20 Rules Every Professional Chauffeur Must Follow

The automobile industry has created many jobs. Besides the manufacturing side of the industry, many people have gotten jobs as drivers. Their job has become a profession, which they take very seriously. One form of drivers to have emerged as professionals are chauffeurs.

Many people prefer to be chauffered instead of driving themselves. It has become big business in many countries, and organizations have requested that chauffeurs abide by specific laws and rules set out by the government and by the industry. So what are regulations? We compiled a list of things that chauffeurs must do to provide the best possible service for their passengers.

20 Provide The Entertainment

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Some people hire a party bus to dance the night away with their friends while they're busy being transported. The chauffeur needs to ensure that the passengers have sufficient entertainment. That means checking that everything works before the journey and turning it on for them to enjoy.

19 No Disturbing The Passengers

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Imagine being chauffeured by a driver who asks you constant questions? While you want to put your feet up and relax, all they want to do is be chatty. Professional chauffeurs should not disturb their passengers. They should wait for the passengers to initiate a conversation with them.

18 Be Cognizant Of Where You Park

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Some professional chauffeurs drive limousines. One of the problems with those cars is that they take up a lot of space when you need to park. Although a chauffeur will need additional parking bays, he or she shouldn't take up unnecessary space. That won't go down well with other drivers.

17 Stock The Bar With Drinks

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One of the perks of being chauffeured is that passengers can drink. That's not possible if the chauffeur has neglected to ensure that the bar is fully stocked.

Just like the parts of the car, the chauffeur must inspect the inside of it to ensure that there are copious amounts of alcohol for passengers.

16 Dress Smart

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We've mentioned that you should act professionally at all times, but you should also look professional.  Your attitude says a lot about you but so do your clothes. Many chauffeurs wear a suit and tie, but some also look professional in a blazer and pants. The point is to look your best.

15 Don't Argue With Other Drivers

Being a professional chauffeur means that you not only have to look the part, but you also have to act the part. That means being professional at all times.

Sure, some people might cut you off on the road, but that doesn't mean that you should lose your cool and act unprofessionally.

14 Inspect The Car

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There's no way you can report faulty parts if you don't inspect the car before the journey. It might be too late to report a faulty part once you're on the road. If the car breaks down during the journey, it causes an inconvenience to everyone.

To minimize that risk, a chauffeur must inspect the car before journey.

13 The Car Must Be Clean

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It doesn't matter what model the chauffeur's car is, if it's dirty, then passengers won't feel so special. They want first-class treatment all the way, and if the chauffeur doesn't keep the car clean, some passengers feel that he or she doesn't value their business. Value your customer's business by keeping the car clean.

12 Use Good Judgment

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Since chauffeurs spend most of their day on the road, they pretty much need to drive for other drivers. That means they can't assume that other road users are good drivers like them. They need to act like they're constantly on the lookout for something wrong to happen so that they could be on top of it to ensure that it doesn't.

11 Offer A Hand

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Literally. This goes hand-in-hand with the above rules about making passengers feel comfortable. Not only should chauffeurs open the door for their passengers, but they should also offer ladies a hand when they need to step in or out of the vehicle. The extra step makes them feel special.

10 Have Patience

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Whether you're stuck in traffic the whole day or have a passenger who won't stop complaining about your driving, a chauffeur needs to practice a tremendous amount of patience. That's not always easy, but it plays a big part in not losing your cool to remain professional.

9 Make Passengers Feel Comfortable

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If you want customers to keep coming back to your car to be chauffeured, you have to make them feel special. They want you to go out of your way to ensure that they're comfortable. If they want extra space, give it to them. Do favors for them that they usually wouldn't get somewhere else.

8 Report Any Defects

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Many chauffeurs work for a company; some work for themselves. The ones who work for a company should immediately report anything that they find wrong with the vehicle.

Not only do they expose themselves to danger if they don't report a faulty part, but they also endanger passengers.

7 Ensure That Passengers Are Safe

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Although a chauffeur cannot tell passengers to put on their seatbelts, they can mention that it's extremely important that they do it if they want to increase their safety during the commute.

Some passengers are preoccupied with their thoughts and forget to buckle up. A reminder doesn't hurt anyone.

6 Keep Client's Info Confidential

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Chauffeurs know a lot more than some passengers are aware of. They know where you were and where you're going. Some even have clients' personal information such as a cellphone number and identity document number. No client wants their details disseminated, so chauffeurs must keep it confidential.

5 Know Your Way

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Ever been driven by a taxi driver or a chauffeur who doesn't know where they're going? Not only does it waste the passenger's time, but some chauffeurs ask their passengers to guide them.

Passengers want to sit back and let the chauffeur do the driving, not feel like they're doing the chauffeur's job.

4 Be Fully Licenced

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Everybody in the car is annoyed when the police pull them over. Passengers want the chauffeur to conclude the business with the police as soon as possible. If the chauffeur doesn't have all the relevant documents to drive the car and operate their business, it wastes more of the passenger's time.

3 Open The Door

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Who doesn't love it when somebody opens the door for them? Men love this just as much as women. When a chauffeur opens the door for a passenger, it doesn't go unnoticed, even if the passenger doesn't say anything.

On the other hand, they definitely notice if the driver doesn't open the door for them.

2 Roll Out The Red Carpet

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This doesn't need to happen every single time the chauffeur fetches a client, but when there's a special event and the passenger is a VIP, it's an extra step that the passenger appreciates. Again, this is not set in stone, but some prominent figures expect it and will feel more important once they step out onto the red carpet.

1 Service The Car Regularly

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Many people in the transportation industry want to delay the service as much as possible. The reason is obvious. If the vehicle isn't on the road, then it's not making them money. The only problem is that they take a big risk by doing that. If the car breaks down due to not being serviced, it causes them bigger problems.

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