20 Revealing Things About Brooklyn Beckham And Victoria's Relationship

Hello, mommy-issues! Seriously, folks, brace yourselves. The more you delve into the uncomfortably close relationship between former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, and her eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, the more squeamish you'll become. Although Posh Spice has one of the steamiest hubbies around, model and former Manchester United player, David Beckham, it's clear that Brooklyn's her main man.

These feelings seem to be reciprocated by the 20-year-old photographer in the making. According to The Daily Mail, he seems to be working out some mommy-issues with the many beautiful women he's been linked to, including Chloe Grace Moretz, Lottie Moss, Rita Ora, and Nicola Peltz. This article will delve into some of the unique elements of their connection, as well as how Victoria has raised all four of her children. Without further ado, here are 20 revealing things about Brooklyn Beckham and Victoria's relationship.

20 When Brooklyn Romanced A Girl With A Striking Resemblance To His Mommy

The Sun

One of Brookyln's most publicized relationships was with gorgeous model Hana Cross, who had many physical resemblances to his mother, Victoria. On top of their uncanny similarities, Hana would also copy many of her boyfriend's mother's styles. And Brooklyn seemed to dig it. According to The Daily Mail, this led to a ton of press about Brooklyn developing an Oedipal complex.

19 Victoria Went On "A Date" With Her Son And Got In Trouble For It

The Sun

According to Stylecaster, Victoria Beckham got into trouble for her flirtatious pose with her son before the pair jetted off to a charity event arm-in-arm. Many fans were outraged by this and claimed that she was being "inappropriate" with her eldest son. Others just wondered why David wasn't the man she brought with her.

18 Now He's Having A Fling With A Posh Spice Impersonator... Somebody Call A Shrink!

The Sun

In the middle of October 2019, Page Six shared the fact that Brooklyn started to date Phoebe Torrance, a model who used to be a Posh Spice impersonator. Yep, Brooklyn's new girl looks so much like his mom that she used to make money off it. Although Brooklyn claims there's nothing "Oedipal" about his connection to Phoebe, we really beg to differ. After all, this girl looks even more like Victoria than his ex, Hana Cross does.

17 Mr. And Mrs. Beckham Did NOT Approve Of Hana Cross


According to Mirror, Brooklyn's relationship with Hana Cross was NOT something Victoria approved of. Although, it had nothing to do with the fact they looked so much alike. In reality, it had to do with Brooklyn and Hana's public spats. Over nine months, the pair had been on a rollercoaster ride that brought out the worst aspects in them both. Understandably, neither Victoria nor David approved.

16 Leaving Mommy For School Presented All Sorts Of Problems


Two years ago, Brooklyn told GQ magazine that he was frightened to go off to school and leave his mother behind. Although he wanted to "live in the moment" he couldn't help but feel bad for her. According to EOnline, his worries were warranted as Victoria wasn't happy that he left England for school in New York. But maybe a bit of distance between was good for them.

15 Victoria Doesn't Want Him To Think He Can Get Whatever He Wants... But He Does

Just Jared

Victoria admitted to The Sun that Brooklyn was never "the most gregarious of boys", making his success rate with women "quite astonishing". While Brooklyn's buddies are thrilled for him, Victoria and David aren't too thrilled. They've made it clear that they don't want him to think he can have whoever he wants or get anything just because he has a charm about him. After all, that's a recipe for disaster.

14 Brooklyn's Temper REALLY Worried His Mom

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When Brooklyn dated Hana Cross, outlets like The Daily Mail and The Sun constantly showed images of the two fighting in public. One of the arguments got so heated that Victoria had to physically intervene. A source told The Sun that she became very worried about her son's temper. While things seem to have calmed within him now that he's ditched Cross, we bet Victoria's still concerned that this behavior will rear its ugly head again.

13 Brooklyn Is Determined Not To Live In His Parents' Shadow


Although the Beckhams are estimated at having a combined worth of around $400 million, Brooklyn has decided not to live off his mom and dad... for the most part. According to The Sun, he started to develop a work ethic when he worked at a London coffee shop as a teen. Since then, he's become a photographer and accumulated a staggering 11.6 million followers on IG.

12 Victoria Doesn't Like That Her Son's A Player


Although Brooklyn has had a couple of long-term relationships, he's acquired quite a reputation for being a player. In October 2019 alone, The Daily Mail claimed he was romantically entangled with actors Nicola Peltz and Natalie Ganzhorn, as well as Posh Spice impersonator, Phoebe Torrance. Victoria is said to be very unhappy about this, as she doesn't want her son to end up like Calum Best, Charlie Sheen, and the like.

