20 Sad Pics Of Semi Truck Spills

Training for semi-truck drivers is a very serious thing. A company doesn’t just give anyone at random a license, they have to go through strict schools and lessons in order to haul heavy loads. That’s because many drivers are not used to handling these massive trucks with heavy cargo. One bad turn and the truck’s contents can go spilling all over the highway. That means not only a huge clean-up to cause delays but also the chance of some more severe accidents.

Thankfully, most spills don’t end in tragedy. Instead, they end up on the evening news with reporters making jokes about what happened. That’s especially true when the contents are something funny that leads to an amazing sight for the wreck. Some of them can be truly fantastic sights, while at the same time, making one wonder why these drivers couldn’t avoid such accidents in the first place. Here are 20 pics of some rather sad truck spills that make one happy they weren’t driving on this road at this time.

20 Messy Marbles


It may be a comedy movie staple but it’s also true how marbles can cause some very nasty accidents. One marble is enough to knock someone off their feet. Imagine what happens when 38,000 of them spill out. That happened to an Indianapolis driver involved in a crash which caused his storage end to detach from the main truck. Luckily, the marbles all ended up in a ditch as otherwise, this would have been an epic series of skidding car crashes.

19 Forget the Lock?


It’s always the responsibility of the drivers to ensure that the load is properly locked down. That’s what causes so many truck spills to be even worse. A clear case is here as a simple fender-bender turned into a huge mess with several loads of glass bottles sent flying out the rear of the truck and shattering all over the highway. Drivers truly need to be careful when carrying things like this across the roads.

18 You Say Potato….


Potatoes are a wonderful food. They can be used on their own or to create anything from french fries to hash browns, which is what makes a massive waste of them so annoying. This happened in Derbyshire in England as a truck spilled several tons of potatoes all over the road. It was a huge clean-up effort, not to mention righting the truck while looking like a modern-day potato famine.

17 Pasta Time


Pasta is one of those all-purpose foods that can be used for a variety of dishes. It’s also very messy when a jar of it shatters on the kitchen floor. So imagine the ugly clean up in Arkansas when a truck of spaghetti and pasta sauce went off the highway. Thanks to the summer heat, the pasta majorly stunk, not to mention attracted a huge amount of flies. Keep that in mind the next time you’re having trouble opening a jar lid.

16 White Out


Most drivers who are behind the wheel in a spill get off with just a slap on the wrist as it’s understood accidents happen. Such was not the case when a driver in Virginia let 250 gallons of white paint spill from his truck. He was charged with not properly securing the load. Plus, he’d been driving a few miles before even knowing what was happening. That meant a colossal clean-up for the highway and snarled traffic all day, so few had sympathy for the guy.

15 Calling Gallagher


Anyone who’s attended a concert by comedian Gallagher knows how it ends with him smashing a watermelon with a giant hammer. Maybe he was stocking up on some items for future shows when this semi hit another car and sent the melons flying out. Needless to say, over half of them were smashed apart instantly, turning the highway into a vibrant fruit painting. Who needs a Sledge-O-Matic when a semi will do?

14 Tastiest Wreck Ever


Ice cream truck semis are different from others as they’re specially refrigerated for the heat of the roads. This truck had a very nasty spill completely on its side to dump out a few thousand gallons of ice cream onto the road. One can imagine a few of the clean-up crew taking some bites before it all melted and it’s a good thing the spill wasn’t worse. It may have been tasty but also a true headache to have to clean up.

13 Cranberry Delight


Transporting vegetables is tricky given how driving in hot conditions can spoil them. That wasn’t too much of an issue in Massachusetts but that didn’t help when this truck seemed to hit a very bad crash that crushed the top half off. That’s spilling the cranberries over and while it’s not as wide-ranging as many spills on this list, it’s still a very convoluted way to make some sauce.

12 A Sticky Situation


While it doesn’t look too bad from this angle, the other side showed a massive spill of honey from a truck crashing into the barrier in Indiana. It’s amazing how the top of the truck appears to have been sheared open to allow several containers to just plop onto the side of the road. Over 41,000 pounds of honey spilled onto the highway which was an obviously slow clean-up. Let’s just hope the bees in the area didn’t hear about this.

