20 Kids Who Can Survive Anything With Ruthless Moms Like These

The best part about moms is that they are (mostly) depicted in this shining light; a halo of sorts, some will say. They carried us for nine months and either stayed home to raise us or worked AND took care of us. Being a mom means wearing a ton of hats and I don't think they get enough credit.

That being said, I think a lot of moms know they deserve more credit. Whether that's from their partner, their employer, or their kids — moms do a lot and they should get a lot in return.

For the most part, moms are happy to care for their loved ones with little credit, but enough is enough. Once their kids reach a certain age, the coddling stops, the laundry-doing ends, and the 'I'll do everything without any words of appreciation' is no longer tolerated. At some point, their kids become young adults and it's time to get real. And with the help of social media, trolling on their kids has never been easier.

Kids these days love the idea of projecting this kind of lifestyle online. While their friends and family know the real situation — others do not. Luckily, many of their moms clapped back at their dead old kids (in many situations) and we have the proof. The mother-daughter relationship is beautiful and all that, but let's focus this on the hilarious relationship between mother and son, shall we?

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20 She's Not Wrong

There are some moms that just get it. They know how to be ruthless and aren't afraid to use their ruthlessness to their advantage.

This mama-bear could have honestly told her son he looked handsome, regardless of the comparison she had in her mind. But she seems to be a woman who can't hold back her thoughts. How can she go to sleep at night without telling her son he looks like a strawberry chocolate ice cream cone? She just couldn't!

I think I'm more of a softy than I expected because I genuinely feel bad for the young teen. He actively went out of his way to ask his own mother why she was laughing at him in the morning. To add to this mom's burn, she even added a few skull emojis for measure! She straight up didn't even try to hide her feelings.

I wonder what her son did to deserve this kinda comment. Was he bothering her in the morning before he headed off to school or something? Did he sleep in all summer without doing any work around the house? What's this mom's problem with her son? Oh right — it's the fact that he looks like a delicious ice cream cone.

19 Tell Us How You Really Feel

I believe the year was 2016 when clowns started creeping off our Stephen King novels and into our streets.

All of a sudden, people around the country were reporting strange sightings of clowns roaming through streets and forests. If that wasn't creepy enough, children were reporting seeing them near schools and even trying to lure them into the woods!

This entire situation spread around the U.S., Canada, and eventually over-seas. Why? I'm guessing because people are screwed up and bored with their lives? Who's to say. However, this was a situation that scarred many since it was their worst nightmares come to life.

Clowns are NOT funny. They're not silly, goofy circus folk who go around slipping on banana peels. They're weird men, wearing colorful wigs, face paint, and trying to be funny when they're actually not funny at all.

This mom is probably the only person in the world NOT afraid of clowns. For all she knows, her son really did come in contact with a weird clown and could have disappeared for life. But instead of taking her son seriously, she just played it off and asked if there was a mirror around instead of an actual clown. She's a straight up assassin.

18 One Name: Mr Pigums

This strange web-cam selfie is SCREAMING the early 2000s. This photo was obviously taken from his computer's web-cam with poor lighting. But I can't blame him for that, that's all we had back in the day. Nobody (but models) knew how to pose or about angles and lighting. We just kinda stood there and hoped we looked okay.

This dude thought he was taking a "thug" photo of himself.

I mean, what's more thug-worthy than taking a selfie at home in a stripped collared shirt, right? To be honest, I'm hoping this entire selfie is just a joke considering he wrote "haha" in response to the first comment. (Side note: why does on WANT to be a thug? What's the benefit of it all?)

As if the selfie wasn't circa 2007, his mom had to dive into his comment section and ruin his entire year. Instead of just texting her son if that was, in fact, Mr Pigums in the background of his photo, she commented on the photo for the world to see. At this time in social media history, I don't think this mom really knew about the consequences to her comment. But now that it's still swirling around the Internet, and I'm talking about it here, I hope she's learned her lesson by now. Nay — I hope HE'S learned his own lesson by checking the background of photos before posting.

