20 Shocking Photos That Will Make Anyone Look Twice

It’s not uncommon to see the most unexpected things and people in the most surprising of ways. Whether they go completely unnoticed by us or shake us to the core, one thing is for sure: they can be incredibly amusing. An awkward glare, an uncomfortable sleeping position and an innocent gesture gone wrong all have the power to make us chuckle, no matter how unintentional.

Some awkward situations are so baffling, they’re almost like codes we can’t help but decipher. And how amusing it must be to see them captured forever in time through photographs! Here are 20 strange photos that will make anyone take a second look, tilt their head a bit and gaze even closer just to make some sense out of them!

20 Pass the salt, please

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When dinner’s ready, everybody takes a seat and starts to enjoy the food. But, it’s the 1980s and mom and dad are extremely particular about manners at the dinner table, so you have to behave yourself. They tell you not to talk when you’ve got food in your mouth. You’re asked to neither play with your food, nor gobble it up like you were in a hot dog eating contest. But every once in a while, your inner child gets the better of you and you can’t help but play around a little bit. Say, you play hide-and-seek with your brother, take shelter right under the table and “steal” the food on it from underneath. For kids mostly from the not-so-distant-past, it was as normal as it could get—unless the camera would capture it all in an unbelievably awkward angle.

19 Brothers fu—wait, what?

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Ads are like air—they’re everywhere. We see them on billboards, posters, TV, the internet, walls of buildings, fliers and many more. It’s hard to find a place without ads these days. You’re more likely to find an ad than a partner, so you might as well date an ad. Just kidding. But ads are awesome sometimes. If you pay attention, you’ll see very clever ads around you that are worth reading. Some of them are even hilarious and will make you laugh for the rest of your day. But, there are also ads that shouldn’t have been made—or ads whose font should have been made better—just like this one. Out of all the font styles available, why would they choose something that would create such an awful misunderstanding?

18 Is that a trophy head?

A fondness for animals is a shared trait among a large percentage of humans around the globe. Many of us think the world of our pets and other lovely (but wild) creatures. So, we go out of our way to check them out (in a zoo, a sanctuary, the jungle, a conservation etc.). A lot of people believe animals are sacred and must be respected. So, how dare this young man take his trophy head—of a gentle camel, no less—and show it off around as if it were alive and taking a sip of his coffee?! Oh wait...isn’t that a photo gone wrong of a man displaying gentleness to an animal?

17 Peeing in public

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Peeing in public is not something you would normally see anywhere, unless you live in a third world country. In first world countries like the US, peeing in public is unacceptable and looked down upon and in some states, it may even send you to jail. In fact, there was one guy who got arrested and convicted simply because he peed within 100 yards of a school! Crazy, right? So, no matter how bad you need to go, do not ever urinate in public. We repeat—do not ever urinate in public. But, if you are feeling adventurous and would like to try, try not to do it at a park—it may traumatize some people. Luckily, the guy in this photo isn’t actually urinating—a water fountain is what’s making him look like he’s peeing.

16 The human dog

Dog owners love their dogs more than they love most of the people they know. They would do almost anything for their dogs and give them the love that they need. Dogs, likewise, would do anything for their owners and are there for them in times of need, even when they can’t actually communicate with their owners through words. The love between owner and pet is amazing and easily one of the many beautiful things in this world. Some dog owners go way overboard, however, and get extremely obsessed with their dogs to the point where they would only hang out with their dog, cutting their connections to other people. Hopefully, there won’t be a time where owners become one—literally—with their dogs, like in this photo.

15 Little grandpa

It’s always heartwarming to see families coming together. A dad-and-daughter day out that shows how close their bond is can melt anyone’s heart. Stories of a husband and a wife having their much-needed break from a household of three little kids are always a great read. Grandparents taking the little ones out on a relaxing trip can be just as amusing. Can you imagine how two people who are generations apart need to “work together” so that the entire spree becomes as fun as promised? That takes a lot of work! But to most granddads, it’s always a pleasure to look after the little ones. They even get to discover how much they are alike! Judging by the look of this awkward yet oh-so-awesome photo, switching faces can be fun, too!

