20 Shady Facts That Reveal Who The REAL Hadid Family Is

They've taken the world by storm, from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to gossip and fashion magazines to the catwalks of Paris and Milan. If you don't know the Hadid family by now, you've been living under a rock (or a healing crystal? More on that later).

The Hadids are a power family only beaten in celeb status by the Kardashian-Jenners. Dad Mohamed (71) is a Jordanian real estate mogul with a net-worth in the billions, and his marriage to former supermodel and reality TV star Yolanda (55) produced two it-girls and a rising star on the male modeling scene: Gigi (24), Bella (23) and Anwar (20).

These kids have landed major campaigns with luxury fashion brands like Dior, Versace, Valentino, and Moschino. They've also dated high-flyers like The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, and Lewis Hamilton. Even the Hadid parents have dated well-known folks and made massive brand deals. But how well do you really know this famous family?

Read on for some shady Hadid family facts that might make you see them in a whole new light.

20 ‘Gigi’ and ‘Bella’ Are Nicknames, Not Birth Names

via Teen Vogue

First of all, did you know that Gigi and Bella weren't actually born with those names? According to Insider, Gigi is actually named Jelena Noura Hadid, while Bella is Isabella Khair Hadid. Their middle names are Arabic, a nod to their dad's cultural background. They go by their nicknames professionally, and we agree that they're much catchier.

19 Mom's Connections Gave the Girls Their First Jobs

via ABC News

Nepotism is the name of the game with these girls. Gigi and Bella are undeniably beautiful, but just being beautiful doesn't get you jobs with major brands like GUESS when you're as young as 2 years old. That's what Gigi was given through her mom's friendship with the GUESS execs, and her career's been set since then. Yolanda had connections through her own career as a Ford Agency model.

18 Yolanda Was a Major Stage Mom

via Daily Mail

"Yolanda would go to castings and shows and tell the girls how to walk, and how to work the cameras," a family insider tells the NY Post. "She doesn’t see anything wrong with [her being hands-on]. She thinks that with the right support, either of her girls could be the next Gisele Bündchen." Pushy stage moms are a drag, but she wasn't wrong!

17 The Family Has Blurry Personal Boundaries

via Fox News

This family has raised more than a few eyebrows by posing for pictures together in various states of undress, according to Yahoo News. Whether it's posing in a completely sheer dress with your dad's hand on your hip or posing naked with your own sister, Gigi and Bella have done it all. We think that's a bit too close for our comfort.

16 Dad Mohamed Used to Run Sketchy Nightclubs

via Bravo TV

When we're talking about shady circumstances surrounding the Hadid fam, Mohamed is the one with the most to hide. This guy has done about as many shifty things as you would expect a dude to do on his way to becoming a billionaire. His first big profits came from the nightclub scene in Greece, where he opened his own club and all kinds of gross things were reported to occur. Ugh.

15 They're Actually Related to Kendall and Kylie Jenner

via NSS Magazine

It's easy to have famous friends when you're actually related to them. In the tangled web of Beverly Hills, the Hadids have step-siblings in common with the Jenners. Their mom's long-time husband David Foster was once married to Caitlyn Jenner's ex wife, Linda Thompson (aka Brody and Brandon Jenner's mom). The Hadid girls consider David Foster's kids to be their siblings, too. It's complicated but the connection is real.

14 Anwar Calls Himself a 'Mama's Boy'

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This isn't something to brag about, Anwar! He told Teen Vogue that his mom was his "biggest role model in life," adding: "I'm comfortable around girls because I grew up with two sisters and a single mom." This is sweet but doesn't add much street cred to the edgy image he's trying to build these days.

13 They Believe in Healing Crystals

via Kidspot

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Bella revealed that she's way into crystals right now.  Amythest is her favorite, and she carries some with her at all times: "I need to keep myself zen. I have all my crystals on the farm at home and we make sure they're all charged before I travel." Ok girl.

12 Gigi Has a Thing for Singers

via W Magazine

It's okay to have a type, but this supermodel seems exclusively interested in one very rich, very specific kind of person: the pop singer. All of the relationships Gigi has had that have gone public have been with leading men like Joe Jonas, Cody Simpson, and, of course, Zayn Malik. She's appeared in their music videos, too. Must be nice to cut those checks and get that exposure.

