20 Secrets Only Celeb Nannies Can Tell Us About Their Boss

Working for our favorite celebrity is a dream for many people but we often forget that this kind of job is actually quite intense and involves a lot of pressure. Ask a celebrity nanny and they will probably agree. They work overtime, have to deal with a number of ridiculous demands, keep up with the divaish attitude, and still do their job taking care of the kids. Although it allows them to take a peek into the private life of a famous family, their job isn't the best job in the world. And, as soon as they quit, they are happy to share the spicy details of their employment.

From Victoria Beckham forcing her nanny to stop communicating with someone to Gwyneth Paltrow making her babysitter stop eating certain things and to Charlize Theron not even talking to her staff, let's see how it feels to work for a celebrity.

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20 Kate Gosselin Is One Of The Most Feared Celeb Moms

Via: intouchweekly

From her show, we know that Kate Gosselin is a nightmare ex, but we should also be aware of her being a nightmare employer. The celebrity hired dozens of nannies for her kids and none of them could work with her for a long time. One of the babysitters spilled the beans saying that Gosselin was driving her crazy. She was a control freak and made her nannies work for 24 hours with no day-off schedule!

19 Madonna's Rules Have To Be Followed

Via: madonnatribe

Madonna has quite a few rules for her children and it's no wonder that nannies are the ones who have to make sure they follow these rules. Among other things, her kids have to eat only macrobiotic, kosher food, which means that their nutrition excludes fast food, salt, and sugar. Meanwhile, they also can't watch TV or read newspapers and magazines. Another rule for the nannies is to be on call 24/7, in case the singer needs them.

18 Victoria Beckham Runs The Show For Her Nannies

Via: popsugar

If you work for Victoria Beckham, she'll tell you what to do and not to do, who to talk to and who not to talk to. One of her nannies learned it the hard way. Victoria's sister caught her communicating with the celebrity's former beautician. Beckham and this beautician didn't separate on good terms because she reportedly "did it" with David, so Victoria wanted her nanny to stay away from her enemy. The nanny didn't like to be controlled and just quit.

17 Kourtney Kardashian Isn't As Nice As She Seems To Be

Via: allure

The eldest sister of the Kardashian clan seems to be the most reserved. However, according to an insider, she's actually rather mean. The reality TV star's ex-nanny came forward to reveal that Kourtney was rude and bossy when she worked for her. She was also a control freak who constantly checked on her employees to ensure that they were doing exactly what she told them to do.

16 Jessica Simpson Doesn't Like Blond Nannies

Via: ibtimes

Being a pretty blonde herself, Jessica Simpson doesn't like a pretty blonde nanny. Her policy of not hiring a babysitter with this kind of appearance is very strict. The reason for it is her hubby Eric Johnson's infatuation with blondes. It makes her want to avoid any possible temptation for him. Although it helps us understand the singer's policy, it doesn't make us feel good about the strength of her marriage.

15 Gwen Stefani's Male Nanny Had To Dress Up For Her Kids

Via: dailymail

Often the responsibilities of a celebrity nanny extend way beyond simple childcare. For example, Gwen Stefani's male babysitter also had to be ready to dress up for the singer's kids. The thing is that her two sons are obsessed with comic book heroes and they often wanted to have Batman, Superman, or Spiderman as their nanny. The guy had to do it and, perhaps, he didn't like it, but is it really the worst thing that could happen?

14 Beyonce And Jay-Z Hired Not One But Six Nannies

Via: bustle

Let's admit it: the kids of Beyonce and Jay-Z are already more famous than most of us will ever be. Maybe it's partly due to this reason their parents decided that they needed nanny support 24/7. After all, kid safety is very important to the celebrity couple, so they hired not one, not two, but six nannies who worked shifts to ensure that there was always someone taking care of their children.

13 Halle Berry Doesn't Allow Her Nanny To Hug Or Kiss Her Kids

Via: hollywoodholler

Very often nanny develops an affectionate relationship with the kids she's taking care of because she spends a lot of time with them and they're growing up in front of her. But such a thing is impossible in Halle Berry's household. The actress has a strict rule for her nannies – they aren't allowed to kiss or hug her children under any circumstances because she doesn't want them to be emotionally attached.

12 Former Nanny Shared Details About Kim Kardashian's House

Via: people

Kim Kardashian is known as the fashionista of the family and she wants her daughter North to follow suit and be the most glamorous girl around. A former nanny shared the degree to which Kim wants her daughter to be fashionable. The girl's wardrobe has a digital organizer that ensures that North doesn't wear any outfit more than once. Isn't it a bit too much for a little girl?

