20 Rules Brides On 'Say Yes To The Dress' Have To Follow

Choosing a wedding dress must be one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding for any bride. This is a fact the owners of Kleinfeld bridal boutique, Mara Urshel and Ronald Rothstein literally bank on. Their store is also the set of TLC’s popular bridal show Say Yes To The Dress. The show features bridal shoppers looking for the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in.

Millions of viewers tune in to catch a bride-to-be tearing once she finds her dream dress and comes to the realization that her wedding is imminent. However, most viewers are not aware that the brides have to go through a number of rules as the filming of the show takes place. Say Yes To The Dress is definitely no place for bridezillas who want their way and here is why.

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20 Each Bride Must Complete A Lengthy Application Process

Via: broadcastnow.co.uk

According to diply.com, a bride cannot just walk into the Kleinfeld bridal shop and expect to appear on the show. She must fill out an application form found on the boutique’s website. The show receives a lot of application from women who would like to appear on the show.

19 Brides Have To Answer Very Personal Questions

Via: nypost.com

It is safe to say that any person who would like to appear on reality TV must be willing to open up their lives to the public and reveal aspects of their personal life. Nickiswift.com confirms that brides on this show have to answer some very personal questions including their style, wedding plans, and traditions as well as why they want to be on TV.

18 They Have To Undergo A Background Check

Via: thedailybeast.com

Every bride who appears on the show must be okay with the show carrying a background check on her. The store has very expensive items on display and they have to be cautious about who they let in as stated by thethings.com. The producers also like knowing in advance about the kind of person they will be dealing with.

17 Brides Cannot Be Late

Via: distractify.com

When the producers choose brides to appear on the show, they have to be at the Kleinfeld bridal boutique at a certain time for filming to commence. Diply.com says that if a bride comes for filming even a few minutes later than the agreed time, she is normally turned away and her spot given to another bride.

16 The Executives Decide Which Of The Bride’s Friends Will Be Part Of The Entourage

Via: closerweekly.com

Say Yes To The Dress is not any different from the many other reality TV shows out there. Its producers are very much interested in airing the best content for viewers. Therefore, as revealed on screenrant.com, they usually request the bride to divulge info about the people that will accompany her to the boutique. They only agree for people they think are interesting to appear on the show.

15 Participants Can Wear Any Color But Pink

Via: outsports.com

None of the brides that the producers have chosen to appear on the show, including their entourage, can wear pink. According to thethings.com, this is because the background of the confessional rooms is pink. The producers want people getting into the room to wear any other color that contrasts the background. Confessionals are a big part of reality TV, which is the reason the producers treat it with the seriousness they deserve.

14 No Purses Or Cell Phones Are Allowed

Via: life.spectator.co.uk

All brides must surrender their cell phones and purses before filming begins as stated on thethings.com. The producers obviously do not want the brides snapping and revealing any spoilers before their episodes air. We are not sure whether the participants have to leave the purses behind to minimize clutter or prevent the guests from walking out with store possessions.

13 Brides Are Encouraged To Be Non-Traditional

Via: tune.pk

Say Yes To The Dress producers like it when they encounter a non-traditional bride who does not conform to the norm. Reason being, they make for good TV of course and they enjoy working with them. Thelist.com confirms that the store can cater to many tastes including those of gothic and sultry brides.

12 Brides Have To Change In Front Of A Camera

Via: bostonglobe.com

According to thethings.com, women who get the opportunity to appear on the show must be okay with dressing and undressing in front of strangers. The brides must go to the changing room in the company of a filming crew. The show, however, tries to get female crew for them to avoid any issues.

11 Brides Must Try On A Pnina Tornai Dress

Via: businessinsider.com

Kleinfeld houses over 1000 dresses from 60 different designers across the world. However, they seem to push customers to buy more of Pnina Tornai dresses as pointed out by ravishly.com. The designer is apparently a frequent visitor at the boutique. There have been cases where a bride has specifically requested for other dresses other than the ones by the said designer but the consultants ignore her request and give her one anyway.

10 The Producers Have A Say In The Dress

Via: kleinfeldbridal.com

The consultants in the bridal boutique do not allow the brides to see most of the dresses in the store as stated on nickiswift.com. Instead, they preselect dresses for a bride to try. The work of the bride is just to narrow down on the selected choices. The brides who have walked down the aisle in dresses other than the ones they said yes to do so because the producers directed them into picking the dresses.

9 Brides Must React Upon Finding Their Dress

Via: evoke.ie

A bride must show some emotion when she finds her dress. Otherwise, according to thethings.com the show’s producers will keep shooting the scene over and over again until they are satisfied with the bride's reaction to her dress. This confirms that much of what we see on reality shows follows a script and goes through heavy editing.

8 The Bride Has To Face The Mirror

Via: amny.com

Whenever a bride steps out in a gown, she has to step on top of a podium that has a huge mirror in front of it. Thethings.com confirms this. The source continues to say that the bride should only talk to people through the mirror. The guests must also speak to the bride through the mirror.

7 Brides Must Bear With Long Hours Of Filming

Via: dandolondon.com

Brides can stay in the shop up to even five hours for the camera crew and producers to get all the footage they want for an episode. According to nickiswift.com, this is because a bride can try as many as 6 to 15 dresses before they settle on ‘the one’. Sometimes, the bride can also be required to reshoot a scene.

6 There Is No Drinking While In The Store

Via: wsj.com

Diply.com reveals that the brides and their guests do not have permission to take any alcoholic drinks while in the shop. This is a high chance of spilling some on the dresses. We also doubt the producers want to deal with a buzzed bride and entourage. The merrymaking can take place on the big day.

5 The Bride Must Pay For Her Own Dress

Via: youtube.com

Any bride who thinks that the show will pay for her dress is highly mistaken. According to thethings.com, a bride should take care of all her bills including accommodation in the city and the traveling cost to the boutique. The producers normally ask the brides how they intend to pay for their dresses before the show starts filming.

4 Brides Must Be Ready To Part With A Huge Amount Of Money

Via: tlc.com

The dresses showcased in the Kleinfeld store are not cheap as revealed by ravishily.com. They range between $2,500 and $40,000. The store even had one that was going for $70,000. The dresses are therefore not ideal for the average bride who can only afford to spend about $1000 on her dress. However, the consultants have a way of convincing the brides to go slightly above their budget.

3 The Bride May Not Get A Refund If She Does Not Like Her Dress

Via: charlotteobserver.com

Any bride who is not satisfied with her dress after the final fitting will not have an easy time returning the dress and getting her money back as disclosed on screenrant.com. This is something Randi Siegel-Friedman knows too well. She wanted a refund for her $12,000 custom-made dress that she says did not fit well. She had to wear a different dress from the rack.

2 A Bride Cannot Decide When Her Episode Will Air

Via: aarontuttleweather.com

Brides who appear on the show have no say when it comes to deciding when their episodes will air. The producer can back down on their promise to wait until the wedding takes place as seen in the case of Alexandra Godino. She sued the show for airing her episode before her big day as revealed by screenrant.com. Unfortunately, she lost the case.

1 Apparently, If Your Wedding Is Cancelled Your Episode Will Still Air

Via: tlc.com

This is another fact the brides must be content with as stated on buzzfeed.com. If for some reason a couple cancels or postpones a wedding, the show will still air the almost bride’s episode showing her making her final pick. Singer Elle King succumbed to this fate; her final dress appeared on the shown despite her not reaching the altar.

Sources: buzzfeed.com, screenrant.com, ravishily.com, diply.com, nickiswift.com, thelist.com.

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