20 Ridiculous Twilight Myths We're Still Talking About

After the novels by Stephanie Meyer became extremely popular, the movies were soon created. The second movie, New Moon, was highly anticipated and even broke box office records as the biggest midnight screening and opening day at the time.

While the movies are slightly different than the books, they follow the same storyline and most of the events are present in the movies. Stephanie Meyer was extremely nervous about the direction the movie script was going at first but eventually got on board.

With the movie’s popularity, hardcore fans soon arose and began catching holes in the plot and speculating what could or could not have happened. While some are definitely impossible, some theories actually seem plausible. Here are 20 ridiculous Twilight myths were still talking about today.

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20 The Origin Of Vampires

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While Twilight doesn’t give a detailed reason for the origin of vampires, there are theories that suggest that the first vampire was actually the result of a werewolf biting a human. The vampire’s sharp teeth are mutated from werewolf fangs and they sparkle in the sunlight instead of growing fur.

19 Are They Vampires Or Faeries?

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The original Twilight books changed what was considered normal for a vampire by giving them special abilities and having them sparkle in the sunlight instead of bursting into flames. Some theories were then thrown out about how the vampires might actually be faeries taking into account their sparkly skin and affinity for the woods.

18 Panic Room Is The Prequel To Twilight

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Before her role in Twilight, Kristen Stewart played Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room. Bella’s awkwardness and shy tendencies could be the result of being stuck in a panic room and fighting for her life. Foster also got divorced and moved away, so could Charlie Swan be her ex-husband?

17 Sunscreen Is The Answer

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There is a theory that vampires just need sunscreen to stop sparkling that has an extremely scientific explanation. In less words, this theory states that the cause of the sparkling is UV light. So it concludes that if the Cullen family were to slather themselves in sunscreen, they wouldn’t sparkle!

16 Bella Is Part Werewolf

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One interesting myth that some Twilight fans have come up with is that Bella is actually part werewolf. This could explain why she is resistant to vampire powers. It could also give a reason as to why Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, when there’s no evidence that a werewolf has ever imprinted on a vampire before.

15 Bella Is Descended From Vampires

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Another myth about Bella’s origins that hold a lot of background is that Bella is descended from vampires. Bella’s mom’s name is Renee, which comes from Renatus. The feminine form of Renatus is Renata which is the name of a vampire guard who can deflect physical attacks. You can decide if that’s a coincidence.

14 Bella Is A Succubus

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Some people have suggested that Bella is actually a succubus and have lots of evidence to back it up. She smells especially delicious to vampires and werewolves are attracted to her. She is also immune to vampire powers as a succubus would. It’s actually not a bad theory at all when you look at all the evidence!

13 Bella Isn’t Human

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Regardless of what she is, there are a ton of people that agree Bella is definitely not human. We know that, for whatever reason, other supernaturals are drawn to her. She is immune to vampire powers and then later on can actually shield others as well. It’s not hard to believe she isn’t human!

12 Emmett Is Perpetually High

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Emmett is part of the Cullen family and perhaps one of the most easy going of the bunch. There is one theory to explain his laid-back personality which is that he is perpetually high. They explain that Carlisle gave him painkillers to make his transformation easier and that he will never get rid of the painkillers.

11 Rosalie And Jasper Are Actually Related

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While this theory is a little less likely and doesn’t have a ton of evidence to back it up, some speculate that Rosalie and Jasper are related. They look so similar that they pretend to be twins in front of humans, using the last name Hale. Although they were born 70 years apart in different parts of the country, so it’s unlikely.

10 Jacob Black And Sirius Black Are Brothers

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The theory that Jacob Black and Sirius Black from Harry Potter are related is super fun and surprisingly has some interesting evidence. Jacob can control his shifts, which means he’s technically an Animagus in the Harry Potter world. But it could explain why Sirius, who couldn’t control his shifts, became Animagi so quickly.

9 Jacob And Embry Are Half-Brothers

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So it’s almost impossible that Sirius and Jacob are related, but it’s completely likely that Jacob and Embry could be half-brothers. No one ever figures out who Embry’s father is so some speculate that Billy Black is his father. He didn’t tell the others when he became a wolf and he was also the most upset when Jacob left the pack.

8 The Volturi Are Experimenting With Humans

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The Volturi are basically the government of the vampire world and some speculate that they are harvesting humans. We already know that they collect vampire who have special powers so they will become more powerful. But some suggest that they also collect humans with the potential to have special abilities once turned into a vampire.

7 Victoria Was Secretly In Love With Laurent

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After some convincing evidence, there is a theory that Victoria and Laurent were secretly in love. Victoria was originally with James, and was supposedly upset that Edward killed him. But it wasn’t until Laurent was killed that Victoria starts the newborn army. And Laurent was actually the one who tried to kill Bella after Victoria asked him.

6 Bella And Edward Have A Telepathic Bond

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During new moon, after Edward leaves, Bella starts to see visions of him warning her against getting into dangerous situations. Some speculate that it’s not actually visions or imagined but that Edwards is really speaking to her telepathically. It could be part of her special powers but either way it’s clear that it’s only one way.

5 Renesmee Is The One Who Turned Bella

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The most likely theory out there might be that Renesmee is actually the one who turned Bella into a vampire. In the movie, there is a clear “crunch” right before Renesmee is taken away from Bella. And Bella’s heart appears to have stopped before Edwards gives her him venom, so his venom should actually work.

4 Renesmee And Nahuel Will End Up Together

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While Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, imprinting isn’t always romantic. This could mean that Renesmee would end up with someone else, and she and Nahuel have a lot in common. Even if it is romantic, Edward told Jacob that he was going to have competition in the future, so maybe that foreshadowing another vampire/werewolf love triangle!

3 Alice Can Now See The Future Of Werewolves

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Before the big battle, Alice explains her vision to everyone and leaves to figure out other details. Fans pointed out, however, that Alice shouldn’t have been able to see that vision since she once said that werewolves cloud her vision. So fans speculated that Alice can now see the future since they have temporarily ended their pact with the werewolves and started working together.

2 Jacob Imprinting On Renesmee Is What Clears Alice’s Visions


As soon as the movie came out fans quickly pointed out that Alice shouldn’t have been able to foresee the battle resulting in several theories. Another theory is that Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is what unclouded Alice’s vision. It creates a link between werewolves and vampires where there wasn’t one before.

1 Bella Imagined Everything

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The craziest theory of all is that Bella imagined everything. None of it was real. People theorized that Bella is actually a housewife who is trying to escape her mundane life by creating an alternate life for herself. This is obviously not very likely, but it’s still an interesting theory to think about!

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