14 Her arm needs a shave

Humans of the female gender are generally not very hairy. They do grow body hair, but it’s usually not as thick as the body hair that men can grow. In the past 100 years, the standards of beauty have drastically changed, causing women to get rid of hair that society may deem unattractive. Today, a big percentage of women shave their armpits and legs regularly, since it is what society considers acceptable. Some women even wax the hair around their lips, so people don’t say they have a woman mustache going. So, when we see an extremely hairy woman, some of us are really bothered by it and some are even shocked. Good thing for the girl in this photo, what looks like her hairy arm is actually some dude’s hairy leg.

13 Fruit, anyone?

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Fruits are an integral part of a healthy, balanced diet. They contain the nutrients that our body needs and they are also usually very tasty, making it quite easy for us to savor not just one, but sometimes two or more pieces of fruit. They vary in kind, color, shape and size. Some fruits are tiny (like grapes), while some are massive, like watermelon. Many have a round shape and there are also ones with shapes that are a bit hard to explain. Joining the latter group are these fruits in the photo—their shape is very hard to explain objectively, but one word would suffice if we were to describe it. The word just happens to be something we do not really like saying.

12 Just a dad with his baby

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A mom with her baby is one of the most common sights in the world. We see them all the time when we’re outside and even when we’re on the internet. We have female friends on Facebook that post tons of photos of them with their little darlings and many of us truly adore these photos. What’s less common to see, however, are photos of fathers with their babies. So, when we see one, we can’t help but think it’s incredibly adorable! Fathers are often portrayed by the media to be less gentle, even though that’s not necessarily true—just take a look at this sweet photo of a dad holding his baby! Don’t be shocked by that little thing poking out, though—it’s just the baby’s foot.

11 Sabretooth’s mutant pose

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Liev Schreiber is one brilliant actor who continues to wow his audience with his mad acting talent, undeniable cinematic charisma and reputable skills behind the camera. He has starred in several movies and particularly impressed Marvel Comics fans in his role as Victor Creed (or Sabretooth) in X-Men. As Sabretooth, he could turn into a savage beast and become extremely deadly and dangerous to anyone who would irk him.

But really, Mr. Schreiber? Is it necessary for you to live up to that role and astonish us with your mutant abilities? Of course not—especially not during family day! We’re baffled as it is with this photo of yours with…is that your ex-wife Naomi Watts and your adorable little darlings? Please turn back into human form.

10 Fish for head, hand for fin?

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A day spent with nature promises to be a fun and exciting one. Underwater experience, for one, is breathtaking (literally and figuratively). We get to witness, experience and discover more each time we take a dip. It’s a pity how humans are missing out on these treasures! Being underwater seems like the most natural thing in the world—we feel like we belong to it and need to embrace it. The fishes and their friends come in different shapes and colors, making their world even more beautiful. Just ask any avid sea adventurer and they’ll give you the same answer: the creatures underneath are incredibly interesting; they even exude a sense of mystery. Even mystical enough to take the form of a person, just like this one that's captured forever in time. Wait…what?

9 Excuse me, dog…

Just how lucky are we to have our pets with us? Dogs, for one, are the sweetest, most reliable and most loyal friends anyone can ever have. They don’t need to speak a word; they understand us just the same (perhaps even more than we understand ourselves). They can become our best friend, whom we know will never leave us in our good and bad days. They know us inside-out and would finish our sentence if they could! This is why most dog owners care for their pets like family—because they are. See how this dog-and-owner tandem at a Birmingham dog show takes closeness to a whole new level? Funny and fascinating, but perhaps they can swap personalities if they wanted to!

8 Uh…what’s your business here, sir?

We all look up to the men and women who gave up their lives for the country—and those who are in battle with that very same purpose. It is called service for the country at its finest—and these brave people all deserve our gratitude and pride. There are commendable organizations that push for these causes, bringing into light several world issues that are getting less attention than they deserve. They recruit and train people by the thousands, so that they could be deployed globally to areas of conflict. So, when photos of them surface everywhere, we give them our salute. But, not even photographs can do justice for their sacrifice. Take, for example, this picture that even misrepresented what this soldier fights for! Sir, could you move a bit away from that sign, please? So we can make this right?