17 Is This Real?

Attention hairdressers: is this photo true or false? I'm always weary of images like this because there are so many apps out there that Photoshop certain things. However, for the sake of the argument, let's just keep going forward assuming this is a real life haircut.

I mean... this poor, poor soul. He looks like he's about to bawl his eyes out without even hearing what his own mother had to say. I just... I'm speechless. Why would his father EVER think this was a good idea? The only thing he can do now is shave his son's entire head of just pray for a miracle to happen.

Now, I'm not a mother yet, so I don't know how I would respond in this situation, but I think I would have broke the bad news to this kid gently. He clearly has no idea how bad his hair really is. So I probably would have scolded the kid's father instead of being this honest with him. But who knows how I'd react. This mother is obviously peeved and she has no qualms with telling her son EXACTLY how bad he looks.

This is one dinner conversation I would not want to be apart of (but secretly wanna be a fly on the wall for).

16 Dang, Cindy

This is something I ALWAYS thought about! Olympic athletes aren't born into the world every day. However, the select few that make it to the Games and compete on behalf of their country and world renowned. However, something we don't think about are the siblings that grew up with this Olympic athlete.

Most publications will cover an athlete, their home life, and their parents — but they don't really talk about their siblings and how the heck that dynamic works.

How does a sibling go to bed at night knowing their other sibling is literally competing for their home country?!

I know moms and dads are supposed to love and support their children equally, but that has to be hard to do when one is SO far beyond bland, and the other one is your average student in school. I mean, you can't compare at that point. That is until Cindy came into the picture.

Cindy (who has an Instagram, might I add, good for her!) wanted to give a shoutout to her kiddos. Flashbacks are always fun to post, but they look aggressive AF when one child is sub-par and the other is an OLYMPIC athlete.

Thanks mom, thanks a lot...

15 Mom, This Is NOT What He Was Looking For

A few years back, younger teens began posting 'question and responses' on their Facebook pages. They would post a selfie along with a few prompts for their friends to follow. An example of this would be "retweet if you'd date me" or "like if you think I'm cute." Another example is the post above.

Jeremiah is obviously in some need of compliments, which is why he's digging for them on Facebook. However, after he posted this series of strange prompts, I don't think he expected his mother to play along... In fact, I don't think any young teen has their family members in mind when they're posting things like this. However, now this kid knows.

Instead of a someone he's interested in commenting on his status, his own mother did. Did she call him out or make him take this post down? Quite the contrary. She took the time to give him a rating of a MILLION. Who needs a scale ranging from one to 10, when someone thinks you're worth a million?

I'm actually surprised Jeremiah didn't delete this post quick enough before his followers screenshotted the moment. As a member of the Facebook community, you should always be weary of posting something, in fear of a family member embarrassing you off the face of the planet.

14 I Wish This Was Fake

You guys... this is not click bait — this is real life.

Back in 2014, a woman came home with her two-year-old daughter and a client she was showing houses to. When her daughter put on the TV, adult-friendly images and videos began popping up on the TV screen in the living room... Now, I'm sure the two-year-old had no idea what the heck was happening, but the fact that this woman had her little girl, a client, and her son somewhere in the house was mortifying for her.

After turning off the TV and clearing the area, the woman called the police department to tell them that her 15-year-old son had been watching inapt videos and was not listening to rules...

Um, I don't know how to break it to this woman, but a 15-year-old boy is going to have urges... They're learning about biology and are going through some bodily changes. They're gonna want to explore that other side of themselves, and that's completely natural. This woman, however, doesn't see it the same way I do. She told the police department report that "her daughter being exposed to" things was the reason for the call.

If there's one way to embarrass the heck out of your son, it's to call the police on them for doing something that felt natural.

