20 Reddit Stories From Fans Who Met Their Fave Celebs (+ What Went Down)

Many people dream about meeting their favorite celebrity, even if the meeting only lasts a minute. And for the majority of people, those dreams go unrealized. Typically, the more famous the idol, the harder it is to meet them, and most of the time, it comes down to luck.

But it seems that luck does work in favor of a select few! After getting the chance to meet some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, fans naturally hop online to share their stories so other fans can live vicariously through them. The celebrity encounter posts on Reddit show that celebrities are sometimes majorly different in real life from how we imagine them to be.

We gathered 20 celebrity meeting stories from fans who told of their experiences online. Most of the time, the stars were polite and friendly, which was surprising considering the reputations that some of them hold. It just goes to show that we can’t believe everything we hear!

Mostly, the fans were surprised by how normal the celebs seemed, although there were one or two cases where the stars proved to be quite unique.

Keep reading to find out what went down during these celebrity encounters.

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20 Daniel Radcliffe Chatted In A Dublin Pub

Irish Mirror

Most fan testimonies seem to the point to the fact that even though Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, he’s totally humble and down to earth. Reddit user 48Michael revealed on the site that he had the pleasure of running into Radcliffe in Dublin, Ireland, while the star was having a night off at a local pub.

Not only was the Harry Potter actor polite, but he even introduced the fan to his group of friends. “Really nice dude,” wrote 48Michael. “I told him I like his work and he thanked me then introduced me to his friends. Chatted for a little about life and let him be.”

19 Robin Williams Did Comedy In Whole Foods

Chicago Tribune

Almost any celebrity encounter story featuring the late Robin Williams paints a picture of a man who had a kind and caring soul. Reddit user Devmic met the actor and comedian while in a Whole Foods store and had a similar experience.

Williams was friendly and appreciative of his fans; “We approached him and introduced ourselves and he immediately cleared a space for us to sit and chat with him. I was pretty young at the time, so he spent most of the time trying to make me laugh by doing voices.” A personal comedy routine from the one and only Robin Williams is the stuff of dreams!

18 Kanye West Played Tracks For Fans At The Airport


You might have a preconceived notion of Kanye West’s personality based on run-ins he’s had with the press, feuds with other artists, and rants on social media. But according to lordpanda, Yeezy was nothing but sweet during an encounter at the Montreal airport. The Reddit user revealed that this took place back when West was a little less high-profile before his Late Registration album was released, but the star was super friendly.

“I came up and said hey and he was very cool about it. We spoke about music mostly… He even made me listen to some of his favorite tracks.” Not only did lordpanda have a 15-minute convo with the rapper, but found out another detail about him: “Also, very soft hands.”

17 Anna Kendrick Was Lost At A Tube Station


It seems that the Tube really is the way to get around in London, and even celebrities can’t resist this simple transport system. A Reddit user called goldenagechange told of a chance meeting with Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick at a Tube station.

Although Kendrick was flustered at not knowing how to get to her destination, she was still nice to her approaching fan. “She was incredibly sweet despite being stressed about not being able to find her way somewhere,” wrote goldenagechange, who also took note of the actress’s actual height. “I helped her out. Also, she’s tiny. Like 5ft.”

16 Will Smith Talked Soccer At The Golf Course

NY Daily News

Will Smith definitely gives off the impression that he is one of the friendliest and most approachable celebrities to meet IRL, and according to more than one fan report, he really is! WilliamcoHolm ran into the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself at the clubhouse of a golf course in Sweden and confirmed all of our suspicions. Per the fan, Smith is a super lovely human being and has even more charisma in real life than on the screen.

“He was cool with just talking about like the euro soccer games that played at the time and how nice Sweden was. Really likable.”

15 Alan Rickman Had On Cashmere At A Film Festival


It seems like those Harry Potter stars really are a friendly bunch in real life too! MonkeyCatDog recalled meeting the late actor Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape, at a film festival. The legendary actor had a reputation of not always being the most talkative person around fans but turned out to be incredibly kind during this encounter.

