20 RuPaul's Drag Race Memes That Made Us Sashay Away

RuPaul is an icon thanks to Drag Race, plus the single "Supermodel (You Better Work)" but now this celebrated television personality and the contestants are taking over the Internet in the form of memes.

Not that I can blame the meme makers, of course. RuPaul’s Drag Race and all of the contestants (both past and present) are living legends and they provide plenty of moments that are worthy of going down in meme history. All of that drama is a GOLDMINE if you want to capture a wide range of facial expressions and reactions to different situations to use as a meme that entertains the rest of us on social media.

Plus, instead of boring old screencaps from movies like Justice League or Avengers (no offense), the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race have bright costumes, making them WAY more entertaining to create memes for than the tired motif of using superheroes or pop culture characters.

From the judges to the contestants to the slang to the slang — RuPaul's Drag Race is taking over the meme world. And who knows, if you like these memes too, you should tune in to the show, considering it's already on its 10th season.

20 Lookin' At You, RoseGal

Monét X Change and Chi Chi DeVayne in this photo sum up the drama that happens whenever you order online — especially from websites like RoseGal or Wish.

I ordered this really cute goth-looking coat from RoseGal for Christmas and while it thankfully matched the photo on the website (plus it fit for the most part), I won’t lie, I held my breath when I opened the package because of some of the reviews on TrustPilot that have warned potential customers that items they purchased were NOT true to size and had to be sent back.

Finding cute and quirky clothes is a chore because big-name places like TJ Maxx don’t always have stuff like that and not everyone has access (or can afford) to shop at places like Hot Topic or even Gothic Renaissance in Manhattan, so we’re stuck trying to save money by ordering things online.

Still, ordering things sight unseen is dicey since we can’t be 100% assured of the fit without trying it on. If someone were to create a clothing company that was cheap—but sold quirky yet trendy items without being pretentious like Forever 21—they would make a field day. Everyone would ditch RoseGal and Wish in order to shop there.

19 It's Like Being Worthy To Lift Mjolnir

This meme is a hoot because this was EXACTLY the reaction the owner of the Siberian Husky that I walk had after my friend was able to open up a far for her last week.

Since the Husky’s owner is a little old lady (and I do mean that quite literally) with arthritis and back issues, she doesn’t really have any upper body strength anymore. She SCRUTINIZED my guy friend and asked flat-out if he had any muscles. I don’t know how I didn’t fall off of the steps laughing hysterically, but I managed to keep a relatively straight face.

My friend shoots me a dirty look, shrugs and says “Yea, I guess, why?” The owner immediately runs back inside and returns a few minutes later with a jar full of some kind of seasoning that she wants him to open. He manages to do so with aplomb and she was delighted that he made it look so effortless. By that time, I was cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West and desperately wishing that I could have secretly filmed it for the lols.

It’s probably a good thing my Siberian Husky client’s owner doesn’t know RuPaul; otherwise those two would’ve conspired to throw my friend a party after he opened the jar.

18 Makeup Is Life

It’s always so baffling whenever people complain about others wearing “too much makeup” because “they prefer a natural look.” Like, okay my dude, that’s your preference, but some people like getting all dolled up because it makes them feel good.

They aren’t forcing YOU to wear a ton of makeup, so keep your opinions to yourself, capiche?

I normally don’t wear a ton of makeup because I also walk and train dogs on the side, so it’s pretty useless to get all dolled up with heavy makeup when I’m frolicking with a bunch of puppers in a local park or trying to teach a rambunctious doggo with muddy paws to sit like a good boy or girl. There’s no makeup line in the world that’s going to hold up to being out in the elements all day, every day, and quite frankly, I have no time as it is.

That being said, I DO enjoy putting on makeup when I’m going out to eat to celebrate my birthday or when I’m out and about with my friends when we get dinner. At the end of the night, I want to run home and wash it all off my face, but it IS nice to switch it up a bit.

17 Say That Again To My Face

Let’s be honest with each other here, we’ve all had an argument with someone and started up again when we heard the other person mumble something in a VERY passive-aggressive manner as they were turning around and walking away.

