20 Sad Photos Of Women Who Got Stuck

Getting stuck stinks. But at least there is a glimmer of hope that the next trip won’t be such a drag. These 20 pics below clearly capture some “stuck” scenes where women were on their way somewhere, but things didn't go quite as planned. Perhaps it was a severe snowstorm that slowed them down or so much mud that they just couldn’t move. No matter the reason, these gals probably should have stayed home. Maybe public transportation would have been a smarter choice.

When we look at these 20 pics, all we can think of is how glad we are it wasn’t us in that dire dilemma. But these tough cookies made it out eventually, even if they were late to work or dinner. Hopefully they used this “oops” moment as a valuable teaching experience and found a better route on the following day.

Now that these ladies are safe and sound (we suppose), it’s A-OK to have a slight chuckle at their expense.

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20 At Least She’s Dressed For The Weather

Via: sf.co.ua

Something tells us that this woman wasn’t quite sure what to expect when she left the house. With her legs exposed to the cold, she obviously wasn’t prepared for so much snow. The fact that her car got stuck isn’t exactly surprising. Hope she didn’t have to wait until the snow melted to be able to move.

19 Muddy Mess

Via: lxsmag.com

That’s a pretty stylish car, but with all the mud all over the tires, this gal is going to have to head to the car wash. She seems to be stuck, and there doesn’t appear to be a soul in sight. Either she’ll have to come up with a plan to get out of there, or wait patiently until someone comes to rescue her.

18 Slippery Situation

Via: reddit.com

Getting stuck in the mud is bad enough, but when the women start wrestling, all matters of decency go out the window. The woman in red doesn’t seem too thrilled with her friends’ bad behavior, but it seems she can’t drive to get away from the situation. Perhaps she’ll join in on the horsing around, but that would be a waste of a nice dress.

17 Stop For A Stuck Selfie

Via: twitter.com

What better way to document getting stuck than to take a selfie and post it to social media? This gal is in for a good time, so she is making the most of an unfortunate situation. At least she took the time to protect her shoes from the sludge. Cheese!

16 Why Walk When You Can Wait?

Via: lsxmag.com

This lady seems to be stuck in the snow, and by the way she is (barely) dressed, she apparently was unaware of the cold temps outside. Maybe if she had checked the local weather report before getting behind the wheel, she wouldn’t be in such a mess. At least she’s not wearing open-toe shoes.

15 Dirty Drive

Via: hotcars.com

Getting stuck in the mud is a mess. Just look at this lady and it’s apparent that a muddy drive is not always easy. This gal seems to be glued to the ground, and her Jeep is as filthy as can be. Maybe she knew what she was getting into and was willing to face the consequences, but this car could definitely use a cleaning if she can ever get out of the mud.

14 Wrong Way

Via: youtube.com

This car needs a big push to get out of the mud, but it doesn’t seem like these ladies are getting anywhere. The car is likely wedged in the mud, and although she’s trying, this woman probably needs another person to help her push. Those muddy roads aren’t meant for joyrides.

13 Running A Little Late

Via: imgur.com

These ladies definitely took a wrong turn when they wound up in this predicament. That woman in the hot pink had better be careful that the car doesn’t slip and strike her. This is no laughing matter as ridiculous as it looks. Hopefully a rescue team dealt with this situation before it got any worse.

12 Even A Little Snow Gets Her Stuck

The weather doesn’t seem that bad, yet this woman is waiting for the snow to melt. She would do better if she sat inside the car and turned up the heat, because that little dress isn’t going to keep her warm for long. Perhaps someone more on-the-ball should be behind the wheel.

11 Halfway There

Via: nytimes.com

This woman has quite a job ahead of her. All that snow is considerable, and she’ll be shoveling until the sun sets. She’s waist-deep in the snow and she can’t even get to the stairs. This seems like one of those days where you’re better off never getting up from the couch.

10 All Signs Point To No One’s Coming

Via: beprepared.com

This lady could set this sign out for help with her car situation, but if no one comes down the road, she’s out of luck. At least she’s prepared with a sign in the first place, but the next step is for a person to see it. The weather looks rough, so hopefully a human was around to aid her.

9 Those Shoes Are Ruined

Via: topspeed.com

Expensive shoes can be a woman’s guilty pleasure, but no one wants them to be submerged in murky water. This woman is probably mad that her stilettos are ruined, but she’ll have to deal with the dirt if she wants to find a way to get her car out of this gunk.

8 Team Effort

Via: guidetoiceland.is

Three is better than one when it comes to pushing an automobile, so perhaps this threesome will get the job done and finally get home. They’re all smiles, so perhaps this situation isn’t as bad as it looks. At least they’ll have a funny story to share once they’re back.

7 Let Him Handle It

Via: picdeer.com

When you don’t know how to get your car out of the snow, find someone who does. That’s just what this woman decided to do, but it appears that she’ll be waiting a while. The weather is cold, so this helper better hurry up. She could always find a place to wait inside, but that would be unfair to the guy on the ground.

6 Hoping For Help

Via: videoblocks.com

This woman needs help, and she’s got a cardboard sign to prove it. Seems like her car broke down and she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere. A bigger sign might be more useful, but it’s not like she had the option. Once the sun sets, this woman should probably think of a different approach.

5 She’s Not Getting Anywhere

Via: youtube.com

Snow on the ground means this lady isn’t leaving. She may have had better luck if she had shoveled before stepping on the gas pedal. Additionally, getting fully inside the car and closing the door would help matters. When the snow melts, she can give driving another shot. Spring is right around the corner.

4 Using Her Strength

Via: hubnut.org

It takes plenty of power to push a car, but this woman is determined to move it. She’ll be tired in no time, but if she can just get over the hump, she may just be able to drive home. The mud doesn’t seem so bad, but apparently it was enough to cause this less than desirable situation.

3 Girls Getting Through It

Via: reddit.com

Tractors and mud seem to be meant for one another, but in this case, the ground was too covered to cruise. Thanks to the helpful woman pushing the machine, these gals may just be able to get through the dirt before it’s time for dinner. But before they dine, a shower would probably serve them well.

2 Did I Run Over Something?

Via: youtube.com

This woman seems worried that there is something lodged under her tire. She’s stuck and probably scared. If she ran something over, that would be a bad thing. Otherwise, maybe she simply has a flat tire. Perhaps she ought to get out of the car so she can get a better look.

1 How Do I Open This Thing?

Via: liveabout.com

Stuck or just staring? It’s hard to tell what this woman is doing, but she’s certainly not driving. Maybe she’s wondering where to go or who to meet, thus waiting until an idea pops into her head. Otherwise, she may have a flat tire that’s preventing her from pushing forward.

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