13 Happy Birthday!

Moms really do mean well. I know there are a lot of bad eggs out there in the world, but even on their worst day, I think most moms will say they were just trying their best. And honestly, as time goes on, our minds get a little blurry. So when you have more than one child, a handful of nieces and nephews, or even grandchildren — dates and years can get a little blurry.

This mom obviously thought she was doing what the kids did and give a shoutout to her child who was "one of a kind." The only problem is, she was a year ahead.

My mom does this kinda thing ALL the time. She's actually excellent with numbers, but when it comes to names — game over. She calls me her sister's name more than my actual name. She calls my brothers each other's names. She calls our dog my name... She just gets overwhelmed. When she's thinking quickly, she says whatever name comes to mind. So when I hear my mom yelling for Diane in the grocery store, I know she actually means to be calling my name. The only reason I respond is because I'm a phenomenal daughter.

12 Oh Okay, Mom

Wait a second, are mom jokes the NEW version of dad jokes? You know how dad jokes are typically horrific puns that would only make you shake your head and say "ugh, dads"? Well, is doing something completely wrong the new mom joke?

I know most parents think their kids think the worst of them — but that's not always true. This dude was just curious as to why his mother felt the need to get a MacBook. If she's not working from home, prowling the Internet for hours at a time, or checking emails religiously — what's the point of a laptop? Especially when iPads are so much easier to carry around and are kinda easier to use.

Most people probably think this mom is hilariously dull, but in actuality, I think this is one mom who knows her audience.

She knows her son thinks so low of her, so to feed into his emotions, she pretended she was gonna use her new laptop as a kitchen utensil. Silly, son. She's gonna have him thinking whatever he wants. She's the real winner here. While her son thinks he can do whatever he wants and poke fun of her — the real joke is on him.

11 She Gave Birth To That Head

Now, I don't think it's right to make fun of a person's appearance. I actually think it's quite messed up. But it's a special form of banter when it comes in the form of mother and son.

Most people think the best sassy conversations come from father and son, but that's where they're wrong; they come from mother and son. Moms can joke about anything and laugh over it. They can insult their child as much as they want because they made their child. They also pay for that child's room, board, and living – so they feel their insults are justified.

At some point, most sons and daughter are used to this kind of banter from their moms or dad, but that's not always the case.

It's sweet these two have such a close relationship to discuss tattoos so openly, but let's be real. Not many people get body-part names tattooed on their specific body-part. I've never actually seen someone get the word forehead tattooed on their forehead. Or big toe tatted on their big toe. This is probably why their mom went ham on the whole "five-head" thing. She didn't want her son to showcase his body like this, so she went in for the jugular.

10 This Will Be Me

One of the biggest things I'm excited for relating to parenthood is going trick-or-treating with the kids. Finding funny or scary costumes is going to be amazing enough. But buying pounds of candy to give out to fellow children along with collecting candy ourselves... it's breathtaking. It's a moment I can't wait to have, mainly because I love the entire month of October and who doesn't love candy?

I think what makes this mom so aggressive is the fact that she's outright lying to her son.

She's acting as if the chocolate mysteriously disappeared. As if the chocolate grew legs and left the home. Actually... now that I think about it, maybe this is the kind of thing my mom used to tell my brothers and I when we were younger... We would ALWAYS collect our candies and trade the ones we didn't want. Then, we would completely hoard the candies we kept and eat them while hiding a few pieces around our bedrooms.

I mean, if we didn't do this, our mom would have stolen our Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, and nobody has time for that. Those babies need to be eaten ASAP so that the ooey-gooey peanut butter doesn't scoot away from the chocolate coating.

9 No Effs Given

I know there are a lot of people out there who dislike reading the fine print in images online, but this is one image that MUST be read. Every last word needs to be soaked up.

There are many families out there who enjoy sending out family Christmas cards. The card is usually holiday themed with a family photo, showcasing what everyone looks like this year. However, this is one mom who's had enough. She's not just fed up with her sons, Hunter and Landon, she's fed-up with everyone in her home.

