20 Reimaginings Of DreamWorks Characters

DreamWorks offers a ton of memorable animated films that many of us grew up with. Characters like Shrek, Hiccup, Jack Frost, and more are also memorable for their movies and roles as main characters. Many talented artists all over the internet, all over the world share their tribute to the DreamWorks movies by showing their fan art.

The art can range from wholesome, entirely original, or even downright dark. That is the magic artists have when drawing characters from any TV show, movie, or video game. This list will feature a variety of fan art, whether it is simple or unexpected. Also be sure to check out their other work to see their incredible talent.

Here are twenty reimaginings of the DreamWorks characters!

20 The Goofy Squad

via: msmandz23.deviantart.com

MsMandz23 made this simple, but very nice fan art of the Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria. Traditional art is rare nowadays, but it is always nice to appreciate a drawing that uses it. Madagascar is a fun film that features a star-studded cast while fan art is rare for the movie, we appreciate them like MsMandz23's.

19 Mischevious Beauty

via: ricenrice.deviantart.com

Chel is a standout character in the movie El Dorado, where the other main characters are all male. She is gorgeous, but witty and clever as well. Ricenrice did an incredible job in bringing Chel in her art style. Her expression shows off that she is not to be messed with, and we love it!

18 Cold Darkness

via: vanrah.deviantart.com

Rise of the Guardians is a little bit underrated, but still a fantastic movie to watch during Christmas time. Jack Frost and Pitch Black are depicted by VanRah and they are fantastic to look at. As the artist puts it, Jack and Pitch could be two sides of the same coin.

17 Adorable Recreation

via: kasau-vn.deviantart.com

Out of the DreamWorks franchises, How to Train Your Dragon is insanely popular. There is so many fan art pieces of this series and it shows how dedicated the fanbase is. Kasau-vn brings a cute side to the series by making this adorable recreation.

16 Enlightened Moment

via: person9ify.deviantart.com

The Prince of Egypt is one of DreamWorks' beautifully animated films in the late 90s. Person9ify brings Moses to life with this beautiful recreation of the scene they used as inspiration for this piece of art. This fan art is simple but beautiful at the same time.

15 Submitting To Chaos

via: icookieday.deviantart.com

Eris is so bad yet gorgeously animated in the movie Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas. iCookieday made this fantastic redrawing of a scene from the movie. For being a goddess and villain, Eris stands out as a fantastic one in animated films. Sinbad also looks great, even if the main focus is the antagonist.

14 Rising Action

via: tantaku.deviantart.com

Made by the talented Tantaku, Toothless and Hiccup look awesome in this fan art. The word epic would be an understatement for this picture since the coloring, shading, lighting, and other effects look awestruck. There isn't much to say, but kudos to Tantaku for this fantastic art piece.

13 Unexpected Crossover

via: jesiecastro.tumblr.com

There are interesting takes on fan art for fandoms. This one is a great example. Jesie Castro made Kung Fu Panda art with Po being Manny Pacquiao and Shifu as Floyd Mayweather. It might seem like a strange crossover, but it somewhat makes sense. Jesie manages to make this work and his art proves it.

12 Unlikely Team

via: ffc1cb.tumblr.com

A movie about a pet rat from England might seem like an odd idea, but Roddy is a decent lead with the fierce and awesome Rita. Ffc1cb perhaps has the best fan art for these two from Flushed Away. Despite being reimagined as humans, Roddy and Rita just compliment each other well.

11 What's The Problem, Baby?

via: kitkaloid.tumblr.com

Shrek and Fiona are easily the best-represented couple in DreamWorks. Ever since their debut in 2001, they have gone through trials together and end up being an incredible pair. Kitkaloid uses the song "Accidentally in Love" from Shrek 2 as inspiration and brought this adorable piece to life.

10 Genderbent Fun

via: verokittycat3.deviantart.com

Sometimes swapping the genders of characters can be a fun concept for fan art, and thanks to this one of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, we have a cute one to mention. As verokittycat3 calls them, they are Miss Peabody and Sherrie. Honestly, those are cute names for them as females.

9 As A Human

via: skurshecia.deviantart.com

Chicken Run is one of the rare movies from DreamWorks that uses stop motion for its animation, which fits more than hand-drawn or 3D. The artist skurshecia has Ginger redesigned as a human beside her original form, and she looks really pretty. Overall simple, but a nice design from the artist.

8 Peaceful Night Together

via: drmistytang.com

We have another fan art from the movie The Prince of Egypt as the internet offers a ton of them that are breathtaking. DrMistyTang takes Moses and Tzipporah and puts them in a beautifully drawn pose. These two are a beautiful couple and DrMistyTang did an amazing job in bringing this artwork to life for others to see.

7 Wholesome And Pure

via: mireys.deviantart.com

Home might not have been critically acclaimed, but it does boast a strong cast and undeniably gorgeous animation. Mireys has Rihanna's character, Tip Tucci and her cat named Pig in a different kind of art style. It is unique and stands out compared to other DreamWorks fan art.

6 Seasonal Guardians

via: wavesheep.deviantart.com

For fan art of the criminally underrated Rise of the Guardians, they boast a lot of beautiful kinds of art from many artists. Wavesheep's take on the guardians in an outstanding way while keeping them faithful to their original designs. Even though Sandman, Easter Bunny, and Pitch are wearing winter clothes, they look incredibly dapper.

5 Caped Commitment

via: demyrie.deviantart.com

Megamind is a different kind of superhero movie and it delivers with the main lead voiced by the hilarious Will Ferrell. While there isn't a lot of fan art for it, Demyrie succeeds in this nice drawing. An evil wedding with Megamind and Roxanne sounds devious but charming as well, mirroring Superman and Lois Lane.

4 Playful Prankster

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

Sakimichan is the queen of fan arts and her version of Jack Frost has been insanely popular on DeviantArt and all over the internet. The art is so close to the original, but the amount of detail Sakimichan put into this drawing is incredible. Maybe one day she will draw Jack again.

3 Mascot of DreamWorks

via: ikiracake.tumblr.com

This DreamWorks character might not be from a movie, but he has appeared in the logo in early movies! Rinsjammers (account deactivated) made this art and it actually continues! It starts off with the boy on the moon fishing until it reaches to a certain character from one of the movies. Be sure to check it out!

2 Prehistoric Action

via: imgur.com

The Croods is an unlikely DreamWorks film, but it was charming and featured noticeable names like Nicholas Cage and Ryan Reynolds. This breathtaking fan art done by DetCon represents the movie well. The colors are soft but blend in well with the characters and multicolored tiger.

1 Mystical Moon Ladies

via: leffie-draws-fanart.tumblr.com

As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of fan art for the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. A lot of them are beautiful and original, and this one is no exception. Leffie's take on Astrid and her dragon are gorgeous with the moonlight scenery. Leffie was inspired by her sister to do fan art like this and it shows her talent!

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