20 Secrets The Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Don't Want Marvel Fans To Know

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a bright orange headset? Nothing seems more quintessentially Guardians than Star-Lord's bright headphones and quirky disposition. Not only does he have an infectious personality, but he's also got a fantastic soundtrack. This is a feature of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe which has pervaded every one of their movies. It makes sense. After all, if we were blasting through space at a billion light years an hour, we'd probably want great tunes, too.

Like rock and roll though, the Guardians movies have a darker side to them too. There are some secrets that even super fans might not know. We decided it was time to unleash the truth. These are all the secrets even huge Marvel fans would be surprised to hear about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

20 Certain Cast Members Still Stand By Gunn


Remember when the news broke about director Gunn's questionable (okay, hurtful) online posts? The franchise quickly took him off the third movie, but not everyone took distance from him. Variety tells us that Bautista stood by Gunn as the director of Guardians despite the media fiasco. We always knew Drax was one of the loyal ones!

19 The Guardians’ Inspo Music Was ELO


The movie posters always reminded us of a rock band. Guess what: that's because the Guardians were kind of inspired by a rock band! Esquire reiterates a quote from director James Gunn in which he talks about how ELO is the "house band" that Guardians of the Galaxy kind of takes inspiration from. They're a super group, even if they're playing space weapons and not instruments.

18 There Was A Guardians Group Before These Guardians


We’ve seen it in a few different comics. According to the canon there is indeed a Guardians group that was around before this group. One or two of the characters of the original group have shown up in the current movies, but otherwise those Guardians have pretty much been lost to the sands of time.

17 Elizabeth Debicki Got Too Into Her Ayesha Character


While Elizabeth Debicki is a great person, she seemed to get a little too into Ayesha. Although there might have been a practical reason for it. Looking at her outfit and makeup, it's very clear that this look is hard to exist in. Intricate design, detailed hair, and probably-not-waterproof makeup, maybe Debicki just didn't have any other choice than letting people wait on her.

16 Drax Loves Wearing Makeup


In various interviews it's been made very clear that Bautista loves his makeup team. It's a good thing he does, considering how much effort gets put into his transformation. While Gamora might often be shown as one of the most make up heavy aliens, Drax is clearly a big makeup fiend as well. After all, he's got the added makeup of his whole torso and orange tattoo-like things.

15 It’s All Designed From Scratch


From the costumes to the makeup to the props that they use, so much of Guardians of the Galaxy was created from scratch. It’s part of the reason that it feels so unique and so real all at once. It’s innovative, but because it’s all created for itself, it all works cohesively together in a rare and wonderful way.

14 The Soundtrack Is More Important Than We Thought


This quote from Esquire highlights some of the subtleties of the rock and roll soundtrack. They write, "[the music] connects to this romantic idea that music isn't restrained to our own planet, our own galaxy—that there are aliens out there millions of light years away jamming to "The Chain." It makes us feel less alone, more connected.” Remember that the next time you feel like you're the only one in the universe!

13 Star-Lord’s Most Expensive Accessory? His Headset


Props masters are a unique breed, especially when they have such specific props to find. They’ll spend hours and days searching or crafting the perfect prop to bring a universe (literally) to life. For the Guardians crew, this means spending $8,000 on a headset manufacturing mould so they can recreate Star-Lord’s headphones, according to Kelly Stilwell.

12 Lady Gaga Might Be Showing Up?!


Yes, apparently there’s a rumour about how Lylla the Otter could be voiced by Lady Gaga. Cinemablend mentioned this, and we have to say: we’re so incredibly stoked at the idea of Rocket and Lylla being adorable, CGI animal soulmates. Plus, the fact it would be Cooper and Gaga together again is amazing.

11 Saldana Uses Green To Mean More Than ‘Alien’


Having kids and working on set is a difficult balance to strike. Life seems to require a little extra help to run smoothly, especially when it comes to Zoe Saldana’s kids and their vegetables. In one interview she mentioned how she’s better able to convince her kids to eat their veggies when she’s green like a veggie!

10 Much Of What We See Is Real


Look at any of the behind-the-scenes photos and you’ll see that there’s actually quite a lot of practical staging that goes on. Many of the locations are actually built, rather than computer generated. Could this be why Guardians feels so real? Maybe. Or maybe it’s that whole made-for-us-outsiders thing again.

9 Gunn Is Good About Explanations


Gunn might have come under fire for some previous social media posts, but he’s pretty good about the ones he’s been posting lately. Most notably that tweet in which he answered a fan’s question about the third Guardians movie. Gunn’s excellent at explanations, and never keeps us guessing; unless he’s got a big reveal planned.

8 Baby Groot Is Real For Everyone, Even In Puppet Form


Yes, Groot comes to life thanks to CGI and computer programming. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s all green screen and fake outs. Groot is actually mapped on set in scenes using a puppet version of himself. This way they know where to CGI him in when doing takes. And yes, the puppet is as adorable as the computer version.

7 There Was Worries About How Gunn’s Firing Would Affect The Rest Of The Franchise


Of course, this one goes without saying. Not only does a movie kind of depend on the director, but switching directors up halfway through a series (or saga) can be a little jarring. It also impacts the way that the rest of the franchise can work out. After all, delaying one movie might mean delaying four when it comes to the intricacies of the Marvel universe.

6 The Cast LOVES This Series


And honestly, why wouldn’t they? The camaraderie on set always looks like a fun time, while the smiles that they hold are huge. Any behind-the-scenes photo opportunity is full of joy. That’s something we don’t see on a lot of sets, and shows us that the glowing reviews the cast gives in interviews is actually really real.

5 Yes, They Were Based On Rockstars


Kelly Stilwell’s behind-the-scenes interviews came in handy here when we learned that, “[Gunn] definitely wanted to put them – kind of more like a rock and roll, Rolling Stones, direction just to kind of get across. The Guardians are a little full of themselves now. They’re a little famous,” and there was quite a bit of rockstar inspiration in that.

4 Some Of The Most Intricate Makeup Was Only Seen For A Scene


One of the scenes that’s hard to forget is right at the beginning of the second movie. No, we’re not talking about Baby Groot dancing. The LoveBots were a feat of casting, design, and makeup which elevated their characters from questionable human set dressing to really innovative, unique characters we wish we could see more of.

3 The Film Was Made For Us Outsiders


Esquire gives us a quote to elaborate on this: “watching a little tree dance instead of showing an epic space battle certainly seems like something a studio exec would nix at the drawing boards, but because Guardians has created this outsiders attitude, it completely flies here.” That’s because this film was made for those of us who might not fit in or make sense all the time.

2 ‘Personal Props’ Are A Myth For These Two Friends


Okay, we know that the ending of their relationship wasn’t necessarily a happy one. However, it certainly shows a different story when we see them behind the scenes. These two got so incredibly close, and it’s almost heartbreaking to know that on screen those space weapons won’t be aimed away from each other.

1 The Major Secret


Now, granted, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, ScreenCrush believes that they have found the major, major secret. There might be frost giants still around. Specifically, Loki’s father (who was indeed a frost giant). Does this change everything? No. But is it an incredible Easter Egg? Oh yes. A brilliant secret indeed.

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