11 Their Parents Divorced After a Cheating Scandal

via Bravo TV

A lot of this family's dirty laundry has been aired on TV via the Real Housewives reality show series, where Yolanda is a key player. It was actually a Real Housewives of Miami star who broke the couple up, according to NY Daily News. Mohamed was caught cheating on Yolanda with model Johanna Krupa from that show, ending their marriage in 2003. So embarrassing.

10  Health Nut Bella Used to Smoke

via YouTube

You might not want to believe that this active chick with endorsement deals for brands like Nike and Adidas used to be a heavy smoker, but she did. Bella was even caught smoking in the bathroom at the Met Gala in 2017, as proven in a pic she shared to her own IG. The backlash was so big that she's since kicked the habit, but she can't erase her past.

9 Both Girls Had Substance Abuse Scandals

via Vogue

For Bella, anyone who's heard The Weeknd's music won't find it hard to believe that she surrounds herself with sketchy substances. Good girl Gigi isn't innocent either, however. Pics from a 2015 Victoria's Secret Pink event showed her (alongside then-boyfriend Cody Simpson) with her nose to a table, looking like she was inhaling something illegal - and fans flipped.

8 Gigi Once Went 'Too Dark' for Italian Vogue

via HuffPost

Anything for the money? You'd think that growing up in progressive California would have taught Gigi better than to play dress-up with different races and cultures, but her 2018 Italian Vogue cover proves otherwise. The backlash from this too-tanned photoshoot went worldwide. Gigi apologized eventually, telling The Independent that the coloring of the photo "was not executed correctly."

7 Yolanda Has Loads of Face and Body Modifications

via allaboutthetea.com

If you've seen Yolanda on Real Housewives, you'll know she isn't too shy to talk about how doctored her face and body are. She told Harper's Bazaar she's going to turn over a new leaf. We'll see whether she follows through with that.

6 Bella’s Looks Aren’t Natural

via Who Magazine

Like her mom, little about Bella Hadid is natural. She told Glamour that she’s been dying her naturally blonde hair darker since she was 14. Also the bridge of her nose has dramatically changed shape over the years. She has yet to confirm that doctors intervened to make the difference, fans and reporters have speculated that this is absolutely the case. Decide for yourself by comparing these pics.

5 Mohamed's Fiancé is 33 Years Younger Than Him

via The Daily Dish

Mohamed's most recent romantic partner is Shiva Safai, a stunningly gorgeous reality TV star who's way closer to his kids' ages than she is to his. While we side-eye this, she doesn't see it as a problem.

"The age difference between me and Mohamed is 33 years," she tells E! Online, "But I don't feel the age difference at all. I'm an old soul and he's young at heart." Hmm.

4 There Are 2 Other Hadid Sisters Nobody Talks About

via Grazia Daily

Seriously, Gigi and Bella aren't the only Hadid girls in their immediate family. They're not even the only Hadid daughters with careers in fashion. Small-time fashion designers Marielle and Alana Hadid are Mohamed's daughters from his first marriage to a woman named Mary Butler. We can only imagine the tension between these Hadid sisters and their far more successful counterparts.

3 Mohamed Has Been Sued 'At Least 30 Times'

via TMZ

Talk about shady! How can one man be sued this many times if he's a squeaky clean business exec? We have our doubts. Time and time again, Mohamed's business deals have been called into question. Most currently he's been charged with not adhering to building laws with a multi-million dollar mansion he's trying to sell in LA, according to Curbed.com. At least he can afford good lawyers.

2 Gigi Has a Home-Wrecker Reputation

via W Magazine

One Direction fans can get a little over-the-top interested in the band members' lives, and that's an understatement. The 1D fandom can get to the bottom of any suspicious dating timeline, and if you ask them, Gigi and Zayn started dating BEFORE Zayn split with his ex-fiancé, Perrie Edwards. Was Gigi the Other Woman? Signs point to yes.

1 Bella Has an Underage DUI

via Reality TV World

Underneath that pretty face, Bella's troublemaker status is undeniable. Way back in 2014 she was arrested for driving under the influence at just 17 years old. According to E! Online she was a good 4 years under the legal drinking age AND she was driving on a suspended license, so there was no avoiding charges. That's a shameful start to a life in the spotlight, girl.

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