“He was very [quiet], reserved but not unkind,” explained the fan. “He let people take photos, he signed autographs… He let me put my arm around him to get a picture. His jacket had to be cashmere… it felt so nice… HE felt so nice!”

14 Justin Timberlake Played Pre-Show Football


Tossing a football around with Justin Timberlake is a dream for many, but it was a reality for the brother of one Reddit user, Apod1991. During the encounter, Timberlake was preparing for one of his shows and asked the crew members working at the arena if they wanted to take a break and throw the football around.

“So for about 20 minutes they all tossed the football around and whenever a boss came to [tell them off], Justin said, ‘Hey I asked them, got a problem? Talk with me.’” Having Justin Timberlake clap back at your boss? We can’t think of a more satisfying moment!

13 Matthew McConaughey Made Friends At An Air Force Base

CBS News

One Reddit user, who has since deleted their account, posted online about the time they were lucky enough to meet Matthew McConaughey. The meeting, which took place at an Air Force Base, went so well that the user became a fan for life afterward!

“He was visiting the Air Force Base I work at. He was just standing in front of the Visitors Center as I was walking on the base. I walked up and introduced myself. He was a really gracious guy, extremely polite and a fellow Texan! I am a huge fan of the man and his movies since this meeting.”

12 Beyoncé Flew Under The Radar In An Elevator


Reddit user DJMOONPICKLES69 is one of the few people on this planet who can actually say that he was present when there were a billion dollars in an elevator. Back in the early 2000s, this fan was lucky enough to chance upon Beyoncé Knowles herself in an elevator (with her bodyguard, of course).

“My dad being my dad didn’t know who she was and assumed they were a married couple … She laughed, he kinda giggled a bit and they looked at each other awkwardly.” This might even have been memorable for B as well since she probably doesn’t often run into people who don’t know who she is.

11 Rupert Grint Bonded With Fans Over Kangaroos On Broadway

Rupert Grint

Another Harry Potter star who’s made a positive impression among fans is Rupert Grint, who portrayed Ron Weasley in the films. A user called Just Another Password revealed on Reddit that they ran into the star while he was appearing on Broadway in New York.

“Afterwards I saw a heap of people walking around the exit and the cast was going to their cars, I saw him and shouted out, ‘G'day, Rupert!’ He stopped and saw me, came over and asked if that was an [Australia] accent, I replied yes and we had a chat about how much he loves Australia and Kangaroos.” That’s a good way to get attention when you’re in a mob of fans!

10 Benedict Cumberbatch Called Out A Fan At The Zoo


Celebrity encounters are all the more amazing when the celebrity approaches you and not the other way around. This happened to airbuspilot2436 when a stranger approached him at the London Zoo, and that stranger turned out to be none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. The fan had a Sherlock Holmes backpack brimming with Sherlock Holmes merchandise, which caught the star’s attention.

“As I was exiting the zoo and looking at directions on my phone, I feel someone tapping my shoulder. I turn around and then BOOM, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Everything went into slow-motion and he tells me, ‘Hey man, nice bag!’ I was mesmerized… we had a nice little conversation for about 5 minutes and it was the most amazing 5 minutes of my life.”

9 Kit Harington Lost His Phone At The Airport

Just Jared

Speaking of celebrity encounters where the celebrity comes up to you first, Reddit user RobotPixie had the ultimate GoT fan experience back in 2015 after running into Jon Snow himself at the airport. RobotPixie confirmed that although the meeting was short, it was clear that Kit Harington was a kind person.

“He had come over to ask me if I’d seen a phone (I’d thought it was left behind and given it to guest services). He thanked me, and then later when I was leaving wished me a nice flight. I didn’t see any particular act he just seemed like a genuinely nice person…”

8 Anne Hathaway Danced In An Ice Cream Store

Glitter Magazine

Reddit user 23times23 didn’t have to go out of their way to meet Anne Hathaway—the star stumbled right into their workplace at an ice cream store. And according to 23times23, Hathaway was more than comfortable being herself in public.

“I served ice cream to Anne Hathaway in her pixie cut phase. Last customer in the store right before we closed at midnight. She had vanilla with caramel sauce and an almond biscotti and danced around the store as if she was alone at home before asking us what the music was (simian mobile disco). Her fiance left a ten dollar tip.”

