20 Revealing Things About P. Diddy And J-Lo’s Relationship Everyone Forgot

There is a long list of memorable celebrity couples, such as Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, and Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez (now Hailey Baldwin). These famous couples capture the imagination of fans and the media all over the world. However, none of these couples holds a candle to the most celebrated pair of the late 90s, Diddy & J. Lo. At the time, Diddy was still Puff Daddy, and J. Lo was emerging as a major star. However, they made significant headlines when they started dating.

The famous couple only dated from September 1999 to February 2001 but made a huge impact. They might be a forgotten couple to some, but to others, they're still the greatest. Sadly, like most Hollywood couples, it came to an end. However, they still have people talking. Here is 20 Revealing Things About P.Diddy And J. Lo's Relationship Everyone Forgets.

20 J.Lo Appeared In The "Been Around The World" Video In 1997

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In the mid-90s, Puff Daddy was the head of Bad Boy Records and a key player in the growth of Hip-Hop. Jennifer Lopez caught everyone's attention with her stellar performance in Selena. The two future stars first crossed paths publicly in a music video. Indeed, J. Lo appears in the "Been Around The World" video from Diddy's 1997 album No Way Out. They even have an exclusive one-on-one salsa dance that'll make you sweat.

19 Began Dating As J-Lo’s Music Career Was Taking Off In 1999

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In late 1999, the world nearly came to an end, and it wasn't because of Y2K. Indeed, the world stopped when Diddy and J. Lo began dating. They quickly became the couple that had everyone talking. They started dating around the time that J. Lo's music career was taking off. She had focused on acting for the most part up to that point. She released her debut album On The 6 that year as well.

18 The Hottest And Most Talked About Couple Of the Late 90s

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As noted, there have been many beloved couples over the years. These couples become the center of attention. Diddy and J. Lo were the original hottest couple of all time. They appeared on every magazine cover, and there were constant rumors about the duo. They didn't last as long as some other famous couples but generated a ton of headlines.

17 Stole The Show At The VMA’s In All White

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Diddy and J. Lo are good at so many things. However, they're great at taking the spotlight on the red carpet. Indeed, when they combined their powers, there was no stopping them. At the 2000 VMA's, the pair walked the red carpet in all white. They both wore simple outfits but made them unique and stood out. Of course, that wasn't the only time all eyes were on them.

16 Puff Daddy And The Versace Gown

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There are a few moments in time that everyone remembers. For instance, P. Diddy and J. Lo walking the red carpet in style at 2000 Grammys. Indeed, all eyes were on them. Well, more like they were all on J. Lo. She famously wore a very revealing green Versace dress. In a recent interview, Diddy noted he knew that would be a big moment for her.

15 Club Incident And Arrest

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It didn't take long for things to go south for Diddy and J. Lo. In December 1999, the duo partied at a New York club when chaos broke out. Diddy and J. Lo fled the scene but were arrested and charged. However, J. Lo was cleared of all charges a few days later. Diddy, on the other hand, went on trial. The incident would be the beginning of the end for the famous pair.

14 Never Lived Together And Never Engaged

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Despite making headlines for a few years, J. Lo and Diddy never went past dating. Indeed, the famous couple never got engaged. J. Lo, in particular, went on to marry several times in her life, so it's strange she never got a ring from Diddy. They never took the relationship to the next level. For instance, they didn't live together either.

13 The Trial And Strain On Their Relationship

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In 2000, P. Diddy went on trial for the club incident. The trial made major headlines all over the world. Indeed, Diddy even hired famous lawyer Johnnie Cochran. The lawsuit dragged on for several months and put a strain on the relationship. The trial played a part at the end of the relationship but wasn't the sole reason.

12 They Let Rapper Shyne Take The Blame

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The night of the club incident, Diddy and J. Lo were at the club with rapper Shyne. He had recently signed up with Diddy's label. Rumors suggest the incident started because of a misunderstanding between Diddy and a club-goer. Regardless, Shyne took the blame for the event. Diddy didn't go to jail, but Shyne served ten years and then got deported.