11 One Of Brooklyn's Girls Hit A Little Too Close To Home For Victoria

Celeb Mafia and Hello Mag

Although Victoria isn't a fan of Brooklyn dating a bunch of women, she definitely wasn't happy about his rumored fling with her bestie's younger sister. According to The Daily Mail, Brooklyn struck up a very brief romance with Lottie Moss, who he was family-friends with thanks to his mother's relationship with famous model Kate Moss. This fling has been called "embarrassing" and "too close to home".

10 Victoria Monitored Brookyln's Social Media For Years


According to ABC, Vicotria and David kept a close eye on all of Brookyln's social media interactions until he was about 15/16. Like many parents, Victoria was concerned that things could get out-of-hand on social media and her son could have too much power on it. Aside from that, she wanted to keep her son safe from harm.

9 Victoria Approved Of Chloe Grace Moretz But Definitely Not The Girl Who Followed

Just Jared

Before Brooklyn built a reputation for himself as a player, he was in a longterm relationship with Chloe Grace Moretz. According to The Sun, the actor was a stable influence on Brooklyn and won the love of Victoria early on. However, their four-year relationship ended and Brooklyn quickly moved on to 28-year-old singer, Rita Ora, who Victoria wasn't a fan of.

8 Posh Makes Brooklyn Have Manners


Anyone who's seen Kingsman knows that "Manners maketh man". Well, Vicotria Beckham certainly agrees with this. During an interview with Good Morning Britain, the former Spice Girl said that she actively makes sure her children are being polite. This is one of the most important things for her as a person. Apparently David Beckham agrees with this as he's always been quoted saying the same thing.

7 Victoria Tries To Lead Brooklyn By Example And Hopes It Works


Leading by example doesn't always work. It requires the other person to be aware enough to pick up on the actions. But Victoria claims that she believes her children have learned a lot from her and her husband's actions. According to ET Online, she claims to have instilled a strong work ethic in her kids and an understanding of their privilege based on how she acts in public.

6 She Kept Brooklyn Away From The Truth Of Their Family For 13 Years

Hello Mag

According to Harper's Bazaar, Victoria wanted to have Brooklyn, as well as his siblings, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, to have as normal of a childhood as possible. This is why she didn't break the news to Brooklyn about who his parents were until he was 13. Only then did he realize just how rich, accomplished, and famous his mom and dad are.

5 Making Sure Mom Or Dad Was Always Home With Brooklyn Was Important For His Development

In Style

Both Victoria and David were even more active in their careers when they first had Brooklyn. This is one of the reasons why Victoria made sure that either she or David was home with Brooklyn at all times. She told Hello Magazine that both she and David had to work. However, they made sure they were never contracted to be away from home at the same time.

4 Victoria Wanted Brooklyn To Be A Feminist... We're Not Sure How Successful That Was


According to Elite, Victoria has made an active effort to make her son a feminist. She has educated her all of her children from an early age on the subject. While Brooklyn hasn't seemed to have diverged from these teachings, one could criticize his womanizing ways. After all, recently, he's been seen with a brand new woman on his arm every few days.

3 Victoria Doesn't Feel Guilty About The Experience Brooklyn Has Had


During an interview with GMA, Victoria Beckham discussed how she doesn't feel guilty over the decisions she's made as a parent. These include her eagerness to work and instill a love for it in her children. While it's not always presented positive results, it's always presented a learning experience. She feels grateful for everything and doesn't want guilt to overcome her.

2 Sit Down Meals Were Essential In Victoria's House


Victoria explained to Glamour that she feels sit down dinners and breakfasts are vital to the parenting experience. Not only did she want these meals for Brooklyn and his siblings to help maintain their sense of home, but also to encourage them to eat. She knows how kids can feel pressured to look a certain way, therefore she wanted to be certain that they didn't skip a meal.

1 Victoria Isn't Afraid To Troll Brooklyn's Awful Hair


Brooklyn has had some pretty bizarre haircuts. At least, his mother certainly thinks so. A couple years ago, she even took to IG to complain about one of her son's haircuts. After comparing his look to Dennis the Menace's legendary shaggy locks, she publically blamed his girlfriend at the time, Chloe Grace Moretz, for encouraging the cut. Talk about an embarrassing mom moment.

Sources: The Sun, Mirror. Uk, Harper's Bazaar, Bustle, Daily Mail, Hello Magazine, Elite, EOnline

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