11 Over Easy


It’s often easy to overlook just how messy eggs can be when someone drops a pack of them. Now, imagine the effects of a couple tons of eggs being crushed. Such was the case in Pennsylvania as this semi flipped over onto its side and spun out before finally coming to a stop. This turned the road into a huge omelette to mess up other cars. Time to step up chicken production.

10 Rainbow Colors


Paint truck spills are rather common. It’s usually just one color which can spread over a highway and color other cars. This is much different and it makes a bizarre sense it happened in a colorful nation like Brazil. A truck driver made a wrong turn to cause 14 tons of paint blockers to crash out of his car. Like a wild rainbow, they cascaded together so well, it couldn’t have been planned better. It’s bad as a crash but it is remarkable as an impromptu art show.

9 Pizza Time!


Most people can enjoy a good frozen pizza but this is a bit much. In Arkansas, a truck driver hit a barrier which caused thousands of versions of Tombstone and DiGiorno pizzas to spray all over the I-30 highway. It took four hours to clean it all up as a few drivers paused to grab some of the free pizzas to bring home. It’s not delivery or DiGiorno but just one big nasty mess.

8 Paging Willy Wonka


This truck in Poland was on the A2 when it somehow ended up crashing into the median barrier and blocking six lanes of traffic. It also spilled out a huge pool of liquid chocolate across six lanes on both sides of the road. That may sound pretty sweet but it took a loader hours to clear it off as the chocolate solidified the more it cooled. Poland may not be known as a serious candy country, but it sure had a big turn here.

7 I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Not Okay…


Carrying lumber is a very serious thing for truck drivers. That’s because instead of regular semis, they’re often carted in the open and held together by chains. Something breaks and huge solid boards of wood are sent flying over the highway which can cause a domino effect of crashes. That happened to this Washington driver and it’s lucky no serious casualties were caused by this pack of lumber becoming highway fodder.

6 Beer Run


Even an experienced truck driver has to face the challenges of a very tight turn off the highway. This leads to incidents such as in West Covina, California, as, thanks to a slick road, the driver ended up coming to a nasty crash at the bottom of the ramp. That caused several thousand cases of Modelo beer to spill out while blocking the ramp exit for hours. As with any beer spill, the big concern for police was making sure onlookers didn't grab some free samples as folks will risk their necks for a free drink.

5 Ink It Out


Folks may not use pen and paper as much as they once did but it’s still pretty common. This led to an epic crash in Atlanta’s I-285 as a tanker was suddenly cut off by another car. That caused it to crash with the tanker falling on the side and causing 40,000 pounds of printer ink to spread all over the lanes. As black printer ink is very expensive, this was costly and one can only imagine the grousing of drivers realizing their tires were covered with the stuff driving through the area.

4 Fish Farm


When one uses the term “fish farm,” it applies to the special labs where fish are cultivated and used for food. A truck driver in Germany learned the hard way there can be a literal version of it. Thanks to an overweight load, his truck went off the road and spilled several tons of various fish all over the side of the highway. It took an entire day to collect them all, by which point they had spoiled. This was one seafood buffet anyone would skip.

3 Un-Bee-Lievable


This truck was transporting nearly $92,000 worth of bees (yes, those are big money) in the Lynnwood area of Seattle when it ended up being overturned. That sent 14 million bees spilling out of their hives and flying around. Amazingly, there’s actually a beekeeper division in the state that had to be called in as numerous state troopers were stung. They had to spray the truck with foam and water to keep the bees from spreading too far for one stinging crash.

2 Very Dicey


It used to be gaming dice were used in casinos and private games. Today, they’re plentiful for role playing board games and often come in some fun styles. That’s what made this crash on Atlanta’s Interstate 75 very famous as a truck spilled out over 250,000 pieces of dice for a new board game. They had to literally shovel it up into trucks to get it back to the company. It’s notable for how someone rolled a perfect 756,000.

1 Ewwy Eels


Here’s something about eels readers may not know: they’re very, very slimy. In Oregon, a truck carrying 75,000 pounds of Pacific hagfish was involved in a five-car pileup. The fish fell out of the truck and, in the open heat, soon transformed into a slimy, disgusting substance that looked like something out of a horror movie. One unlucky car owner had his vehicle literally melted by the mucus of the creatures for one of the most disgusting crashes of all time.

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