This is one mom who needs a vacation away from her family. Who needs a week away with your family when you can have a vacation away from your family, ammmmiiiright?!

She digs into her 3-year-old Landon for cries until he gets Gushers after dinner. She rips into Hunter for being un-athletic and wanting to spend most of his time on electronics than working on his game. Lastly, she get's real AF when it comes to her 18-year-old Maddy, who snuck a boy into her room! This is one mom who's only holiday gift this year, was the gift of embarrassing her entire family. Why have this conversation in person when you can mail it to 100 of your closest family and friends?

8 Good One

I don't want to say that moms don't know how to use technology because I think that's just a stereotype. Sure, there are a ton of moms out therewho don't know how to use social media or how to hook up their own TV, but there are more moms these days who do know how to do those things.

I know moms may look innocent and naive a lot of the time, but they're just as capable as their children. They might have to be coached a little bit, and that's okay.

The reason I say moms know more than we think is because this mom knew she wanted to joke around with her son in regard to his new grey hair-do. Just to be sure that her son KNEW she was kidding around, she added a smiley face for good measure. Now, moms who didn't know social media conduct wouldn't have added a face at all. They wouldn't even know how to do that in the first place. So props to this momma for not only burning her son but for being ahead of the learning curve as well. She should teach her own Moms 101 class.


I'M SHOOK. Is there anything better than your own mom roasting you? I mean, do you know how hard it is to dress like your own flesh-and-blood for Halloween? The clothing part is semi easy. All you need to do is root through their closet and see what outfit resembles them the most. But when it comes to facial features, facial hair, and, well, hair? That's tough.

This mom, however, knocked it out of the park. I don't know WHAT she used to draw on her beard but it's almost hair-for-hair for her son's! And don't get me started on their facial features. I know most kids look like their parents and all that, but holy crap — these two could be twins if this mom kept her fake beard on all day. EVEN THEIR HAIR IS THE SAME LENGTH.

It's kind of eerie, isn't it? Their foreheads also must be the same length and width. If anything, these two could go out trick-or-treating together and tell everyone who passes by that their brothers who dressed up as bandmates. No one would suspect that was this dude's mom until he tweeted this. To be very honest, I think this comparison needs to be shared WAY more by now. Why am I just seeing this?!

6 How Sweet

Listen, nobody's perfect. No one says or does the right thing every single day (except for maybe Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher). Knowing this, let's cut this momma-bear some slack, shall we?

When this mom saw her son leave for school that morning, she probably said goodbye to her timely and handsome young man. But as soon this mom saw her "timely and handsome" son's school ID — her good vibes fell apart.

Instead of beating around the bush, telling her son (is his first name really Sweeney or is it Maclean?) that he looks cute in his ID, she couldn't hold back. She no longer cared about being politically correct or polite. She wanted an image of her son to hang on her mantle. And now she's stuck with this. What in the heck is this school headshot supposed to do for this (once) proud mama? It's nowhere near realistic, I'm sure, which only infuriates her more!

This is probably the kind of mom who comments on all her kids' social media accounts while under the influence. I can already see her with a big glass of red wine and her iPad, ready to type (and sip) away. Bless her heart.

5 This Is A Genius Gift Idea

Being a teacher is HARD work. The sad part about it all is that they're underpaid and overworked. AND the real kick is that teachers are the ones giving our kids the tools they need to go further in life. There's only so many things a person can learn from mom and dad, we need teachers so our children can actually have a career one day and know what to do with themselves.

Think about all the drama that went down in school from kindergarden to high school. The classes you almost flunked, the teachers you didn't vibe with, being late for homeroom... These are all things that teachers have also been through. So while a student may think a teacher doesn't understand their hardships, they absolutely do,

That is reason alone to make them want to drink.