11 Gwyneth Paltrow's Nannies Have To Follow Her OTT Food Fads

Via: moms

We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow strives to eat as healthily as possible, ensures that her family does the same, and sometimes goes a bit overboard with it. According to a nanny who used to work for the actress, not only her family members, but also her employees had to follow the same rule. So to work for Paltrow and set a good example for her children, the babysitter had to stop consuming wheat, dairy, and caffeine.

10 Angelina Jolie Hired Bodyguards Along With Babysitters

Via: usmagazine

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were still together, they decided that the safety of their six children was a priority for them. Out of fear that their famous kids could be taken for a ransom, they didn't only hire babysitters to look after them. They also had a number of highly trained ex-military bodyguards who had to ensure that the children are safe and sound 24/7.

9 Mariah Carey Has Divaish Demands For Everyone At Home, Including Her Kids

Via: etonline

Mariah Carey isn't only a diva in public, but also at home. As if she doesn't get enough of it from others, the singer needs constant praise from her children. Every night before they go to bed, her twins have to tell her how beautiful she is. Believe it or not, it's probably true because this information was shared by a nanny who used to work for Carey and saw it with her own eyes.

8 Katie Holmes Gives Creative Freedom To Suri, But Fires The Nanny If Something's Wrong

Via: pinterest

When Katie Holmes lived with Tom Cruise, she had to follow quite a few rules and restrictions based on his religious beliefs. When they split, she must have been a bit too tired of it and decided that her daughter Suri had to have no restrictions at all. So for Katie, it's okay to let her daughter be creative and even paint the walls in her bedroom, but if something bad happens and the room suddenly turns pitch black, she blames the nanny and fires her.

7 Nicole Richie Doesn't Give Any Sugar To Her Kids

Via: pinterest

Nicole Richie and her hubby Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden have two kids and, just like most other celebrities, they have their rules for raising them. The strictest one for this couple is to ensure that their children don't eat any sugar. That's right, no sugar at all for these two and the nanny is obviously the one who has to watch attentively that they follow the rule.

6 Julia Roberts Made Her Nanny Wear A Wig To Resemble Her

Via: pinterest

Julia Roberts is a famous actress who has to work a lot to maintain her popularity. It means that she's often absent from home and needs the help of her nanny to look after her kids. When her children were little, she didn't want them to miss her while she was away, so she asked the babysitter to wear a wig to look like her when she was taking care of them. Wonder if they bought it.

5 Kris Jenner Is As Crazy As You Can Imagine

Via: entertainmentdaily

When her daughters were little, Kris Jenner was a horrible boss to her nannies. Even though she wasn't even famous back then, she already thought that she could force those who worked for her to do things exactly as she wanted. For example, a former nanny shared that once she forgot to buy broccoli and Kris "lost it". But still, the same nanny said that working for Jenner had its ups and downs.

4 Charlize Theron Doesn't Like To Talk To Her Staff

Via: pinterest

Charlize Theron is far from being an angel in real life. There have been a lot of rumors that the Oscar-winning actress is sometimes quite nasty to her employees. Among other things, Theron doesn't like her staff, including nannies, to talk to her. We wonder what her babysitters do when they need to ask her about something. Do they write notes to her, or is there someone who can talk to the actress and pass on the message?

3 Heather Mills Created A Lot Of Problems For Her Nanny

Via: nydailynews

Sir Paul McCartney's ex-partner and mother of his daughter Beatrice, Heather Mills was very demanding to her nanny, too. The former employee shared that while she was on maternity leave, Mills called her repeatedly and asked when she'd get back to work in an "abusive voice". Besides, the celebrity would often come back home late, forcing her babysitter to stay beyond her normal work hours.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker Has Specific Demands For Her Nannies

Via: zimbio

Sarah Jessica Parker is very specific about how her nanny should take care of her children. For instance, the actress has a 1.75-ounce container that has to be refilled with vaseline for her kids and no other container can be used. Before being refilled, it has to be washed by hand and then in a dishwasher. Besides, the babysitters have specific instructions on how they have to apply eye drops to the kids.

1 Thank God, There's Jessica Alba - The Nicest Celeb Mom Ever!

Via: babygaga

After all these scary stories about celebrities being demanding and over-the-top, we have to make things better by recalling that there is at least one celebrity who is incredibly nice with her babysitter. It's Jessica Alba who adored her nanny Connie Simpson so much that the said nanny even wrote a book to celebrate her work with the actress! Connie worked 10 years with Jessica, helping her become a better mom.

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