One of the best moments I’ve seen this meme scenario play out in real life is at the dog park. As a dog person, I will fully admit that dog people will THROW DOWN at any opportunity.

The amount of passive-aggressive snark I’ve seen from dog owners towards their peers is utterly ridiculous. I remember there was a HUGE argument because one owner thought that another didn’t pick up after their dog. They went from cursing each other out, to screaming at the top of their lungs, to mumbling something under their breaths, which would start the cycle back up all over again.

It got so bad that everyone else decided to slowly start to either skedaddle or politely remove themselves to the little dog run (even if their pets weren’t 25 pounds or under) because NO ONE wanted to be in the middle of THAT mess. The cops were called too, but by that time both owners got tired of the drama and left.

16 Time To Go All Daenerys Targaryen On The Poor Fool

Even the most mild-mannered person can go from zero to 100 if the circumstances and triggers are right. For example, my boyfriend is pretty chill but if someone even BREATHES wrong at me or our dogs in an attempt to start drama, he’ll turn into Khal Drogo and DECIMATE the person that had the misfortune to try to start something with us.

As for me, I go all Daenerys Targaryen if someone tries to start with me over dog training methods.

I’m all for the force-free methods since science has pretty much proven that using punishment (whether it’s in the form of shock collars or spanking) isn’t going to do a blessed thing to train one’s dog, and in fact, often makes behavioral issues even WORSE.

I WISH I’d seen this meme when the local shock collar trainer was attacking people for using force-free methods with fearful dogs in a local pet forum because I would have had a FIELD DAY trolling him, not even going to lie. The dude wouldn’t listen to reason and kept going on about how he knows better than all of us. Since people like that aren’t worth arguing with, sometimes it’s better to just spam them with memes until they hush up and find a new hobby.

15 Nickelodeon Is Going To File A Copyright Lawsuit

Anyone else CANNOT UNSEE the resemblance? That outfit was bananas and she really DID look like the sea cucumber from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Quick, someone needs to tweet this meme to Miz Cracker because she would probably burst out laughing and retweet it for all of her followers to enjoy. After all, she DID recently retweet a Bob’s Burgers meme that @MaryGrace9 shared with her, as well as the HYSTERICAL Dr. Dill Barbie doll she found on Instagram. So that proves that she’s got a good sense of humor about that ridiculous outfit she had to wear during RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Given that Miz Cracker doesn’t seem to mind all the memes about the pickle outfit, maybe she should make it part of her show for the next time she goes on tour. She could either get the costume back or have a replica made and find some way to incorporate the hilarious memes into her performance. Now THAT would be amazing and probably go on to inspire even MORE memes — it would be like a meme-ception.

Move over, Chris Nolan — Inception was good, but the SpongeBob Squarepants/RuPaul’s Drag Race meme-ception would be the BEST THING EVER and the Internet would explode in glee.

14 Missed A Spot

I’ve heard of people chipping their nails and it being pretty darn obvious in photos, but this one is a real head-scratcher. Did Thorgy Thor get an important phone call while putting on some nail polish for a show and then just forgot to put it on the last nail?

One poster on the original Instagram thread suggested it is due to the fact that Thorgy Thor plays violin when she’s not performing, so it’s possible that it was easier to simply NOT paint the pinkie nail instead of having to constantly fix it with nail polish.

Not that I entirely blame her; I’ve had my nail polish smudged one too many times because I was impatient to do something and now I hardly ever paint my nails.

Still, I’m surprised that she posted this. Surely she must have known that the Internet has the eyes of a flippin’ EAGLE and they were going to hone in on this like a cat with a laser pointer. The Internet LOVES making memes about everything, but perhaps she didn’t care if they went to town with the jokes or figured they’d realize that the pinkie finger was left bare due to the fact that she enjoys playing the violin

13 Gimme More, Gimme More...

Growing up, who DIDN’T learn how to schmooze their mother by gushing over her outfit or hair whenever she asked how she looked so that we could butter our mom up. This way they’d be more likely to be generous when we asked for money later on in the day. I’m pretty sure that was a common trick that every ‘90s kid learned

I know I did, and it worked in the beginning too. I quickly learned to look innocent and be VERY liberal with my compliments whenever she asked so that I could get more money than I usually got when I asked later on in the day.