Parens know how much work it takes to keep one child occupied, imagine an entire class full of them. At this rate, a bottle of wine is the only logical gift to get a teacher! Candles are great and all, but this mom hit the nail on the head — all while embarrassing your son in the process.

You win, mom. Good job.

4 So Proud

There's nothing that says "We're giving our son a lesson" quite like putting their mugshot on the cover of their holiday card.

Since the young man is smiling in his ever so special mug shot, I'm assuming it wasn't such a serious or pressing matter. However, he was still arrested for something, which is not the BEST thing to show off to the world.

I'm assuming the Flores family thought his little stunt with the law was funny or they're trying to embarrass their son the way that he embarrassed them. And to be frank, this is only something a mother would do. Just be looking at the holiday card, you can see how calculated it was. Women try and act like they're not calculating some kind of master plan, but trust me.... they are.

Sorry, Martin. I guess if you don't want your mom to call you out for the rest of your life, the best thing is to stay out of jail. Don't embarrass your momma and she won't embarrass you, got it?

Side note: if this was their holiday card, I can only imagine the phone calls this family got from people who didn't know their son was involved with the law. I'm assuming this woman gave the phone right to her son to make him do all the talking.


This is one sassy relationship I want NO part of. The Florres family (from the blurb above) were ruthless with their holiday card, but this family seems to be ruthless in all areas of life.

Making fun of your child's weight (no matter what age) is kinda messed up. But if anyone's gonna get away with it, it's someone's mom. If someone in the streets said this kinda thing to this young man, he'd probably be incredibly upset. But since it's mom, he can't really say all the nasty things he had drawn up in his head.

But let's circle back to the whole 'is there food in the fridge' debate. I know many people who always stood in front of their fridge or pantry for five minutes at a time. And sure, people always say nothings going to pop up in there from the time you opened the door, but that's not why people stand in front of food for so long. They're coming up with different combinations in their head that sound tasty at the moment. If any of the combinations or food ideas in their head aren't worth making — then that means they have to find food elsewhere... And this typically involves the pizza delivery boy.

2 This Mom Is Over It

Just because a woman is dubbed the title "mom," does not mean she has to be the stereotypical mother who takes car of the house, washes the dishes, makes dinner, and takes care of each and every member of the household. While most moms take on the caring role, that does not mean that all moms are this way.

Take this mom for example. She's probably pumped her son is out of the house, getting some exercise with friends. What she didn't expect, though, is her son getting exercise all for the sole purpose of Pokemon Go.

That game REALLY took off when it became a thing. It really connected the gaming world to the outside world — to fresh air and exercise.

The problem is, our youth should want to get outside without their apps telling them to. Today's day and age is definitely not how it was 20 years ago. Nevertheless, Pokemon Go did a heck of a job. I mean, this mom sounds fed up with her son and his game-playing ways, but at least he's up and doing something... He's probably doing more than other kids his age, right? Unless the vision of her future child playing Pokemon Go to get exercise wasn't on her vision-board when she was pregnant with her son...

1 Cold Blooded

We see these kinds of pranks time and time again on the Internet. A majority of the youth today don't wan't sports equipment or things to play with outside — they want electronics. They're looking for all the things their friends and fellow students have. From iPads to iPhones to MacBooks to the iWatch — electronics are around ALL the time.

The hard part about having children is knowing they're gonna wanna keep up with other kids in their classes throughout the years. Some parents give their children whatever it is they ask for because they have the means for it or they want their child to succeed by having those kinds of things. It's because of parents like these that force other parents to look lame by giving them gifts that they don't want.

They might REALLY want a MacBook or even a car, but those kinds of things are expensive; something most kids don't really think about. They just see something cool and expect it.

But this mom? She doesn't care if she hurts her son's feelings by pretending to get him an iPad. She wants his grades up, and maybe if he does that, he'll be able to get the iPad of his dreams. Or you know, be satisfied with literally any other gift his parents get him, considering how many people are fortunate to have giving parents like his...

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