20 Rich Celeb Moms Who Live In Squalor

With the millions they’re putting in their bank accounts, many fans expect that celebrities live picture-perfect lives. After all, how do their Instagram feeds look so good? But even though most stars can afford to hire a team of housekeepers and butlers, it doesn’t mean that all of them do or that their homes are squeaky clean. The celebrities that made this list all live in squalor – they keep their homes dirty or uninviting. And for some, the same can be said about their looks. It turns out that wealth doesn’t always translate into clean living. While some of these stars may want to change their ways, others seem perfectly accustomed and happy with their lifestyles. We just feel bad for the employees who will have to clean-up their messes. But who knows, maybe they’ll go to the media and dish on just how unpleasant these celebrities can be.

20 Kim Isn’t As Clean As Kanye Would Like

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Mom-of-four Kim Kardashian has admitted that she’s not as tidy as her husband Kanye West would like. At least they have enough money to employ several housekeepers, right? “He’s a neat freak, she’s a mess,” a source told Dish Nation about Kimye. “She always just throws her clothes on the floor after taking them off, leaves puddles of water around the sink after she washes her face, and refuses to close drawers and cabinets.” No wonder Kanye cleaned out Kim’s closet when they first started dating.

19 Britney Leaves Mouldy Food Everywhere

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Britney Spears has always been a bit of a wild child, so it’s not surprising that her home is as chaotic as she can be. But the picture one former employee painted to Star magazine a few years ago leaves us gagging. The housekeeper said it was common to find half-eaten food underneath Britney’s bed and they’d personally found a mouldy burger, fries and unfinished cookies. A girl has got to eat, right?

18 Megan Always Forgets To Flush

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Some fans love Megan Fox for being candid, but there have been times she’s taken it too far. Once, the mom-of-three admitted her husband struggles to live with her because of her (very) messy ways. “I’m [hard] to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush,” she revealed, Us Weekly reports.

17 Jenelle’s Life Is Messy On The Land

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Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lives on ‘The Land’ with her controversial husband David Eason and their brood of kids. But sources say their home isn’t a great place to raise children. Footage from the show has showed building materials and mechanical equipment lying about as well as exposed projects on the property. A CPS inquiry earlier this year also found their home in a horrible state, including dirty diapers scattered everywhere.

16 Beyoncé Admits She’s A Messy Mama

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Is there anything Beyoncé can’t do perfectly? Evidently, she can’t keep her house straight. The pop star has admitted to being a messy person. But with three kids and a booming music career, who can blame her? “I’m a little messy!” she said. “[At home] I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My shoes are left at the door. My purse is in the kitchen. I’m relaxed!” she has said, People confirms. “I think that is the most difficult thing for [Jay Z]. He’s very, very organized.”

15 Kylie Can’t Escape Those Walls

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Kylie Jenner recently got called out for the weirdest things- for her walls not being clean enough. In March, the young mom’s comments were flooded by fans who saw odd splotches in the walls of her home. After some intense hate, Kylie actually clarified what the supposedly dirty spots were. “For those who always ask, it’s a wallpaper, and it’s like rose gold splatters all over my walls,” she explained. “I don’t ever want to see this […] question again.”

14 Leah’s Mess Scares Her Co-Stars

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has had cameras in and out of her house for over a decade as they document her raising her three daughters. But years ago, an anonymous crew member revealed just how filthy the celebrity keeps her home. “One of the [roughest] is Leah, filthiest person I’ve met,” the source said, The Ashley reports. “When feeding the twins, she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the ... carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs, no hands involved. This made me cry a few times.”

13 Jessa Wants To Show The Reality Of TV

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Jessa Duggar has come under fire various times for the state of her house. One day, out of pure frustration, the mom-of-three shared a series of photos showing off how messy things were. In the pictures, fans could see dirty dishes, used diapers, and stained sheets, but Jessa was unabashed about it. “We all try to put our best foot forward and are most comfortable posting our ‘highlight reel’ for people on social media to see,” she wrote in the caption. “I could’ve waited 24hrs and posted pics of everything freshly cleaned and looking beautiful […]I didn’t do that for a reason: reality.

12 Sarah Likes The Smell Of Dirty Diapers

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While some mothers say they love the smell of newborns, Sarah Jessica Parker took it a step further when she admitted to loving stinky diapers. "I love the smell of diapers," the mom-of-three told Elle in 2009. "I even like when they’re wet and you smell them all warm liked a baked good," she added, giving readers a very weird mental picture.

