored.

15 Paper Magazine Shoot

Paper Magazine is mostly known for their biggest selling issue when Kim Kardashian graced the cover of the publication, but Lindsay Lohan is a notable contender! The actress looks divine posing as numerous Disney princesses! From Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora, Linday showcased her princess-like features that had fans loving every bit of it.

14 Press Tour

When Lindsay Lohan announced that she'd be joining the cast of "The Masked Singer" as a judge, she went on a press tour to promote the show. The star looked great in a blue blazer and white body shirt that had the actress looking sophisticated and very much put together.

13 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

If you don't know about Wednesdays, then now you do! "On Wednesdays we wear pink" is a notorious line from one of Lohan's hit films 'Mean Girls'. Although we aren't certain this shot was taken on a Wednesday, she was looking very pretty in pink!

12 MTV EMA's

Lohan attended the 2018 MTV European Music Awards to promote her MTV show 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'. The actress wore a strapless metallic dress, large statement earrings, and a very natural makeup look that had the star looking exquisite!

11 'Beach Club' Promo

When it was first announced that LiLo would be getting her own reality show revolving around her beach club in Mykonos, fans were a little skeptical that Lohan was falling back into her old ways, however, she proved that she was not only a boss but a gorgeous one at that!

10 'Mean Girls' Reunion

We love a good reunion, and we love this one even more! Lohan and former castmate Jonathan Bennett, who played the heartthrob Aaron Samuels in 'Mean Girls', had a reunion at the MTV Aftershow for 'Beach Club'. The two looked absolutely gorgeous and appear to be happy to see one another.

9 Fresh Face

Lindsay Lohan's paparazzi photos were worth thousands back in the day, for reasons we all remember, however, when LiLo gets caught by the paps nowadays, she is sporting nothing but a fresh face paired with a smile and a wave. With love seeing Lohan out and about and looking like an absolute gem while doing it.

8 Sun-kissed

Lohan and yacht selfies have become quite synonymous! The actress spends a lot of her time overseas in Greece and Dubai. LiLo took this gorgeous selfie and posted it online for her fans to see. We love when Lohan puts her freckles on display, and the "wind blowing in the hair" look is definitely helping.

7 The Tonight Show

Lindsay Lohan paid a visit to 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" to promote her MTV reality show. The star and the talk show host also discussed the viral video of LiLo dancing in Mykonos, which blew up online last year. Lindsay looked like a vision in white and was all smiles during her interview.

6 The Masked Singer

Can we talk about LiLo's looks during her role as a judge on "The Masked Singer"? The actress ventured off to Australia for the show and killed it every single episode with her outfits. Lohan looked particularly gorgeous in this sparkly jumpsuit and was grinning with joy!

5 Mirror Pics

Everyone loves to take a mirror selfie, especially if you're feeling yourself, and LiLo was definitely feeling herself. The actress is looking absolutely stunning in this white dress and colourful makeup. The star took this shot backstage at the Australian based show and posted it to her Instagram Stories a few weeks ago.

4 Morning Selfie

If LiLo really wakes up like this, then we want to know what her secret is! The actress snapped this shot of herself while in bed looking absolutely heavenly. Lohan is sporting a completely fresh no-makeup look, and could not look happier.

3 Paparazzi Shot

Lindsay Lohan was caught by the paparazzi this summer attending a party for Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott. She looks like an absolute gem in her Moschino wrap and black negligee underneath. LiLo, who appeared to be taken quite off-guard, sported cool waves and a fresh face as she stepped out of the car.

2 Beach Glam

Lindsay Lohan revealed a number of promo shots for her MTV show 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' and look divine in each and every one! Lohan is radiating boss realness as she poses on a Mykonos beach looking like a Grecian goddess.

1 Black & White Chic

Lindsay Lohan is a woman of many looks! The star can go from beachwear to elegant chic in a New York minute and look amazing doing it. Lohan is wearing a stunning white and black dress with sequin detailing that showcases the graceful and refined version of herself.

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