It was a delicate balance of not appearing TOO desperate while also not reusing the same tired old compliments so that I could get a stack of cash that I could burn through at Forever 21, The Wiz (an electronics store that also sold movies, for all the youngins out there that don’t know the slogan “Nobody Beats The Wiz") or Claire’s in a shopping spree.

Of course, like ‘90s mothers everywhere, my mom soon wised up to my game and stopped handing out money whenever I tried to butter her up, but it was a good thing while it lasted!

12 Time To Bust Out The Popcorn Y'All

Chi Chi DeVayne’s expression is absolutely priceless and I know that feeling, girl. Before I stopped going to the dog park near me because all of the irresponsible owners would bring in their aggressive dogs and I didn’t want my 30-pound Sato girl getting hurt, my dog and I would ALWAYS bust out the popcorn whenever arguments between the humans broke out.

It was honestly like comedy gold at that park.

I recall one instance in which two owners got into a SCREAMING MATCH over one supposedly not picking up their dog’s poop. The argument got SO DARN BAD that everyone decided to either leave because they couldn’t take the noise, back up and go into the little dog run, or sit back with some popcorn to watch the nonsense.

Then there was the time when two old guys almost came to blows because the larger dog attacked the other dude’s smaller, elderly dog. How the cops didn’t get called for THAT one, I will never know. Not that they could have done much, since it wound up being just empty threats, but I’m still shocked that no one got nervous and dialed 911 on their cellphones. Or recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube for a good laugh.

11 Home On The Range...

I feel this meme on a spiritual level. Some of the kids I knew in high school were all about the extracurricular, but I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could and go the heck home.

Looking back, it was probably my depression, but I never wanted to stay in school any longer than I needed to. I didn’t give a rat’s behind about the martial arts program (kicking myself for that as an adult, since it probably would’ve been cool) or the drama club when I was a moody and depressed teen. My only thought was to just go home, do my homework and curl up with a good book or surf the Internet after dinner.

Let me tell you, it was the WORST when I was a junior and I got stuck taking honors English with our boring as all heck principal that LOVED to ramble on and on. We were supposed to get out at 2:40pm, but most of the time, we’d get out at 3:20pm because the principal was an absolute windbag that lived to hear the sound of his own voice. Half the time, I wanted to scream at him to shut up and let us go free because it was just so darn torturous.

10 RuPaul's New Judge

This meme is pretty much the epitome of what RuPaul’s Drag Race really is. It’s one heck of a cutthroat competition that has just as much drama as an episode of Game of Thrones.

I mean, if you really think about it, this scene in Game of Thrones season six (heck, even the entire season if I'm being honest) was basically a reality television show on steroids and with a LOT more violence.

The Dragon Queen utterly sabotaged her competitors — either by forcing them to align with her army OR by turning the unlucky ones (like the Tarlys) into ash thanks to Drogon’s fiery breath.

That’s why if The Flash television show is right about there being a multiverse, and there’s a world where Game of Thrones is real, RuPaul and Daenerys Targaryen would be BFFs.

Both don’t have time for people that disobey their commands and RuPaul would LOVE to have Dany be a guest judge, just so she could bring out her dragons for the “ooh and ahh” factor on the show.

She might have to remind Drogon to NOT breathe fire at the contestants, especially if they tick her off or get too close to him, but the Dragon Queen would have a field day judging everyone alongside her new BFF.

9 One Cosplay To Rule Them All

I may get my nerd card revoked for this, but I shamefully admit that I have never, ever been to a comic book convention in my entire life. Weird, right?

Part of it is that tickets to things like New York Comic-Con or San Diego Comic-Con are expensive. Although my neck of the woods in Brooklyn recently started its own little comic book convention that I have been meaning to check out. The other part of it is my anxiety—I do NOT do well in crowds—and the fact that as a part-time dog trainer/dog walker, I usually work on the weekends.

However, I really would love to go one day and I would TOTALLY bring this meme to life by busting in with my Arrow Laurel Lance’s Black Canary cosplay (aka: my dream cosplay because I have the leather jacket and could easily find the rest of the items, including the blonde wig, for cheap) while screeching “WHAT’S UP, FELLOW NERDS?!”

