20 Rules The Kardashians Need To Follow On KUWTK

They’re Konfident, Kute, Krazy and Kontroversial. They are the Kardashians. And with more than two million viewers keeping up with their wild lifestyle, the Kar-Jenners are forced to follow quite a few odd rules for their hit reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The world has literally become obsessed with the idea of the Kardashians and everything to do with their personal lives. And trust us, this did not happen by accident. Early on, KUWTK’s team of producers, managers and editors uncovered the perfect formula to keep the family’s popularity growing. This successful plan involves making the family follow some key guidelines while on camera.

To this day, we cannot open the internet without seeing some news about one of the eight members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes, though? Understanding the rules they have to follow is an excellent starting point.

20 The Kardashians Must Behave In Public


You never really see Kim, Kylie or Kendall getting wild in public. This isn’t by accident. They are literally not allowed to let loose in a public environment. The girls decided this would be the best idea to help prevent their image from being tarnished.

If they want to have fun, they only do so in the safety of their own homes.

19 Never Leave The House Without Makeup


The Kardashians are likely the most photographed family in the world. This means they must always have their game faces on … or well, their makeup faces.

The Kardashian-Jenner women can never leave the house without makeup on. Kourtney has created her own five-minute makeup routine to stay fresh, and Kim has admitted to sleeping with her makeup on from the previous night.

18 No Smiling Or Talking To Paparazzi


Don’t expect to catch Kim K smiling at any paparazzi or entertaining their questions anytime soon. Her BFF Jonathan Cheban advised her to stop the smiling and to put some sunglasses on.

“Jonathan was like, 'This has got to stop. Do you think Victoria Beckham does all these interviews?'” explained Kim on her website. Now, the whole family follows this rule.

17 They Have To Sit Through Two Hours Of Hair And Makeup


Not only do the Kardashians make sure they never leave the house without makeup, Kim has to go through two hours of hair and makeup every single day, according to Kim’s interview in Paper Magazine.

Her daily life involves the two-hour makeovers, regular meetings, photo shoots, wardrobe fittings and early-morning workouts.

16 Very Personal News Must Be Revealed On The Show First


Keeping Up with the Kardashians has a huge following and the family makes a ton of money from it. You wouldn’t necessarily want very big news being leaked to other outlets before the show gets wind of it, then. This could take away from the show’s profits.

So, with all of this in mind, personal news has to be shared on camera first.

15 And They Have To Wait For The Crew To Show Up During Important Moments


Exciting moments happen naturally in everyday life. For the Kardashians, though, they have to wait to fully carry out these exciting moments until the crew is on scene.

Of course, the cameramen can’t be there all the time, so when they do miss a big emotional fight or breakup, the family often has to recreate the event for cameras.

14 Rehearsals Are To Be Expected To Get The Scenes Right


Keeping Up with the Kardashians is supposed to be a reality show. However, just like a normal, scripted television production, the cast of KUWTK are expected to rehearse specific scenes before the cameras roll.

The rehearsals are likely to prevent the “necessary” reshoots that also happen to make sure the reactions are all on point.

13 Some Scenes Might Be Re-Shot If Someone Doesn't Commit With Emotion


In addition to the many rehearsals before shooting, if a scene isn’t shot perfectly, they will actually reshoot it until all the emotions are how the producers want them to be.

This includes the Kar-Jenners being happy with the lighting and angles. Fun fact… Kris Humphries' aired proposal to Kim in 2011 wasn’t the first take of the scene, reports Huffington Post.

12 All Kardashian Guests Need To Sign A Contract


Anyone who enters the Kardashian house as a guest is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is a mandatory rule our fav family has to follow. If a guest refuses, they will not be allowed inside the home.

These contracts are put in place to protect the family from personal gossip getting leaked to the media without their consent.

11 The Kardashian/Jenner Girls Must Get Manicures Once A Week


Growing up, Kendall and Kylie Jenner had to get weekly manicures. According to Kendall in an interview with Elle Magazine, their momager forced them to get their nails done. She said,

“She was like, 'You are never going to look like you're not put together.' So we were always getting them done.”

10 Caitlyn Jenner Could Not Dress Up Around The Home


When the world was first introduced to KUWTK, Caitlyn Jenner was still known as Bruce. However, according to Caitlyn’s interview with AOL Makers, there was a rule she could not dress up inside the house.

She was only allowed to be herself when on the road in a private hotel room. It’s possible her true identity didn’t fit in with the early idea for the series.

9 No Talking About Money On Camera


It’s no secret that every one of the Kardashian-Jenners makes huge amounts of money with their side gigs. But you won’t catch them bragging about it in front of the KUWTK cameras.

Money is a touchy subject for the Kardashian family. In 2015, Kourtney nearly took Kim to court for using her likeness in Kim’s mobile app without being properly compensated.

8 The Nannies Do Not Appear On The Show


Have you ever seen one of the Kardashian nannies on KUWTK? This isn’t because they don’t have them; obviously with their busy lifestyles, they have nannies.

However, the nannies aren’t usually allowed to be on camera for the show. In an effort to paint a “normal” image of a family, they make sure to tuck away the extra help they receive.

7 Skipping School Is Okay For The Kids During Filming


As the second generation of Kardashians get older, they are getting a bigger role in the reality show. Kourtney’s oldest son, Mason, is even going to start being featured in the show’s confessionals.

With the growing need for the youngsters to appear on the show, they are said to be allowed to skip school during filming season.

6 Bikinis Are Not Allowed In Bright Sunlight


The Kardashian-Jenner ladies are not allowed to wear bikinis in bright sunlight. If they’re going to rock a skimpy swimsuit out on the beach, it will likely be overcast.

According to Kim in an interview with Elle, they need this trick of the light to get good paparazzi pics. “If I go out in bright sunlight all my cellulite will be lit up and visible,” she said.

5 They Have To Keep Procreating


There might not be any solid evidence for this rule, but it has been rumored that the Kardashian women are encouraged to reproduce to keep the show and their popularity going strong.

After a while, the same story of the sisters bickering and having relationship problems gets a little boring. The remedy? Bring in fresh talent in the form of mini-Kardashians.

4 Kris Jenner Gets A Cut Of Everyone's Pay


Kris Jenner, the ultimate momager, is in charge of managing all of her daughters’ careers, and she’s been doing it for more than a decade now.

As a rule of business, each daughter must pay their mom a 10 percent management fee for every deal they make. According to Business Insider, Kylie paid Kris $17 million to be her manager in 2018.

3 Social Media Feuds Are Necessary


No publicity is bad publicity. In the world of Kardashians, if people are talking about you, it is a good thing.

With that in mind, social media feuds are strongly encouraged. It is all part of their plan to continue taking over pop culture. Kim K is no stranger to celebrity social media feuds, and her sisters often come out to defend her.

2 The Sisters Have To Agree To Be Sold As A Package


One Kardashian is great but getting all five sisters together is amazing. With most of their advertising deals, the sisters have to agree to be signed as a package deal.

One of their group contracts was with Calvin Klein in 2018. The gorgeous photoshoot almost didn’t happen, though, because Kylie was hiding her pregnancy. Fortunately, since they were able to conceal it, Kylie signed on.

1 Kanye West Gets Final Say


Every one of the Kardashians has a great respect for Kim’s husband, Kanye West. They believe that if he chooses something, it is the best option for them. So far, everything that he has suggested for the family has worked out great.

He helped Kris with her fabulous driveway, he chooses Kim’s wardrobe, and he even told KUWTK producers how to shoot the show.

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