7 Tom Cruise Makes A Point Of Knowing Everyone's Names On Set


Although the press is always printing something about Tom Cruise’s private life, the actor is almost always polite and friendly when meeting fans (if fan stories are anything to go by!). One user called imadeaprofile revealed that Cruise is “one of the nicest (if most intense people) I’ve ever spoken to” after meeting him on a film set.

According to the fan, the actor “makes an effort to speak to every single person on set, remembers their names and makes eye contact with everyone ([so many] so-called ‘celebrities’ think they’re above basic human interaction). Worked with him a few years later and he remembered our first meeting.”

6 Taylor Swift Was Having Pizza At A Friend's Place


Imagine just going about your job and then unexpectedly running into your idol! It sounds too good to be true, but this actually happened to user astromechanical, who is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. “I was delivering pizza to a house and turned out Taylor Swift was there, I was wearing a 1989 T-shirt at the time and she noticed and asked if I wanted a picture (obviously I accepted) then tipped me $15 which was cool.”

For some people, meeting their favorite celebrity just once would be a life goal achieved, but astromechanical was lucky enough to meet her again at one of her concerts after the pizza encounter.

5 Ed Sheeran Found His Very First Fan Backstage

Just Jared

Now that he’s one of the biggest stars on the planet, Ed Sheeran might be a little hard for fans to reach. But emariie9413 was a fan long before he made it big around the world and was able to meet him backstage at a show where he was the opening act.

“I was a huge fan though and snuck backstage after his set to meet him. He was a bit surprised considering no one in the audience was really even paying much attention to him but was super nice and down to earth.” At the time, Sheeran was selling his own albums out of his backpack. Crazy!

4 George Clooney Scrubbed In At Warner Bros Studios


George Clooney is another celebrity who seems like a decent person even when the cameras turn off. One Reddit user who has since deleted their account remembered meeting the actor during his E.R. days and loved every minute of it.

“I met George Clooney outside the Warner Bros. commissary one day, when I was a guest on the lot… He was very sweet, personable, and apologized for having no pencil for autographs.” The post goes on to say that Clooney took a picture with the fan while he was still in his E.R. scrubs. His co-star, Anthony Edwards was with him, but unlike Clooney, Edwards walked away when the fans approached.

3 Jennifer Lopez Connected With Her Server At An Oscars Party

NY Daily News

Jennifer Lopez left quite an impression on Kahzgul after meeting her at an Oscar’s party. Then again, she’s J.Lo—who wouldn’t be stunned to meet her!

“I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so instantly attracted to a person in my entire life,” recalled Kahzgul. “When I asked what the people at her table would like to drink, she reached up, took my hand in both of hers, stared straight into my eyes, and said, ‘Thank you so much. Would it be okay if I had a [drink]?’ She did not let go of my hand, but continued to look up at me and bat her eyes even after I assured her that was fine. It was like I had 100% of her attention.”

2 Selena Gomez Lectured Fans At The Airport


Here’s a fan encounter that didn’t end so positively. Ashmullz managed to get Selena Gomez’s flight information and waited for her at the airport, four days before Christmas. But the former Disney star wasn’t having it.

“Selena was rude. And I deserved it… She lectured me and my friends on how dangerous it is to wait in an airport and how we need to respect her privacy. She also made me rat out my friend [who gave out her flight information] and took a pic of her [IG] account. I got a picture with her and she didn't even smile.”

1 Kim Kardashian Literally Bumped Into A Fan In A Lounge

Just Jared

Kim Kardashian is another star that most people probably assume will be a certain way in real life. But according to LoveBull, Kim was nothing but nice during a chance encounter in a lounge.

“I was in the same lounge as them years ago (I think well after their show had debuted) and I bumped into Kim on the way to the toilets and she nearly lost her balance but made sure I was OK and kept asking me if I was OK, and how clumsy it was of her etc. It was actually my fault and it was a tiny thing but made me feel she must be a nice person away from the cameras.” What a sweetheart!

Source: Reddit

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