I’m quite sure a few people would laugh hysterically at my enthusiasm, but I’m used to it. I’ve gotten quite a few looks whenever I bust into the ancient Egyptian wing of the Brooklyn Museum and jokingly yell out “Spirits, I’m home!” whenever I visit. The other people just don’t get my deep and abiding love for ancient Egypt and my obsessive researching skills on any and all topics pertaining to it.

8 Get Rid Of It With Fire

Note to self: save this link and send it to my dog park BFFs, because this is TOTALLY US.

(I wish I was kidding, but this is basically our expressions whenever we got together at the old dog park we used to frequent and we complained about the irresponsible owners.)

There are a handful of dog owners that most people at the old place we used to frequent just couldn’t stand, mainly because they were dirtbags that constantly started drama and had aggressive dogs.

One dude in particular was a particular nuisance because his dog had aggression issues out the wazoo but let me tell y’all: denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Mr. Argues-A-Lot would ALWAYS claim that the other dog started a scuffle with his dog and HIS pooch was a total angel while trying to pick a fight with the other owner.

I’m pretty sure if his dog could talk, that pooch would be screeching his head off at his owner for being such an idiot and to take him home THIS INSTANT because he’d MUCH rather hang out at home that be forced to “play” in a crowd of strange dogs he doesn’t know.

It’s truly a shame when the dogs have more common sense than their humans, but there’s always going to be a few bad apples that have to ruin it for the rest of us — and our four-legged friends.

7 Real-Life Drama Is Better Than Reality Television

People think Manhattan is this hip metropolitan area, but there are many places in the outer boroughs that have a small town feel and THAT includes everyone trying to find out everyone else’s business.

I’m a born-and-bred Brooklyn gal of (mostly) Italian-American descent and I’ll be the first to admit it: my neighbors and I are nosey as all heck. Why deny it?

This meme pretty much describes me whenever I listen to my neighbors fighting. They’re an older married couple and their fights are HILARIOUS because it is always over the dumbest things.

For example, the Mrs. ordered some sort of all-natural flea repellant for her cats. (Why she couldn’t just use Frontline or Revolution like every other pet owner in our neighborhood, I have no idea, but whatever.) The package was delivered late and I overheard the two of them ARGUING about why the stupid all-natural flea repellant might not have been delivered on time.

It was so ridiculous that I had to turn my face away quickly lest they see me dissolve into giggles and try to argue with ME over it. RuPaul would have a blast with those two neighbors of mine and would probably invite them to be guest judges for the sheer lolz they would provide.

6 Go Go Drag Racers, Mighty Morphin' Drag Racers

Y’know, if we ever develop some sort of futuristic technology that allows human to live as a giant disembodied head a la Zordon from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, I’d bet money RuPaul would be one of the first ones to sign on just so that the television competition could continue on without ever having to pass the baton to a new host.

Jokes aside, someone needs to tweet this to RuPaul so that he can find some way to incorporate this Zordon/Drag Race meme into the next season.

I would pay GOOD MONEY to see the next round of contestants dress up like Power Rangers (complete with the original power coins from the very first season) and watch them lip-sync to the original theme song.

To really add to the sheer hilarity, it would be a flippin’ RIOT if RuPaul dressed up as Zordon — complete with a bald cap and the weird white outfit he wore before the he was trapped in a time warp. It would be a bizarre look for anyone else, but I have no doubts that RuPaul could pull it off. That cosplay would have all the viewers that grew up in the ‘90s in stitches too.

5 Bow To The Queen

If there was ever one meme that summed up RuPaul’s Drag Race in its entirety, this would be it. It pretty much explains the mentality of all the contestants and it’s amusing to see which ones can walk the walk and which ones can’t.

This meme is also spot on for the dog training world. There is a HUGE feud between the modern force-free dog trainers like me that use positive reinforcement and the more old-school trainers that use punishment-based methods such as prong collars or shock collars, corrections, etc.

