20 Rules Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Made The MTV Crew Follow

Farrah Abraham is one of the most demanding and controversial reality stars ever to hit the small screen. We first met Farrah on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, where she was a mere teenage girl, waiting for the birth of her first child and mourning the loss of her high school boyfriend.

Once Farrah got a taste of fame, she was hooked. She went on to stick around for several of MTV's franchises and branched out on her own, dabbling in multiple business ventures and other questionable film projects.

Farrah is a film star, reality maven, businesswoman, and mother. One thing she is not is compassionate and understanding when it comes to television crew members. Check out these twenty rules that Farrah forced the MTV crew members to follow back when they worked together.

20 Go By Names She Can Pronounce

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It seems that Farrah thinks she can ban crew members for having names that she cannot pronounce. She once rid herself of someone working behind the cameras because he had a name that gave her some trouble, per theashleysrealityroundup.com. This was enough for Farrah to refuse to work with him.

19 Stay On Her Good Side Or Get Reassigned

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One of the breaking points that MTV production had with Farrah was when she decided that she had had enough of the team's beloved producer Kristin, and worked to have her reassigned. Who knows what this hard-working producer did to get the boot, but knowing Farrah, it was probably next to nothing.

18 Speak When Spoken To

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The unspoken rule for crew members who worked on Farrah's Teen Mom shoots was that no one approached and spoke to the former teen mommy unless she talked to them first. Farrah thinks that she is something special. This is diva-level behavior that we might expect from the likes of Mariah Carey or Madonna, not Farrah.

17 Two Producers At A Time

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Farrah Abraham supposedly required two producers at a time, while most cast members of Teen Mom only need one person to do the job. Per theashleysrealityroundup.com, giving her two producers at a time was somewhat of a last-ditch effort to keep the controversial star happy. It didn't end up working.

16 No Hitting On Farrah

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Farrah had a real issue with men working as producers on the show because she was sure that they would pay her special attention and try to make her their number one girl. She even worked to fire a gentleman producer from MTV before he ever even showed up to Farrah's house. She takes real issue with males on set it seems.

15 No Using Her Bathrooms

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Farrah refused to let any crew members enter her home and use her bathrooms, no matter how much of an emergency situation was taking place. MTV tried to remedy this situation by bringing in porta-potties. As far as we know, Farrah is the only MTV mommy not to allow the crew to use her facilities.

14 Banning The Porta-Potty

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Porta-potties on her property also miffed Ms. Farrah, and she had them removed as well. Of course, no MTV crew could use her bathrooms still, so they had to halt work anytime someone had to leave the property and go use a public lavatory. Imagine how many times production had to stop in a single day for bathroom breaks!

13 Shoe Covers At All Times

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Crew members who filmed inside Farrah's home had to wear shoe covers at all times. Taking their shoes off and leaving them at the front door was not cutting it for Farrah. She obviously thinks MTV crew members have gross socks, as well. It's no wonder Farrah got a reputation for being stuck up and challenging.

12 Set Her Up In A VIP Suite'

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Farrah made the MTV crew and production team create a VIP suite for her and her family when they went out to film the Teen Mom: New Year's Eve Party. Everyone else just went where the production team asked them to, but not Farrah. She thinks that she is special. Farrah continued to prove herself to be one of the most difficult moms to work with while filming with MTV.

11 Take Her Heat, Or Leave

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A sad rule that Farrah seemed to be a big fan of was all MTV crew members had to take Farrah's ranting and yelling or find themselves a new gig. Farrah was notorious for treating the MTV crew poorly and thought nothing of yelling at them for even the most minor offenses. In her mind, the team was supposed to take it, just like that.

10 Stay Out Of Her Parenting

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The Teen Mom crew generally never steps in with the moms that they are filming, unless something really whack is going on. It is a hands-off arrangement for the most part. Farrah especially makes it clear to anyone around her that Sophia is her child, and no one is ever to intervene with her.

9 And Don't Consider Her Family!

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Most of the Teen Mom cast and crew consider each other family. Many have spent the last decade together, sharing life's most precious and tedious moments. Farrah makes one thing clear: she never thought of any of them as family. Her MTV work is a job, nothing more. Talk about keeping people at an arm's reach.

8 Pay Her At All Costs

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Farrah was let go from MTV and went on to stick Viacom productions with a lawsuit. She asked for five million dollars, claiming the company terminated her employment because she refused to comply with gender norms. Eventually, the company and Farrah settled outside of court. Farrah demands payment even when she is clearly not following her contract.

7 Stay Out Of Her Stuff

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According to one of her former producers, Farrah likes her things very neat and organized. Per thestir.com, her need for constant control over all of her stuff is one of the reasons she detests crew members being in her home and in her private spaces like her bathroom. Farrah receives a lot of products from her endorsement deals, so there is a whole lot of stuff for crew members to have to avoid.

6 Give Her Space When She Wants It

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Farrah has had words with the MTV production team more times than we can count. When she doesn't want to discuss something, she straight up tells producers to get out! She will shut the door and walk off when the mood strikes. Per usweekly.com, Farrah once tried to take her producer out with her car in an attempt to get away from him.

5 Show Up For No Work

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The MTV crew has shown up to Farrah's home, with all of their team and gear in tow, only to be turned away. Dailymail.co.uk shared that Farrah, not only turned the crew away but ranted at one of the producers, calling him unsavory names. The production team must have been a bundle of nerves before shooting Farrah's scenes.

4 Fire The Other Girls

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Farrah never actually got the MTV team to fire the other cast members, but she sure tried! Per celebrityinsider.com, Farrah wanted newcomer Cheyenne gone, in order to consider coming back to the franchise. MTV clearly thinks their show is better off with Cheyenne and not with Farrah because this wish of Farrah's was not granted!

3 Go Elsewhere For Compassion And Sympathy

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If crew members need a little bit of compassion and sympathy, then they are going to need to turn to someone other than Farrah. Farrah has been accused of being extremely uncompassionate to people working on the crew. This behavior got documented in the episode where Farrah was let go from the franchise entirely.

2 Don't Make Her And Her Kid Feel Uncomfortable

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Farrah made mention that the all-male crew filming her and her daughter made her and her child feel uncomfortable at times. Per realitytea.com, Mama Farrah took issue with her special, called Being Farrah, because the crew was too intrusive for her liking. She said she and Sophia were made to feel uncomfortable during some of the shoots. Really Farrah...THAT made Sophia uncomfortable?

1 Demands On More Than Just The Crew

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Farrah's constant, and often ridiculous demands, have stretched further than the MTV crew. She is on the prowl for a new man and wants to get things right this time. (Best of luck to all of the poor souls who apply for this gig.) Per cheatsheet.com, Farrah is making potential boyfriends sign a non-disclosure form before taking her out.

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