20 Shady Things Justin Bieber Has Done That Hailey Doesn't Want Us To Know

Singer Justin Bieber might be a pretty talented person, but that does not mean he is always nice or approachable. Everyone has moments when they do not feel like being nice to others or socializing with them, and that is probably even more true for famous people like Bieber.

But that doesn’t excuse treating other people poorly. Even though it seems like Bieber has been doing pretty well since he married Hailey, it’s still pretty hard to get over some of the things he has done in the past. For example, he called a poor fan a cruel name because of her size, according to babe.net. Here are some other things he has done that his wife doesn’t want the public to know about.

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20 Justin Ordered His Bodyguards To Carry Him


According to gawker.com, the superstar wanted his bodyguards to carry him when he was paying a visit to a historical landmark. Apparently, the musician, who was physically capable of walking without any help, was worried that he would get tired from going up a few steps, so he wanted to be carried.

19 He Behaved Poorly On Set


When Bieber appeared on the television show CSI, he did some terrible things. According to hollywoodreporter.com, the musician decided that it was okay for himself to lock one of the show’s producer’s in a closet. But his strange actions did not stop there, as he also punched a cake that was made for the cast and crew members.

18 Justin Abandoned A Monkey


Bieber had a monkey taken from him when he went to Germany. He had a few months to turn in some paperwork to get the animal back, but instead of taking him back, he decided to just forget about the animal altogether. According to dailyedge.ie, the monkey was eventually taken to live at a zoo.

17 The Singer Spat On His Fans


According to thesun.co.uk, it is not out of Bieber’s character for him to spit on his fans. He appeared to be spitting on them from the balcony of a hotel a few years ago, and judging by the looks of it, his friends thought it was pretty funny.

Additionally, he was accused of spitting in a woman’s drink at the gym. However, she claimed that she accidentally drank out of his Gatorade, and that she did not witness him spit in her drink.

16 He Didn’t Follow Through On A Deal


Bieber was banned from a Las Vegas skydiving business after he failed to hold up his end of a deal he made with the company. According to reviewjournal.com, the star was supposed to take a photo of himself at that place, and then post in on social media.

If he didn’t want to do that, he was supposed to pay for his visit there, which would have cost him $1,600. He agreed to take the photo, but then he never did, so he is now banned from that place for the rest of his life.

15 Justin Got Violent With One Of His Fans


According to washingtonpost.com, Bieber got a little physical with one of his fans. That should never happen, but in this case, it is kind of understandable, since the other person reached into the car the singer was inside of, and then touched him. Just because someone is famous does not mean they want strangers to touch them without permission.

14 He Made A Tragedy All About Him


When the world was mourning popstar Prince, Bieber displayed some very questionable behavior that did not make Prince’s fans happy. According to mirror.co.uk, the singer left a very rude comment on a post that was meant to be about Prince. Apparently, the comment made others think that Bieber thinks of himself as one of the best living musicians.

13 Justin Made His Fans Wait On Him For A Couple Of Hours


Bieber made his fans upset when he made them wait on him for two hours while he played video games in his dressing room. According to dailymail.co.uk, the star had been in a bad mood all day after having a late night out the night beforehand. Bieber later claimed that he only made them when 40 minutes.

12 He Has An Interesting History With Photographers


According to rollingstone.com, the singer accidentally hit a paparazzo with his vehicle. This happened when he was leaving church, and the other person was trying to get a few photographs od him. This was not a very cool thing to do, but at least Bieber was cooperative when law enforcement arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

11 Justin Egged Someone’s House


Being Bieber’s neighbor is no walk in the park. A few years ago, the popstar and some of his friends egged a very expensive home that is not very far from the one Bieber lives in. According to latimes.com, the star ended up having to dish out $80,000 before the whole thing could be resolved.

10 He Was Very Disrespectful To A City


Bieber is an artist with a lot of talents, and apparently graffiti is one of them. While the star was traveling around the world for his tour, he decided that he wanted to do some spray-painting. The star was accompanied by local law enforcement so that fans would not bother him, but others didn’t appreciate that. According to pri.org, other graffiti artists in that area don’t get the same kind of treatment.

9 He Stopped A Concert Because His Fans Were Screaming


When fans attend concerts that are put on by their favorite artists, they can get pretty loud. According to ew.com, that is what was happening at one of Bieber’s concerts, and it caused him to walk off of the stage in the middle of his show. The musician was upset that no one was listening when he was trying to speak between performing his songs.

8 Justin Got Behind The Wheel When He Was Not In The Right State Of Mind


Bieber was once caught driving while he was not in the right state of mind, which resulted in some minor legal issues for him. According to cnn.com, the star did not spend much time behind bars. What makes it worse is that he was racing another person, which means that both cars were speeding.

7 He And Orlando Bloom Got Into A Fight


According to mirror.co.uk, someone witnessed Bieber and actor Orlando Bloom get into a fight with each other. When Bieber walked into the restaurant, he said something that made Bloom upset, and that resulted in the two of them getting into a fight. The event must have been very entertaining for everyone else since they watched it happen.

6 He Slapped Someone’s Phone Away


Dealing with aggressive fans is probably never fun, but some celebrities have handled it much better than Bieber did. According to hollywoodlife.com, the star was approached by an excited fan who wanted to take a photo with him.

The only problem was that he was not in the mood to take a picture at the time. He ended up slapping the person’s phone away, which is probably one of the tamest things he has done when it comes to Beliebers and their phones.

5 Justin Used A Wheelchair To Skip Through Long Lines


Bieber was seen traveling around Disneyland in a wheelchair. This would have been totally fine if he needed it, but he did not actually need the chair at all. According to theatlantic.com, the popstar was in the wheelchair because of a knee injury. But some believe that he was using the chair to skip lines. If that is the case, he didn’t need the chair, since the employees there allow famous people to get ahead of everyone else in long lines.

4 He Claimed Ankle Pain Made It Hard For Him To Complete Community Service


After egging his neighbor’s house, Bieber was supposed to complete some community service. But according to dailymail.co.uk, things didn’t exactly go as planned. The popstar had to be given some extra time to complete his community service since he injured his ankle while he was playing soccer. He also had to attend anger management sessions.

3 Justin Got Upset At A Hockey Game


Bieber was enjoying a game of hockey, but he got upset with another player after things didn’t go the way he wanted them to. According to washingtontimes.com, he got into a fight with the other player, and lots of expletives could be heard during the whole ordeal. This was probably uncalled for, but anyone who has ever seen a hockey game knows that fighting is pretty common.

2 He Made A Post About Not Wanting To Take Any More Pictures With Fans


Anyone who wants to take a photo with Bieber these days will probably have a tough time getting him to do it. According to elitedaily.com, the musician made a post on social media about the fact that he decided that he no longer wants to take photos with his fans. Bieber was starting to feel as though he was in a zoo, since everyone wanted to take photos with him more than they wanted to converse with him.

1 Justin Canceled Meet And Greets


The star has stopped doing meet and greets with his fans. According to huffpost.com, these things usually leave him feeling a bit depressed and exhausted. Sometimes Bieber can be a bit rude, but at least he was nice when he made this announcement. The star even apologized to his fans. This isn’t that bad, though. He did it to protect his mental health, and it is not as mean as some of the other things he has done.

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