11 Jessica’s Home Sounds Like A Zoo

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Jessica Simpson looks like she takes hours to get ready, but it turns out she also creates quite the mess when doing so. A former housekeeper for the mother-of-three told Star magazine that the celebrity’s house is covered in clothes and remnants from makeup products. “It looks like an animal has been shedding all over her house,” they also said of her hair extensions, which evidently shed all over the place.

10 Catelynn Has A Camera Crew To Clean For

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Teen Mom star Catelynn is no stranger to receiving hate online for the seemingly messy state of her house. She and her husband Tyler Baltierra have started to call out haters online before they can bash theme. A few months ago, for instance, Tyler and their daughter Nova were delivering Cate breakfast in bed. He captioned the sweet video, “Warning, this video contains a high amount of graphic injuries and complete destruction of a parent’s bedroom. So, I apologize to all of you ‘perfect’ parents that have your bedrooms clean and spotless.”

9 Don’t Ask Kourtney To Wear Deodorant

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Kourtney Kardashian has a reputation for being the most ‘natural’ of all her sisters. But evidently the star takes her health-conscious decisions so seriously she decided to forgo deodorant while breastfeeding. One Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes featured a storyline where Scott and Khloe tried to work up the courage to tell her she reeks. Yikes!

8 Snooki Won’t Brush Her Kid’s Hair

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Celebrities come under fire for ridiculous things, including Snooki. The mom-of-three was shamed last fall for not brushing her daughter’s hair. “How come you never comb your kids hair?!" one rude follower commented on a photo of Giovanna. This prompted Snooki to clap back, writing, “Are we mom shaming? Who gives a [crap]. We drove with the windows down singing and enjoying life. Sorry I can’t always brush and braid her hair like you, perfect mom."

7 Kate Shares Photos Of Her Mess Online

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Between taking care of her three kids and attending to her busy career, we bet it doesn’t leave Kate Hudson a lot of time to clean her house. And the celebrity isn’t ashamed of that fact. Last year, the star uploaded a mirror selfie that showed a chaotic scene in the background. Clothes were sprawled all over her bedroom floor, making it clear she was either packing for a trip or doesn’t mind a bit of mess.

6 Jill Lets Her Boys Be Boys

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Just like her sister, Jill Duggar often receives comments online about how messy her house is. Last year, for instance, she posted a photo of her eldest son playing at home on the floor, but all fans could focus on was the chaotic background. Jill defended herself in the comments, writing, “A good mom's house looks like you teach them to clean up when they are done. It isn't that hard actually. I have taught many kids over the years, when you are done you put it away.”

5 Kim Just Needs Somewhere To Ash

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Kim Zolciak, of The Real Housewives fame, has amassed herself for being a bit of a Diva. And we guess that means leaving her home untidy, too. A former employee for the reality star spilled to Star magazine about how filthy Kim leaves her home, including her bad habit of using literally anything as an ashtray. “She often uses the sink in her master bath to ash,” the anonymous housekeeper revealed.

4 Christina Has An Odor To Her

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Christina Aguilera could afford to buy an entire perfume store, so we’re not sure what her excuse is for smelling funky. But several people have commented on her, um, odor. A few years ago, a reporter described her as smelling like a 12-year old girl’s bedroom. Then, Hannah Hooper from Groupelove (who grew up with Xtina) said the singer smelled like hot dogs. How weirdly specific.

3 Kate Let Herself Go With Eight

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We get that it’d be hard to run a tight ship with eight kids under one roof, but Kate Gosselin really sounds like she let her household go. In his 2014 book focusing on the reality star mom, Robert Hoffman made a variety of wild accusations about Kate, including claiming she leaves her home terribly messy. “She would throw all the kids' toys in the trash along with school projects and kick the boys' Lego buildings into a million pieces if they weren't put away,” he explained in one section.

2 Alicia Is Clueless About Her Smell

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Alicia Silverstone, aka. Cher from Clueless, is one celebrity mama who isn’t afraid to talk about her controversial practices, including mouth-to-mouth feeding. But the reason she makes this list is because she is strongly anti-deodorant. The star once recalled a time she went to a yoga class and received complaints about her body odor. But even that wasn’t enough to make the star wear antiperspirant on the regular.

1 Julia Is No Pretty Woman

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Iconic actress Julia Roberts does a lot in the name of environmental activism. One of her most controversial practices is abstaining from showering. The celebrity has been open about limiting the number of showers she takes in order to conserve water. She’s also revealed she doesn’t wear deodorant for both health and environmental reasons.

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