All certified behaviorists (such as Patricia McConnell, author of The Other End of the Leash) will tell dog owners flat out that punishment-based methods are harmful to dogs because they just increase problematic behaviors. It’s WAY easier to teach a dog what you WANT it to do instead of yelling at them for doing something you DIDN’T want them to do.

There are also plenty of studies that have scientifically proven that punishment increases fear and aggression, but the old-school trainers insist that they’re better than the new-school ones that are “force-free.” I stay out of the online debates because you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ‘em drink, but they sure are entertaining to watch!

4 RuPaul Gets Me On A Spiritual Level

RuPaul gets me on a spiritual level with this meme because unless it's dog training advice, EVERY SINGLE TIME my friends asks me my opinions on what they should do. I’m like “I have no idea, but here’s a few tips.”

It sounds mean, but I don’t feel comfortable nor qualified to give some serious life tips unless it’s something along the lines of “If you felt bored on the date, I wouldn’t contact the guy again” or something minor.

I know it's probably my anxiety that makes me overthink all of my advice and tips to my friends, but I still can’t help but worry that if things go sideways, they might get ticked off and blame ME since I was the one that gave them some helpful hints. I

Do not want that kind of shenanigans; just NOPE, NOPE NOPE.

And if it comes to dog-related advice, I will only give out tips if they book a session with me because a) I am working my tuckus off to get my diploma in this area of study and b) I don’t work for free. Friends get a discount, but they still have to pay up if they want me to help them with their doggo.

3 Let's Just Repeat Sunday

Oh look, here we have the range of reactions to people realizing that Monday is on the rise and we all have to go to work the next day.

Some people just look utterly disgusted when they realize that it’s almost Monday, while others just want to cry until Friday rolls around. But Mondays are universally hated by pretty much everyone over the age of five.

Back when I was a kid, I repelled Sunday nights because I couldn’t stay up as late as I wanted reading books because I had to haul my night owl self in at the crack of dawn (or so it felt like to me) in order to go to school.

As an adult, I still get disgusted by the thought of Mondays because really, who likes getting up early and going to work? We would ALL much rather be able to hit the snooze button and get a few extra hours of shut-eye.

It’s even worse for me since I also suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, which often causes insomnia whenever Aunt Flo is scheduled to arrive in town and I DREAD waking up early on Mondays for work because I KNOW I’ll only get a few hours of sleep.

2 Better Late Than Never

This meme is for all of us that live by the age-old adage of “Better late than never.” I will fully admit that I have NO sense of time and I struggle with being late more often than I’d like to.

For example, this weekend was pretty much one of the worst ones in a while.

I got summoned for jury duty at the end of the month, my PMDD and anxiety were rearing their ugly heads and my younger dog was being extra reactive on walks, so I was totally stressed out.

I was scheduled to meet a client for dog training in the late afternoon, but since I was so stressed, I decided to try and relax beforehand by doing an hour-long yoga video I found on YouTube. It helped with my stress levels, but I wound up scrambling to leave so that I wouldn’t be TOTALLY unfashionably late for my Golden Retriever client and her owner.

Have you ever tried running around the kitchen tossing dog treats into a fanny pack, grabbing a long-line, AND refilling an old seltzer bottle with water for the pooch all at the same time? It’s a total feat, and how I wasn’t an hour late, I will never know.

1 Bring It On, Sis

Behold, reality television competitions AND arguments on social media websites in a nutshell.

We all know that contestants in competitions, like RuPaul’s Drag Race, are NOTORIOUS for starting drama the minute they think someone said something against them, but this is also how people act on social media too.

I’ve seen SO many people in the dog world get deeply insulted when someone refutes facts about their precious raw diet or the scaremongers like Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Jean Dodds that make a living frightening pet owners about much-needed vaccines. The minute anyone makes ANY kind of snarky remark about “hot topics” such as raw diet versus kibble and wet food, or the vaccinations versus titer testing, and then . you have the diehards on Facebook putting on the gloves.

Like… good for you for sticking to your guns, I guess, but sometimes I wish people would give it a rest. It’s annoying to have to scroll past a thread full of people tossing shade at one another that’s as long as one of George R.R. Martin’s novels. Take it to private message my dudes; after a while the rest of us just tune out and don’t want to see it anymore.

Sources: Instagram and Tumblr

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