11 Epic Break Up

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In early 2001, J. Lo and Diddy broke fans' hearts all over the world when they broke up. Indeed, fans were devastated, but they weren't the only ones with a broken heart. According to rumors, J. Lo left Diddy with a broken heart. The epic break up put an end to one of the most beloved couples. Of course, that wasn't the end for them.

10 J. Lo Knocking On Hotel Doors Looking For Him While He Stayed Out All Night

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J. Lo and Diddy remained silent on the relationship for years after the break-up. It wasn't until a few years ago that they both started talking about it. Jennifer Lopez finally revealed the reason for ending the relationship. She noted Diddy would go out to the club and never come home. There were stories of her knocking on hotel doors looking for him. She admits not remembering doing that but also didn't deny it.

9 They Broke Up On Valentine’s Day 2001

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Historically, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. Couples celebrate their love for each other, or new love evolves. Sadly, that's not the case for everyone. Some people are stuck at home alone or worse, married. It turns out there's one terrible way to celebrate the day, breaking up. J. Lo and Diddy ended their relationship on February 14, 2001.

8 They Broke Up So Often He Didn’t Believe It When It Was For Good

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J. Lo and Diddy had a short relationship, but it was an impactful one. In that short time, they went through a lot of ups and downs. The club incident caused a lot of problems for them. They broke up many times throughout the relationship but always got back together. However, J. Lo finally ended things for good, but Diddy thought they'd get back together.

7 Diddy Struggled To Get Over Her

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As noted, Diddy didn't believe the relationship was over. Eventually, reality set in and hit him hard. Diddy seemed to have a tougher time with the end than J. Lo. Indeed, Diddy even released two singles, "I Need A Girl" parts 1 and 2. These made it clear that Diddy was in pain and missing his former love.

6 The End Of Puff Daddy And The Birth Of P.Diddy

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Diddy is often made fun of for his many changing names. He started as Puff Daddy, and it evolved to P. Diddy and then Diddy. However, it turns out that there's a reason for the first name change. He felt like the end of his relationship with J. Lo was also the end of the Puff Daddy era. It also meant the beginning of P. Diddy and a new era.

5 J. Lo Moved On Quickly

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Jennifer Lopez wasted no time in moving on. Being in a problematic relationship led her to her future husband, Cris Judd. They quickly got together and married not too long after. Of course, Lopez is famous for being in several high profile relationships and marriages including, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez. At times it seems like she's settled down but always moves on.

4 Diddy Remains Low Key

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J. Lo went on to have a fantastic amount of success and fame. She sold albums, toured and starred in movies. Plus, her many relationships always kept her in the headlines. Diddy decided to stay more low key and out of the spotlight. Of course, he's still in the spotlight, but he didn't have the influence he once did. He made headlines when in a long term relationship with Cassie from 2007 to 2018.

3 They Remained Friendly Over The Years 

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All couples say they want to stay friends after breaking up. However, after extensive research, scientists have come to the conclusion that being friends after breaking up is impossible. Diddy and J. Lo are the exceptions to the rule. Indeed, they've remained friendly with each other for years. Indeed, Diddy attended J. Lo's final residency show in Las Vegas to show support.

2 Diddy Made A Recent Comment About J.Lo's Abs And Apologized To Alex Rodriguez

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At the age of 50, J. Lo remains one of the most stunning women in the world. However, she eats healthy and works out a ton. She's in excellent physical condition and showed off her abs on Instagram. Diddy posted a compliment, but everyone took it as flirting. He later apologized to her current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. They knew he meant it as a compliment.

1 J. Lo Gave A Shout Out To Her Ex Diddy During Her Las Vegas Show

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As noted, J. Lo and Diddy have stayed friends over the years. Indeed, Diddy even went and checked out J. Lo's residency show in Las Vegas often. Not only did he get to enjoy that show but got a special welcome too. While performing on stage, J. Lo shouted out to her ex-boyfriend. There have been many celebrity couples, but J. Lo & Diddy will always remain one of the greatest.

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