7 A lady enjoying her bath

Ah...baths—one of the best things known and available to man. It can create wonders and can instantly improve even the worst of days. Have a bad day at work? Take a refreshing bath. Having a fight with your partner? Calm yourself down and dip in the tub for a little bit. Want to relax or treat yourself to a homemade spa? Enjoy soaking in a bubble bath. It doesn’t matter what it is—a bath can help you ease your worries and temporarily forget about the problem. Baths are so engraved in our culture that even in TV shows and movies, we still see characters bathing in a tub. And nothing’s wrong with it, until you mistake a rather innocent photo of a lady enjoying her bath for a lady exposing her breasts.

6 Naked at a party

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Parties are awesome! Seriously, who doesn’t like parties? From children to teenagers to full-grown adults, everybody loves parties! You get to hang out with friends and enjoy their company or have fun with your co-workers and not have to talk about work-related stuff. Since the main goal of parties is to simply have fun, people have the chance to forget about the burden on their back for a little while and see what other things—good things—life has to offer. It doesn’t matter if there is a dress code, you’ll still want to go. And if the dress code allows you wear your favorite outfit, all the more reason to go! Just be careful with having your photos taken though. You might look like you’re not wearing any clothes—just like this woman here.

5 Let’s take a groupie with our bottom-naked friend!

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To those who don’t know the term, a groupie is kind of like a selfie—except you do it with a group of people and not just yourself. While groupies may not be as popular as selfies, they are still quite prevalent in our very tech-driven and modern society. Even celebrities take a lot of groupies. One such example is the famous Oscars groupie that was taken in 2014 by Bradley Cooper (Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres and a few other famous faces were in it). Naturally, regular citizens would follow suit and take their very own groupies, just like this group of friends. Unfortunately for one of the girls, it shows her looking bottom-naked, even though it is, in fact, just the innocent arm of her friend.

4 Um...

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When it comes to marketing cars, it’s very common to use attractive models to lure the male population into buying cars. At auto shows, you’ll see all these beautiful models hanging around the car they’re assigned to. And it’s no different in car photography—models in skimpy clothing are often seen sitting in the front seat doing a sexy, alluring pose, just like the charming Asian model in this photo. What’s not common to see, however, is the model being extremely provocative by spreading her legs as wide as she could. It lacks decency and is terribly off-putting. So, when you see this photo for the first time, it’s quite shocking—until you realize she’s not actually spreading her legs...like, at all. The color of the car seat has you fooled.

3 Holy shi—never mind

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Human chests are kind of amusing. Depending on your gender, displaying your chest in public (or even in photos) could be considered lewd and indecent. Men often get away with being shirtless since their chest isn’t viewed as a sexual object capable of seducing people and driving them to do horrible things. But, if you’re a woman, it’s an entirely different story. That’s why we don’t normally see shirtless women around. Women’s breasts are a big deal and if people randomly see a shirtless woman walking around, literally everyone would stop what they’re doing to stare. But, what happens if you suddenly saw a photo of a woman with one of her breasts out, and it’s as hairy as a man’s, like this one? Oh wait, never mind. It’s actually just a reflection of a man’s hairy boob.

2 Just a man eating a hotdog

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The Creation of Adam—a fresco painting by Michelangelo—is an extremely famous painting that has infiltrated pop culture. If you spend enough time on the internet, you’ll see various memes based on this painting, from the funniest to the most ridiculous. It should be noted, however, that The Creation of Adam has immense value, which is why we often see it in the outside world—even on the walls of many buildings. Forming part of Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, it should be considered a sacred or holy piece of art. But, the internet has made it a template for so many funny and indecent gags. And obviously, this photo definitely isn’t helping, especially since it was captured right when the man takes a bite off his hot dog, which unfortunately aligns with Adam's private area.

1 What’s that thing poking out?

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Babies are one of the most beautiful things ever. They’re wonderful creations and most of us often get this fluffy feeling when we see the smile of one. They’re small and fragile, but sometimes they act like they could carry the world on their tiny, little shoulders. As adults, we get this strong feeling of wanting to protect them and care for them. And surely, this feeling is even stronger for parents. We see parents give their babies the love and affection they need and we can’t help but admire it. But sometimes, we also see photos like this and it horrifies us—why the hell did this parent let someone take a photo of them while this thing is poking out? Wait...it’s just the baby’s feet.

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